Quaint New Look

1920s Typist-2.jpgWhen I chose the design-theme for this blog, I was attracted to the bright colors and the sense of movement I perceived in the design.  However, lately I’ve been thinking that modern look is not a good match for the 1920’s setting of the serial stories — or my novel, Atonement, Tennessee.

I couldn’t find anything that matched both things — the “midnight suspense” of Atonement, as well as the vintage feel of the 1920’s.

Then I ran across the theme you see here.  The quaint little houses reminded me of the town of Atonement, TN on a sunny day.  And they had a vintage look.

This theme is worlds away from the old one, so don’t think you’ve come to the wrong place.  This is still your road to Atonement, Tennessee, and it’s still the path to The Three Ingredients.

veil_of_sky_open_1 copy

See you soon with a new episode of the culinary mystery serial, The Three Ingredients.  You’re welcome to leave a comment with three food-related ingredients for a future episode.



9 thoughts on “Quaint New Look

    1. Thank you Sharmishtha. I suppose it does look soothing at that. Since i’ve been so stressed at work maybe that’s why i liked it. Also it did not look like “winter” to me, and I am very tired of winter. 🙂


    1. Hi David — I’m delighted that you like the new look.
      My past 24 hours was worthy of one of your Diary episodes, with my heat system burning out & filling the house with smoke.
      Thank goodness for the electric blanket! Because it looks like I may need a lawyer to make the landlord fix it.
      Huge hugs back to you,


  1. Hey Teagan, love this theme. And especially like the image on the top with houses and trees.Also, I like the fact that you have kept it clean and de-cluttered.


    1. Thank you Olga — and thanks for stopping to comment.
      I like the look of your blog. It fits the things you are doing.
      I liked my old one, but I didn’t think it fit once I really got started with the book and the serial. 🙂


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