Thriving Thursdays: It Could Be Raining

Welcome to another Thriving Thursday, everyone. I’m Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene here with a guest post for the Story Reading Ape.  Since Chris Graham is my host for these monthly posts, I have disabled comments here.  Please click over and say hello to the awesome Ape (click here).

Thriving Thursdays:  It Could Be Raining

It’s hard to thrive when things get tough. During difficult situations, it’s hard to even think of your self in a positive way. 

When you’re trying so hard, and still not seeing that silver lining — and people begin a response with “At least it’s not…(whatever)” it doesn’t make you feel much better, does it?

However, it can help to remember that you aren’t alone.  Know there are people everywhere who are also trying to climb out of a hole of muck, or dig their way out of a pit of despair. They are trying to thrive.  Just like you.  

(My apologies if this video is not available in your area, or if commercials were added.)

So keep on trying.

Lately, I think even trying to try — that qualifies as trying too.

Wishing you a thriving Thursday,



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Thriving Thursdays: We Rise

Hello everyone, I’m Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene, taking a moment to lift you up, to help you thrive.  What better place for me to do that than from the marvelous tree-house of the Story Reading Ape?

Thriving Thursdays:  We Rise


Sometimes I feel de-motivated, denied, discounted, discombobulated, or any other de or dis that nobody enjoys.  However, there is one thing that always helps me change that feeling so that I can thrive — and that is motivating someone else.  If I work at lifting someone else’s spirits, or promoting them in some way, I find that I’ve also motivated myself.

We rise by lifting others…   Robert Ingersoll

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Wishing you a thriving Thursday.

Mega hugs,


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Thriving Thursdays: What Scares You?

Thriving Thursdays: What Scares You?

Thanks to Chris the Story Reading Ape once again for inviting me to be a guest at the tree-house.  This post is already live there, but I want to re-share it here too. (Click here.)  

Of course every day I wish for you to thrive. However, Thursday is the day I make a big deal over it.  So here I go again! 

If something truly frighten us it’s huge (at least to us).  Oddly enough, those big fears can be overcome by small things.  One little step at a time, one day at a time, gradually.

When you see yourself overcoming part of a fear each day it will lift you up — you will thrive.  To quote one of my favorite people in history…

Do one thing that scares you every day… Eleanor Roosevelt 



Wishing you a thriving Thursday.

Mega hugs,


Thriving Thursdays: Garbage Thinking

Garbage Truck Law

Photo Credit: Proctor Gallagher Institute

I give my heartfelt thanks to Chris the Story Reading Ape for hosting me at his tree-house every third Thursday of the month for these Thriving Thursday posts.  Kindly click on the link below to leave your comments at his blog.

Thriving Thursdays: Garbage Thinking – Guest Post…

Thriving Thursdays

Garbage Thinking

You’re getting ready for work and you spill your coffee.  Cleaning it up, you see that it’s all over your shirt.  You have to change the shirt, and then your pants don’t match the next shirt.  Late for work, you get stuck behind a garbage truck.  It smells.  Bad!  And that’s when the day really turns to garbage… “Murphy’s Law” becomes the law of the garbage truck.

We’ve all had days when one small bad thing sends the day into a tailspin.  Did you notice that as you became focused the first unfortunate thing, the more the little bad things piled up, one after another? 

Shift your focus to something pleasant, something positive.  Do it fast — before the law of the garbage truck kicks-in!

Have a thriving Thursday,


Garbage Truck vintage cartoon

Have a thriving Thursday!


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Holiday Weekend and DoW Snippet

Trust UR Story Neil GaimanIn the past, part of my “real” job was writing a weekly motivational message.  I was basically “ghost writing” as/for the Senior Executive Service level director where I work, but he never made any secret of the fact that I wrote his messages.  (That was a couple of “Directors” ago.)

People would ask me (especially if they knew there were stressful or disappointing things going on) how I wrote such motivating missives week after week after week.  Well, believe me there were many weeks that I didn’t think I could write a single uplifting word.  But whenever I got started writing a message, I found that I was encouraging myself as much as I motivated my audience.  And if I heard the smallest whisper that I had lifted someone’s spirits, it sent my own faltering heart soaring.

That’s how I feel here, when anyone says I’ve buoyed them up in some small way — and that’s what keeps me coming back with a new chapter for you every weekend.  So I hope never to leave you completely adrift.Lazy Cat fluffy sad

However, it’s a holiday weekend here in the USA, Memorial Day.  And I am in desperate need of recharging my emotional batteries.  I haven’t gotten to do any of the actual writing for the next episode.  Copper and the woman in trousers still stand in astonishment as the alchemist delightedly watches his submarine rise to the surface of the water.

I do want to provide some entertainment though.  So here’s a snippet from my unpublished work The Dead of Winter.  A few of you may have seen me comment that I’d love to see this massive book turned into an anime series.

Just like live-action television and movies, some anime is gratuitous (I’m sorry, the story isn’t more interesting just because you throw in over-blown gore in fight scenes, or nudity for no real reason. And a preteen in a garter belt is just plain wrong — I don’t care what your excuse is.  See what I mean?  It’s just like regular TV.)  But I find some anime preferable to other forms of film. It can be beautifully done, particularly the backgrounds.  Here’s a video with some examples of the kind of anime into which I’d like to see The Dead of Winter made.

(There are movie clips here.)

My story has a wide cast of varied characters, but the heroine is a twelve year old girl, Emlyn. The snip below is early in the story, from Emlyn’s point of view, in the cold place her world has become.  Within The Dead of Winter I also built a world with many nations, traditions, religions, styles of dress, and societies — and magic.  I hope you enjoy this little visit to the world I built.

From The Dead of Winter

First Dream – Winter Is Coming

It was neither light nor dark, though there was a strange half-light.  The dim shapes of furniture seemed familiar as Emlyn looked around the room.  She went to the window, but could not see anything beyond it other than gray darkness.  Goosebumps pricked her arms.  She took the shawl she was required to use to cover her hair and wrapped it around her shoulders.  She felt like she should know this room; and it disturbed her that she could not place it.  Worse she felt that she should remember not liking it.

She turned to go to the door and leave, but a musical tone pierced her ears, surging in volume, but then dissipating.  As the tone died she thought she heard a voice.  Emlyn shook her head, trying to clear it.  She moved toward the door, and the sound blended with the rustle of her skirts, but she was sure she heard it again.  She froze, listening, with her hand reaching for the doorknob.

“Winter is coming.”

Emlyn tilted her head.  Had she heard correctly?  Then it came again more clearly, but still little more than the sound of dry leaves, “Winter is coming!”

DoW 06-15-2013She turned toward the sound, but saw nothing more than the oddly familiar room.  Then suddenly he was there, across the room.  He was a stranger to Emlyn, yet she felt that she knew him, even though she couldn’t see his face clearly.  Shadow seemed to cling to him even more than it did to the rest of the room.  “Did you hear that?  Was it you who spoke?” she asked.  He seemed to rush closer to her, though his feet didn’t move.  She drew back.

“No,” he replied, “but it’s true.  Winter is coming.  The Winter.  The Winter of the ages.  I know those fools have tried to stifle knowledge, but don’t tell me you haven’t at least learned about that.  You of all people should know about the Winter.”

It was plain that she didn’t know what he meant, and that seemed to make him angry.  Her hands gripped her shawl tightly.  Suddenly afraid, Emlyn didn’t know how to respond.  The voice came again, louder, “Winter is coming.”  She blinked and he was only inches away from her.

Emlyn awoke with a start and sat up in her bed.  She let out a relieved breath.  She was safe in her little room.  Then she heard it in his voice.  “Winter is coming.”  He stood at the foot of her bed.  Emlyn thought the dream must be clinging to her, and she rubbed her eyes.  He was still there.  She blinked hard.  He moved toward her and sat on the side of DoW_Cvr_Art-1the bed.  As she felt the bed shift with his weight she screamed.

Her cry roused the household.  Afanen, her sister, was there first, and then her father and brother-in-law crowded into the tiny room, demanding to know what the trouble was.

“There was a man,” she said before she could stop herself.  Their expressions were first astonished and then scandalized.  Emlyn tried to take the words back by saying, “It was a dream.  Just a nightmare.”

Her sister cut her off and exclaimed, “I had gotten up and was on my way back to bed when I heard her – mumbling in her sleep about winter.  She kept saying that winter is coming.”  Afanen wore a bemused smirk that suggested Emlyn was just a silly girl and not to be taken seriously.  She had told people often enough that there was something odd; something wrong about Emlyn.

“If she’s dreaming of men in her room, then it’s time she had a husband,” Dewydd, her brother-in-law said, barely hiding his leer.

“It was just a dream,” Emlyn defended herself.  Her sister and brother-in-law left the room to go back to bed, whispering to each other.  She heard her sister giggle as the door to their room closed.

Her father sat down on the bed, on the same place where he had sat.  Emlyn cringed, wondering if somehow her father would be able to tell that someone; or maybe some thing had just sat there.  He had gone pale, and she thought his voice shook a little.

“Winter, you say?” he looked intently at her as he asked.  “Winter is coming?  As if it was more than just winter?”

“Well yes, that’s how it was in the dream,” Emlyn told him.  However, her father sat looking at her coldly.  He seemed to appraise her, trying to determine her honesty, as if he had caught her in some mischief.

“Where have you heard of this?” he demanded as he stood.  She only looked up at him in confusion.  “It is not allowed for this to be taught.  This is blasphemy!  Where have you heard it?  Have you eavesdropped on the elders when they meet?”

“It was only a dream,” Emlyn stammered, “a nightmare.  Why are you angry?  I don’t understand.  I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Foschi_Winter Landscape with Paseant Family


I promise to be back next weekend with Episode-18 of  Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers

Update — I should have shared this to begin with. Now most of you won’t even see it… but here is a “pitch” for The Dead of Winter that will tell you about the story.


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Create Changes


Why am I here when I have so much work that really has to be finished today?  I saw something that I couldn’t resist — and this doesn’t take nearly as much time as making an episode of our “Three Ingredients” serial.

Sometimes things change, beyond our control, when they’d be much better left as they were.  At other times we try and try to enact a positive change, but we spin our wheels, getting nowhere.  That’s when the old adages “Be patient” or “It’s not meant to be” grate against the spirit.

When we’re trying to make a change, and despite all dedication, determination, and diligence it just won’t happen, what’s to be done?

Then we change how we go about creating that change!

First I saw the quote above. It’s attributed to Jim Rhon, a “business philosopher.”  Then I thought of a song and I really got into the old music video of it.  So I had to take time to share those two things with you.

Roll with the Changes!


Sunshine and Spring

Blogs that Bring Me Sunshineherecomesthesun

Here, it is officially spring… though I’m not sure you could say that spring has truly sprung — especially after seeing the weather forecast.  While I’m inside, I know that I really should be writing the next episode of The Three Ingredients.  But I think it is still simmering in my subconscious while I pine for the sun to come out from behind the clouds.

Just now, Shatarupa at My Kitchen Adventures sent
me a “Sunshine Award.” She brought me sunshine by thinking of me, and by visiting this blog.  Recently I promised myself that when “awards” come my way I would use the opportunity to promote and encourage other bloggers.  That’s because I tend to throw the award rules out the window and do it my way.

I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers don’t “accept” or have time to play with awards, so I don’t “nominate” anyone. (Okay… Now read that again — I’m not nominating anyone, so relax. I’m giving you a free advertisement.)

Since I’m not following the rules at all, I didn’t post the beautiful award.  But I do try to show my support, encouragement, and appreciation for other bloggers.  So I’m making my own rules again.  I’m sharing with you the first three blogs that I followed when I started writing Teagan’s Books, and then three of the most recent.

You all bring sunshine into my heart.  Seriously.  I value all of you more than you could imagine.  I hope you will visit these wonderful blogs.  It makes for an eclectic collection.  However, my interests range far and wide.

Among the first blogs I followed

Mary’s Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

David’s Barsetshire Diaries

Lynn’s Strangled Thoughts and Random Musings

Among those I’ve recently followed

(Of course) Shatarupa at My Kitchen Adventures

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Carol’s Carol Anfinsen the Art of Living

More Sunny Fun

Oh, why not…?  Green is my favorite color, but I recently discovered that yellow makes me happy.  So much so that I made a Pinterest board and named it Mad about Saffron.  As friend RC said, “That’s a whole lot of yellow!”  So if you need a lift, check out my yellow madness.

Sending all of you sunshine-super-hugs!