Sunshine and Spring

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Here, it is officially spring… though I’m not sure you could say that spring has truly sprung — especially after seeing the weather forecast.  While I’m inside, I know that I really should be writing the next episode of The Three Ingredients.  But I think it is still simmering in my subconscious while I pine for the sun to come out from behind the clouds.

Just now, Shatarupa at My Kitchen Adventures sent
me a “Sunshine Award.” She brought me sunshine by thinking of me, and by visiting this blog.  Recently I promised myself that when “awards” come my way I would use the opportunity to promote and encourage other bloggers.  That’s because I tend to throw the award rules out the window and do it my way.

I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers don’t “accept” or have time to play with awards, so I don’t “nominate” anyone. (Okay… Now read that again — I’m not nominating anyone, so relax. I’m giving you a free advertisement.)

Since I’m not following the rules at all, I didn’t post the beautiful award.  But I do try to show my support, encouragement, and appreciation for other bloggers.  So I’m making my own rules again.  I’m sharing with you the first three blogs that I followed when I started writing Teagan’s Books, and then three of the most recent.

You all bring sunshine into my heart.  Seriously.  I value all of you more than you could imagine.  I hope you will visit these wonderful blogs.  It makes for an eclectic collection.  However, my interests range far and wide.

Among the first blogs I followed

Mary’s Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

David’s Barsetshire Diaries

Lynn’s Strangled Thoughts and Random Musings

Among those I’ve recently followed

(Of course) Shatarupa at My Kitchen Adventures

Olga’s Just Olga

Carol’s Carol Anfinsen the Art of Living

More Sunny Fun

Oh, why not…?  Green is my favorite color, but I recently discovered that yellow makes me happy.  So much so that I made a Pinterest board and named it Mad about Saffron.  As friend RC said, “That’s a whole lot of yellow!”  So if you need a lift, check out my yellow madness.

Sending all of you sunshine-super-hugs!

15 thoughts on “Sunshine and Spring

  1. Thank you Teagan. You bring sunshine to our lives (definitely mine, for sure). I’ve seen your new Pinterest board. I’ve managed so far (not sure how long for) to move there to live! Hoping to have a series on blogs I love soon and you’ll be in it. And of course, may the real sunshine come your way too!


  2. What a great thing to do, Teagan! Thank you! Loved the “Mellow Yellow” video. I shared it on Pinterest and Tumbler. I’m a Leo and have always loved yellow. I’m a sunshine girl!


  3. Is it really any wonder I adore you? To be included here as one of the first blogs you followed is a great honour for me as well as showing you’e in dire need of medical help. I hope we have the opportunity to follow each other for many years to come.
    I send Hugs Galore and Spring Greetings from what has proved to be a warm and sunny then sunny and soggy day.


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