Create Your Own Path

Has your path in life left you sort of walking around aimlessly?  I confess to feeling that way lately myself.  So I’m sharing another of my erstwhile “Weekly Messages” that I used to write at work.  At that time I knew where I was “walking,” even if I might feel a tad aimless right now.  … More Create Your Own Path

Facing Fear

I gave myself a rule to restrict “Teagan’s Books” to writing and indie publishing related topics. However, with a previous director at work, one of my tasks was writing a motivational message every week. During the past few days one of those messages has repeatedly come to mind.  Maybe, I said to myself, someone needs … More Facing Fear

Sweet and Sour

Even though Teagan’s Books has been online for a while, I have little time for the blog or the other endless tasks that consume the hours of an indie author.  Still, every few days I learn something new about indie publishing and/or blogging.  It might be a sweet little tidbit that helps me with the marketing … More Sweet and Sour

Summer and Winter

The summer solstice has not yet arrived but… Winter is coming! I’ve been toying with a cover idea for “The Dead of Winter.”  This is just an initial concept, but I had fun with it.  The image of the girl was so much like “Emlyn” looks in my mind, I thought I’d share.  The border was better (dark … More Summer and Winter