Trust? Seriously?

When my [then] boss asked me to write one of the Weekly Messages about trust, I told him I couldn’t write about that.  He stopped and looked at me in astonishment — I had never said that, no matter what topic, or what farfetched combination of topics, he threw at me.  There is no trust … More Trust? Seriously?

Streaming Saturday

Today I feel a newfound sense of freedom.  This week I said “Bye-bye Comcast.”  Okay, so what I really said was “Take it with you now.  Take the cable, the box, and the remote.  Take it with you now.” I won’t go into the frustrating details of the soap opera that led up to such a demand.  … More Streaming Saturday

Tomato Brunch

While I’m not widely traveled, I have lived in several different places.  I also enjoy talking to people from everywhere, hearing their customs and traditions, especially the little things.  Everyone is usually ready to share traditions and stories involving food.  Somehow the tastes and aromas trigger fond memories.  I invite you to share “food customs” … More Tomato Brunch

Don’t Lose Heart

The lack of sunshine has a big impact on me — and not a good one.  On this rainy, gloomy morning I had to give myself a dose of positivity.  When I think of pep-talks, I usually think of the weekly motivational messages that were part of the work I did for a former boss.  … More Don’t Lose Heart

A Back-Story: Innusha

Have you heard of My Sexy Saturday?  Trust me — if you go check it out, it will live up to your expectations of the name!  It uses “sevens.”  That would be seven paragraphs, seven sentences, or just seven words. It’s also a “blog hop” where writers can share snippets, and it gets your work noticed by readers … More A Back-Story: Innusha