The Art of Taking a Break: Twilight Zone

Help! I’ve slipped into the Twilight Zone! 

I don’t talk work, religion, or politics here. So even though I’ve brought it up, let’s not comment about it. I’m just giving you my state of mind.  But I don’t think I have to talk about it for you to understand why I have a surreal feeling that I can’t shake off… one that is overwhelming each time I’ve looked at the television or read the news since the morning of November 9th.

Where do we go, now that we’ve gone too far?

My word count is still pathetic, but the only place I could go was farther into my NaNoWriMo novel, The Delta

It occurred to me that a riverboat needed passengers.  So I now have crew and passengers — along with a couple of other things that live on the boat.  That part was fun.  My character matrix has grown and gotten quite complex with all sorts of tabs for different things I’m prepared to track or use for my own reference.  Do you see that across the bottom of the picture? Each of those is a separate “worksheet” with all sorts of information. 


I’m falling down a spiral, destination unknown

However, this story is still full-on pantser.  I have no idea where I’m going.  Yet the voyage is becoming more interesting.  The other night I even dreamed I was aboard The Delta Pearl.  I don’t remember the dream, except that the water was rough, just like the scene I wrote that evening.  It may have had something to do with a bad food allergy reaction that had my stomach roiling right along with the fictional river… But when I awoke, I was laying across the bed, rather than vertically! That was strange. I’ve never done that before…  But then we are living in the Twilight Zone after all.

My beacon’s been moved under moon and stars

Sometimes it’s easier to see where a story should go, if you can put actual faces on the characters. I haven’t actively tried to do that with “Pearl” yet.  Even so, a couple have come to me.  Suddenly I saw one of the Doctor Who companions, Jenna Coleman as Émeraude.jenna-coleman_victoria-reflection

A taller version of Louis Jourdan as he was in Gigi could be The Dealer, Jaspe (ZASH-pah). That came to me… though I’m not sure.  Maybe.


So I’ve gotten that far with the story.  Me, here in the Twilight Zone, imagining different worlds, and pantsering a novel.  Trying not to worry about where we’ll all go now that we’ve gone too far.

Where am I to go, now that I’ve gone too far

“No Time Like the Past” Twilight Zone 1963

Soon you’ll come to know, when the WriMo hits the bone

Okay… so I couldn’t pull the ending together for this post… But maybe all the endings are catawampus here… in the Twilight Zone.


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96 thoughts on “The Art of Taking a Break: Twilight Zone

  1. I just love catawumpus. What will be will possibly be what it is meant to be. The more you write the more you’ll see. Keep at it Tegan I have labyrintithus ( or some evil spelling) which meands I am sea sick and fall off the floor if i turn or bend, one isn’t telling you this for sympathy! *cunning plan* but so you realise i would actually feel less ill abord your vessel! So if you are lacking an eloquent *cough* English Lady aboard you will know where to find her *wink wink*. 😇

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    • Isn’t that a great word! 😀
      Applesauce! I’m sorry to hear that Ellen. Being that my DNA seems to be half feline, of course curiosity drove me to Google the term. It sounds miserable. 😦
      LOL, that is the beauty of virtual travel — no motion sickness. Not to mention all the other freebies. I’ve given the Delta Pearl a couple of mysterious mystical properties, hopefully just enough to be intriguing. Hmmm… yes, I think i need to add an eloquent English lady to the passenger list. 😀 Feel fabulous fast, dear Ellen. Mega hugs.

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  2. Hi Teagan! I know what you mean–I have certainly been distracted since last Wednesday myself.:( Of course, even before this past week, there are some who might say I have been a long-standing and permanent resident of The Twilight Zone anyway.:) Twilight Zone is my all-time favorite show, and I probably will post on an episode in the not-too-distant future! It’s always a joy reading your work, Teagan. And ever since last Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, we can all use a smile more than ever.

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    • Hi Mike — it’s terrific to see you! I remember a fabulous Twilight Zone post you did. You tie everything together so well.
      I think it has really helped me that I don’t have cable of any sort. (I cut the Comcast cord about 3 years ago.) While I see headlines every time I get online (which is bad enough), I don’t get as bombarded with all the bad stuff. It doesn’t change reality though. I did see a hilarious article today about the “Biden meme” tweets. That had me rolling.
      Thanks very much for your kind words and for taking a moment to visit. From the Twilight Zone beacon that’s moved under the moon and stars, mega hugs.


  3. Biggest ‘Twilight Zone’ fan ever, here, Teagan. I know some will challenge me to that, but a lot of my writing is inspired by shows like The Twilight Zone, Tales Of The Unexpected, The Outer Limits and Tales From The Darkside.

    I say, keep on writing that story and let it take you to its destination. I’m sure that is how many of my stories have been developed.

    Take care and have a brilliant week.
    Hugs to you.

    P.S – I’m still wondering about that woman in that old portrait you mentioned last week. 😀

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    • The Twilight Zone was probably my earliest influence.
      Thank you Hugh — you’ve made me smile. And this is not the easiest day to accomplish that! 😀 That’s a good reminder. That portrait does need to thread throughout the story. I must mention it again about now. Mega hugs my friend.

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  4. Good morning dear Teagan…..I love the Twilight Zone (and yes I remember the show very well)….its a place where I tend to linger and learn so much about what’s going on in the ‘real world’ – whatever that is. It’s time out….it’s an encounter with the unseen energies. There is no rush in anything…simply take the one step at a time…ride the waves, and allow the characters to bloom….as I can see they already are. thank you so much for sharing this – can’t wait to see how it develops. have a beautiful weekend…filled of course with magical hummingbird, mechanical or otherwise:) Janet. xxx

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    • Hello Janet. It’s such a delight to see you. Your comments worked just fine. I have odd things like that with WordPress sometimes too. Thank you so much for taking time to visit. I enjoyed the way you expressed your thoughts very much — and yes you are right. I was not really thinking of it quite that way, but nonetheless you are absolutely right. Ride the waves…
      I had saved all my vacation leave for the move that failed. So I have to use it up by the end of the year. I’m taking a day or three each week, which I hope will help me open the windows to let the hummingbirds inside. 😀 ❤ Mega hummingbird hugs my friend.


      • Taking time each week sounds like an excellent idea… As you know I oversee the care of my 95 year old Mother, who is in a very good nursing home close by, but recently her mind has almost gone…which allows me to go in twice a week instead of three times a week…and what a difference that extra has been. I am sure it will be true for you and the hummingbirds will be with you….Janet. xx

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        • Wow, 95 years old… amazing. She’s fortunate to have you. If her mind is going, the part of her who was sharp and knows you still exists within the universe. But I know how hard that is to accept. I experienced that with my paternal grandmother.

          Now I’ve learned that they will be banging and hammering on the outside of my building all this week. All the noise. Poor Crystal. She gets so afraid. So my five years of repeated fails to get somewhere else is rubbed in my face yet again…
          Hummingbird hugs to you.


    • LOL, I seem to have awoken with just that this Sunday morning. I guess it’s just Monday snapping at my heels. Hoping to accomplish more today — only 500 words yesterday. My brain hit a snag when I realized the very pantser story needed more events and story development before it reached the place i had already flown by the seat of my pants to. What I should do is keep going and backfill later. But my brain does not like that… Thanks for taking time to visit, Diana. I do appreciate you. Mega hugs.

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  5. I’m sure everyone feels like they are in the Twilight Zone this week! It least you have NaNoNiMoWriMo to keep your mind off of the “noise.” I wish I had some expert tips for you but since I don’t I’ll just wish you a peaceful and productive weekend! Lotsa hugs! xoxoxo

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    • Hi Lavinia. Yes, I remember Peri. 😀 The Tom Baker episodes (particularly with “Sarah Jane Smith”) will always be my favorite Doctor Who. The new ones are wonderful, but somehow they always seem sad to me. And the past year, I only watch things that give me a “feel good factor” as I call it. So there is a lot of well crafted entertainment that I gave up, simply because it does nothing to make me feel good (no matter how good it might be). I hope this finds you feeling happy and sassy! Light and hugs.

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  6. I love yoru writing…. What truly caught my attention here was the The Delta Pearl sequence.
    Do you often find inspiration in dreams?… I liked that you remembered the rough water, and not much the “plot” somehow… I guess certain primary attributes and elements tend to appear more vividly in dreams (it has happened to me too!)… best of luck with the writing, dear Teagan… Love & best wishes. xx Aquileana 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Aquileana! This is another fun conversation with you. 😀 That’s a fascinating question. I used to dream often — long, wild, vividly detailed dreams. However, in recent years, it honestly feels like I don’t sleep long enough at a time to dream. So I rarely have one I remember these days. Anyhow, I wonder if it might not be the other way around — that my dreams find their inspiration in my imagination. Or perhaps those two ways are an endless circle, one has to feed the other.
      In recent years dreams are my self-analysis at work, being obviously about one problem or another. Such as the worst of my former bosses turning into a big snake that ate puppies. That kind of obvious. :/
      Thank you for this fun exploration. Looking forward to your next post. Huge hugs my friend. ❤ ⭐ 🙂

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    • Christy, your kind words brought me a huge smile! 😀
      LOL, that song has been in my head since Tuesday. Good thing I’ve always liked it. I haven’t written today, but you may have just “inspired” me. Keep up the great work with When Women Inspire. Mega hugs.

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  7. Don’t worry, Teagan. Many of us are right there in the Twilight Zone with you. I was in mild shock first about the election, then the government here in India announced they were doing away with the present Rs 500 and 1,000 notes. Everyone had to go to the banks to exchange their notes, mostly for Rs. 100 notes. At my age, I’ve seen ups and downs and learned to ride with the waves like a surfer. I’ve worried about things and had them come to nothing. My daughter called in tears from the U.S. and I had to talk to her an hour. She finally calmed down. I take one day at a time and that’s plenty. I’m sure you’ll be fine. All the best. Hugs. ❤ — Suzanne

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    • Hahaha — but the matrix is pantsered too! 🙂 ❤ Thank you for having faith in me, Mary.
      As for October, first I'm sorry you had a rough month. All those people who know and understand how to read and interpret "things" — since spring they've all been saying how throughout October bad things we've been having were supposed to come to a close and successes and good things would set in by the time the month was over… Well I didn't get any of it — and I admit to being disappointed, especially considering the gigantic failure I had with that condo. Sorry — just venting. I guess that's been waiting to come out.
      Here's hoping the Super Moon brings a close to your Twilight Zone stuck-ness. Mega hugs, dear friend.

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  8. Love the Twilight Zone but indeed perhaps not to live in it (although… perhaps we’ve been there all along, although we can’t see it because we’re in it, kind of thing). It seems something has taken hold of your mind in the story, so no matter how fast, it’s going places. Do take care and hope the allergy is better.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you, Olga. The tummy is still just a bit rocky which makes me wonder if maybe it was a virus. Although sometimes if the allergic reaction is strong, afterward my digestive system is sensitive. (Allergies can be so hard to distinguish…) Yet here I sit, tempting fate with a second cup of coffee… but I slept so poorly last night that I got up at 3:30 AM.

      I suppose something has taken hold in my mind for the story at that… Hopefully the roots become sprouts, etc. Many thanks for taking time to visit and share, my friend. Huge hugs.


  9. Dear Teagan, I hope you’re feeling better from your bad food allergy reaction (boy, I know that one too well). Take care.
    As for the finding yourself sideways on the bed, I do that one often, I wonder if I might be going somewhere in my sleep, maybe you were trying to get away from the nightmare that never leaves. I keep thinking we’ll wake up and it will be just a bad dream.Good luck with your writing.
    Jenna Coleman is an excellent choice, she was a delight in “Doctor Who”, she was also great in “Death Comes to Pemberley” and “Emmerdale”.
    While I love “The Twilight Zone” I really don’t know if I want to live in it.
    Oh, before I forget (and I will or it will get lost in my brain), Allison Scagliotti/Claudia is now on “The Vampire Diaries”, she’s playing quirky, hmmm, quite a stretch for her. While I was happy to see her and it also made me a tad sad because it reminded me “Warehouse 13” is no more. So even though you feel Fate has turned its back on you and others, I think it has something else in store for all. Take heart and keep writing.
    Mega you are the passenger and the driver hugs xoxox

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    • It is great to see you Donna. Thanks for the TV tips. I hope this finds you feeling happy and sassy.
      You’re so kind. Tummy is better, though not 100%. I will get there.
      If I’m the driver, I had better get directions and refill the gas tank. 🙂 Dreading Monday already.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve had a very productive day so far, so feeling very happy not so sure about the sassy, but I might get there. 😉
        Sorry to hear your tunny isn’t quite 100% hope you feel better soon.
        GPS and hybrid? 😉
        I’m sorry you’re dreading, I wish you peace and relaxation. 🙂
        Mega pearly panster hugs xoxox

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        • Thank you Donna. It’s on and off. I think the old tummy is just “sensitive” from the violent reaction (or bug, whatever). So I will eventually get back to normal. I’m delighted that you are feeling happy! ❤ 😀
          Mega hugs right back, my friend. Sending virtual sassy.


  10. As far as being in the Twilight Zone, when I had dead bone marrow, zero immune system for six days wondering when and if the stem cells would take hold, I was truly in the Twilight Zone. Good thing you got a crew and passengers on your riverboat. You don’t want it floating along aimlessly.

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  11. Teagan, just float along on the riverboat and take in the scenery! Clever thoughts will keep coming, they always do! I like the Dealer’s looks. Just enough mystery, without a twirling mustache. It does help to have a character’s features in your mind to speak for them. Have a restful weekend, my friend. Huge hugs! 💛 Christine

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  12. I love the Twilight Zone, so maybe you will find inspiration while you’re in there. It sounds like things are forming inside your head. I like the sound of what you have here. Good luck, maybe when you break out of the Zone, things will flow. Have a great weekend Teagan.

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  13. I was going to write something similar but instead eeked out a Tanka about Veteran’s Day. I wrote a book review for tomorrow. Hopefully my fairy mojo returns tomorrow. It’s been hard. I lost something precious this week. I must get it back. ❤️🦄

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  14. I remember the Twilight Zone episodes so I haven’t clicked on them. I wanted to get a comment in here in case they close. The story sounds like it is going to be carefully crafted even though you call it panster. Can’t wait to read it. Hugs

    Liked by 3 people

    • You’re so kind, John. My heartfelt thanks. I’m plodding along. LOL the NaNoWriMo site gives you an estimated completion date every time you enter your word count. At this rate I’ll be finished December 13 — NOT November 30. I have to laugh and remind myself that I’m not in it to win it this time… just to be distracted as much as possible. I still have no idea where the story is going. Good thing it’s on a river so that it has to at least float somewhere! 😀
      Again, your Friday post was particularly beautiful today. Mega hugs.

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