Baby You Can Drive My (Novel’s) Car

Saturday, August 11, 2018 Robert Matthew Goldstein is my “partner in crime” illustrating the #DieselPunk serial that you’ll find on my Jazz Age Wednesdays posts — “Hullaba Lulu.”  Sometimes Rob also makes videos that parallel the Lulu-verse.  He just did a fabulous one featuring (fictionalized) Nikola Tesla and the electric car that I wrote into the serial.  That … More Baby You Can Drive My (Novel’s) Car

Thriving Thursdays: Some will never find it. Will You?

Hello all.  It’s time for my once-a-month guest post at the tree-house of the Story Reading Ape, aka Chris Graham. On Thursdays I make a special point of helping people thrive, and that’s why I’ve gone to visit the Ape. (Please swing by and say hello — click here — because I had to disable comments here today, with … More Thriving Thursdays: Some will never find it. Will You?

Thriving Thursdays: Busy? Maybe That’s a Good Thing

Thursday, October 19, 2017 Hello everyone.  Welcome to another Thriving Thursday.  I’m Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene here with a guest post for Chris Graham, the Story Reading Ape.  Click over to the “tree-house” and say hello — I’ve disabled comments here. Thriving Thursdays: Busy? Maybe That’s a Good Thing Too busy to be discouraged — but not too busy to thrive!  Here … More Thriving Thursdays: Busy? Maybe That’s a Good Thing

Thriving Thursdays: What’s More Important than Knowledge?

Thriving Thursdays: What’s More Important than Knowledge? Hello all.  I’m Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene.  Huge thanks to Chris the Story Reading Ape, for hosting me. I welcome you to another Thriving Thursday at the tree-house.  I hope you’ll click over and visit us there.  (I’ve closed comments here.) So, what’s more important than knowledge?  Maybe you think … More Thriving Thursdays: What’s More Important than Knowledge?

Thriving Thursdays: Thrive or Success?

Thriving Thursdays: Thrive or Success?  Posted at The Story Reading Ape.  I’ve disabled comments here, so I hope you’ll visit Chris and me at the tree-house. Hello down there!  It’s me, Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene.  Yes, I’m up in the tree-house again.  Thanks to Chris the Story Reading Ape for hosting me for another Thriving Thursday. You don’t necessarily … More Thriving Thursdays: Thrive or Success?

Thriving Thursdays: It Could Be Raining

Welcome to another Thriving Thursday, everyone. I’m Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene here with a guest post for the Story Reading Ape.  Since Chris Graham is my host for these monthly posts, I have disabled comments here.  Please click over and say hello to the awesome Ape (click here). Thriving Thursdays:  It Could Be Raining It’s hard to thrive when … More Thriving Thursdays: It Could Be Raining

Thriving Thursdays: We Rise

Hello everyone, I’m Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene, taking a moment to lift you up, to help you thrive.  What better place for me to do that than from the marvelous tree-house of the Story Reading Ape? Thriving Thursdays:  We Rise Sometimes I feel de-motivated, denied, discounted, discombobulated, or any other de or dis that nobody enjoys.  However, there is one … More Thriving Thursdays: We Rise

Get Caught Reading — The Sign of the Ape 3 (2016 Rerun)

  Hello everyone.  Welcome back to my rerun of last year’s mini-series, in support of Get Caught Reading Month.  It’s about the escapades of our intrepid band of bloggers and their pets.  Who could resist those fur babies?   If you were here last year, I’m delighted that you’ve stuck with me.  If this is new … More Get Caught Reading — The Sign of the Ape 3 (2016 Rerun)

Mocha Dacquoise Cake And The Winners Of the Giveaway

“Hey Sheba! Whatcha got there? A cookbook? Applesauce! You could use one.  Hold on… is that a cookbook for salads?  Are you sure you can manage a salad without burning it?” “Ha!  Pip, I hope you realize that you get your cooking skills (or the lack thereof) from me.  Besides, I happen to have won … More Mocha Dacquoise Cake And The Winners Of the Giveaway

The Art of Taking a Break: Rolling on a Riverboat

In the USA the Thanksgiving holiday was celebrated this week.  I’m grateful for those of you who have continued to visit and offer encouragement even though I’ve stopped giving away episodes of a novel or serial.  I’m thankful for you. My National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) story, The Delta Pearl, is set on a very … More The Art of Taking a Break: Rolling on a Riverboat

The Art of Taking a Break: Slow Ride

Welcome everyone!  To most sane people it would seem like the intense challenge of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) would be the last thing anybody who desperately needs to decompress should add to their endless pile of stress.  However, it seems to be the monumental distraction that I needed. For anyone who is participating in NaNoWriMo … More The Art of Taking a Break: Slow Ride

The Art of Taking a Break: Insanity

Hello, everyone.  You’re about to discover how demented my definition of taking a break can be…  With dogged determination I endeavor to disengage form things that develop stress.  Of course I get more, different, worse stress in return. I decided a distraction of monumental proportions was in order. No, not that kind of monument, though I’d … More The Art of Taking a Break: Insanity

Thriving Thursdays: Garbage Thinking

I give my heartfelt thanks to Chris the Story Reading Ape for hosting me at his tree-house every third Thursday of the month for these Thriving Thursday posts.  Kindly click on the link below to leave your comments at his blog. Thriving Thursdays: Garbage Thinking – Guest Post… Thriving Thursdays Garbage Thinking You’re getting ready for … More Thriving Thursdays: Garbage Thinking

A Shout-out – Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers

I’d like to thank the Academy… By the “Academy” I mean the group of wonderful people, writers, chefs, photographers, readers, and bloggers who come here to Teagan’s Books each week. You see, when I introduced the previous episode, I got a little off track. Ever since, I have felt that I did not do justice to the … More A Shout-out – Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers

Stand Up

Stand up! Those two words can mean several different things in the dictionary. remain/be valid, be sound, be plausible, hold water, hold up, stand questioning, survive investigation, bear examination, be verifiable We might also stand up for a cause, like the power of a simple hug. Or we might stand up for ourselves. Andy Avis did … More Stand Up

Three Ingredients: Granny Is Angry, What Would You Do?

Granny Fanny was so angry, frustrated, and worried about Pip that she couldn’t take any more.  Granny says she’s sending our flapper home to her father! You know… I just realized that last weekend I forgot to add a “ghostly ingredient” from the Jar of Spooky Things.  But that’s beside the point.  I had an … More Three Ingredients: Granny Is Angry, What Would You Do?

World Cat Day 2014

Authors and Cats How could I miss World Cat Day?  But I almost did!  I’ve absolutely no idea why my cats were letting me overlook it. They probably meant to let me know at some point between their after lunch nap and their mid-afternoon nap.  If not, then before their pre-dinner nap. There have been … More World Cat Day 2014

Happy May Day

Happy May Day Since it’s actually still April (here anyway) forgive me for being early. For a moment I deluded myself that I could do a mid-week episode of our 1920’s serial (and I might add that it’s coming along nicely, if I do say so myself).  However, that was more than I can manage … More Happy May Day


Sunshine-super-hugs to all of you! Why?  Do I need a reason? You’ll have to click through to YouTube… I hope this video makes you feel as good as it made me feel. Great-big hug, teagan

Create Changes

Why am I here when I have so much work that really has to be finished today?  I saw something that I couldn’t resist — and this doesn’t take nearly as much time as making an episode of our “Three Ingredients” serial. Sometimes things change, beyond our control, when they’d be much better left as they were.  … More Create Changes

Sunshine and Spring

Blogs that Bring Me Sunshine Here, it is officially spring… though I’m not sure you could say that spring has truly sprung — especially after seeing the weather forecast.  While I’m inside, I know that I really should be writing the next episode of The Three Ingredients.  But I think it is still simmering in my … More Sunshine and Spring

Survive Flu Season with the Ultimate Winter Defense

I know… I’m  breaking my rule again — the one about only doing writing related posts.  However, this was so timely that I thought I should share it. Many of us have our own home remedies, holistic ideas, and supplement strategies.  These (below) are not exactly like the things I do, but they’re similar. (Additionally, I swear … More Survive Flu Season with the Ultimate Winter Defense

What’s Next? New “Interactive” Serial

Three Ingredients Serial What’s next?  Thanks to everyone who sent “votes” on what you wanted to do next – now that we reached a conclusion in the Three Things Serial storyline.  It was a three-way tie, appropriately enough!  So I’m going with the one that is the biggest challenge for me.  (Yes, I’m just twisted … More What’s Next? New “Interactive” Serial

Liebster Blog Award

Many thanks to Debra Paulson for sending me this “Internet hug” as she so charmingly named it.  And I’m thanking her for her patience, as she sent it back in October.  I never forgot though.  I’ve just been trying to “WriMo-mo-mo” for National Novel Writing month.  (Follow the link and take a look at her … More Liebster Blog Award

NaNoWri-Less Three Things

All through October I’ve considered strategies for how to deal with a full-time job, this blog (especially the Three Things Serial), and other un-blogged things, and National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), — which begins in a few short days. Some said “Oh no, don’t try to do NaNoWriMo this year. You already have too much on your plate.” And … More NaNoWri-Less Three Things

Bubbles of What-If

It’s past time I was getting organized for this year’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)… and I’ve not done a bit of planning.  I’ve been working so hard at trying to make life in general better, that right now I just can’t imagine expending the huge effort NaNoWriMo took last year.  I am not feeling at … More Bubbles of What-If

Oz and Accountability

Need a mid-week boost?  I’m sharing a motivational message that I wrote last year. *** Many business and leadership books, seminars, and training sessions have been built around L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  Life is full of “lions and tigers and bears.  Oh my!” just like Oz.  But we have to keep moving down … More Oz and Accountability

You’re Driving

Don’t “call shotgun.”  Get behind the wheel! Remember the Three Things Serial is driven by you sending me “things” (preferably three of them) to include in the story.  There’s no telling what road the story will take, until you send the “things” that point the direction.   So get your mental wheels turning.  Loosen up … More You’re Driving

Trust? Seriously?

When my [then] boss asked me to write one of the Weekly Messages about trust, I told him I couldn’t write about that.  He stopped and looked at me in astonishment — I had never said that, no matter what topic, or what farfetched combination of topics, he threw at me.  There is no trust … More Trust? Seriously?

Don’t Lose Heart

The lack of sunshine has a big impact on me — and not a good one.  On this rainy, gloomy morning I had to give myself a dose of positivity.  When I think of pep-talks, I usually think of the weekly motivational messages that were part of the work I did for a former boss.  … More Don’t Lose Heart

Create Your Own Path

Has your path in life left you sort of walking around aimlessly?  I confess to feeling that way lately myself.  So I’m sharing another of my erstwhile “Weekly Messages” that I used to write at work.  At that time I knew where I was “walking,” even if I might feel a tad aimless right now.  … More Create Your Own Path

Facing Fear

I gave myself a rule to restrict “Teagan’s Books” to writing and indie publishing related topics. However, with a previous director at work, one of my tasks was writing a motivational message every week. During the past few days one of those messages has repeatedly come to mind.  Maybe, I said to myself, someone needs … More Facing Fear