Create Changes

Why am I here when I have so much work that really has to be finished today?  I saw something that I couldn’t resist — and this doesn’t take nearly as much time as making an episode of our “Three Ingredients” serial. Sometimes things change, beyond our control, when they’d be much better left as they were.  … More Create Changes

Three Ingredients – 18: Fungus, Quiche, Quinoa

Dear readers, I’m finally back to following my own rules — working “three ingredients” into the serial episode, and treating you to recipes or videos, and some factual information along the way. Ingredients for this episode are from my very talented friend Ishita.  To be fair — no, Ishita didn’t give us an unappetizing sounding … More Three Ingredients – 18: Fungus, Quiche, Quinoa

Sunshine and Spring

Blogs that Bring Me Sunshine Here, it is officially spring… though I’m not sure you could say that spring has truly sprung — especially after seeing the weather forecast.  While I’m inside, I know that I really should be writing the next episode of The Three Ingredients.  But I think it is still simmering in my … More Sunshine and Spring