Re-Blog of If You Love A Writer

Do you like reruns? Giving another viewing to a favorite TV show or movie can be sort of comforting. Sometimes bloggers re-blog an entry that was special to them. That’s what Mary did with the entry above. However, it wasn’t a rerun to me — and it won’t be to you either. Her thoughts echoed some of my own. I thought it would entertain you, so I’m re-blogging Mary J. McCoy-Dressel’s “If You Love a Writer.”


Mary J. McCoy-Dressel Books

I wrote this on another blog a while ago. Worth a read–

If You Love a Writer —

I started writing this in 1st person then decided to change it. If I’ve offended other writers by grouping us all together, please forgive me, because I know it doesn’t pertain to all writers. This is mostly my opinion of what I’ve observed from people who don’t understand how a writer’s mind and life works.

You need to Read This —

This is what we do. This is who we are. We create scenarios with made up people and circumstances, and sometimes far out, unimaginable settings that can only exist in a creative mind.

Often, our mind drifts to some scene or setting; whereas we might whip out some paper and write down notes while someone is trying to talk to us, or while we’re watching TV, or even reading…

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So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Sometimes it feels like everything I see has a story in it.  If only I had enough time to write all those tales!  A friend sent a video about an antique mechanical desk made by Abraham and David Roentgen.  I can’t tell you how many ideas it sent spinning in my mind!  [Thanks Joye!]  The question is, will I ever find time for any of them?

Do a search for “Abraham and David Roentgen” and you’ll find all sorts of information, pictures, and videos for their amazing works of mechanical-furniture-art.  I, at least, think it’s art.

Now, let your mind wander,