NaNoWri-Mo Mo Mo Mo!

Nanowrimo 1

NaNoWriMo Day 4

The fourth day dawns… I really wanted to hit the ground running this year. Unfortunately I am as slow at novel writing as ever. I remembered this post from last year – Billy Idol’s song became my personal theme.  Whether or not you are a writer I hope it will encourage you on some level.  And in hope of revving myself up to Wrimo-mo-mo, here’s a little rock and roll.

National Novel Writing Month

Affectionately known to participants as NaNoWriMo.  This year many of the logos have the slogan “Power-Up,” but I’m not finding my “on switch.”

When I start writing I just want a dull background noise, rather than music.  However, I’ve found that when I’m getting myself ready to sit down and write, having a song tag along helps – like a mental theme song.  Every few days I have to change my theme song, but apparently I have one “main title theme.”  Some of you already know what it is…

Just a quick disclaimer – I am absolutely not what is called a NaNoWriMo rebel.  I’m playing the game as it is designed.  Otherwise, where is my challenge?  That said….

With a rebel yell — Wri-Mo Mo Mo!


31 thoughts on “NaNoWri-Mo Mo Mo Mo!

  1. Thank you Andrea! And thanks for visiting. LOL, Absolutely re the tongue in cheek. One friend commented how she didn’t like that song (last year) or any song with a man saying how much a girl wanted him. I said in this case, it was more about the vibe the music generated than the lyrics. And “more more more” was so much like Wrimo turning (in my head) to Wrimo-mo-mo! It was a good “power up” song for me. Huge hugs! 🙂


  2. Go for it Teagan! I used to be a big fan of Billy Idol – you have to take the lyrics with a bit of tongue in cheek (though I’m not convinced that he actually didn’t them completely seriously) 🙂


  3. That’s a fabulous sound track David! You know i love Baker Street.
    I actually had the idea for this story in the late 1990’s and i had always had Santana’s Black Magic Woman as the theme of the story. I still hear it in my head half the time when i think about this incarnation of it. However i departed far and away from my original idea, and one departure is the era of the setting. Santana’s version of the song comes out a few months too late for this story… so i’m songless. LOL. It feels wrong to do this story without that song! Maybe the bad guy can hear Carlos practicing the guitar part fot Black Magic Woman before it’s ever put to vinyl… Huge hugs my friend.


  4. Billy Idol should be enough to get you going but Gerry Rafferty (Stealer’s wheel or with Baker Street on his own) should move you on from the middle. You can do it, just need to find the right song to get you going. How about Adele with Set Fire to the Rain or Rolling in the Deep?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  5. I’ve gone with no music so far but might give it a go…If you have the beginning and the end, most people suggest to go over the things you don’t know and leave gaps for later, but I guess each person has its own way. I watched ‘Chariots of Fire’ as they were showing it again for the Olympic Games in London a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had forgotten most of it apart from that scene…
    Thanks for the snippet. Very intriguing….;)


  6. After that compliment i sure would hate to let you down. You are a true gem Suzanne.
    I’m not a NaNoWriMo “rebel” (the challenge only helps me if i go by the “rules” flexible though they’ve become), but i like to pretend i’m diving in with a Rebel Yell! 😀
    (And i’m still drooling over your post with stew over mashed potatoes…)

    Okay… here’s a snippet from my (hopefully) quirky urban fantasy, The Guitar Mancer, about the villain escaping. >
    “…the disc jockey announced the “Oldies but Goodies Show” and Chuck Berry performing the American classic, ‘Johnny B. Goode.’ Then a wild riff of guitar music exploded from the transistor radio. >
    “What is this instrument? I have never before heard the instrument that helped free me. It holds a greater potential to express pain than anything I have ever heard. That pain shall be mine to command!” he exclaimed. “This music makes me yearn to share that pain with others,” he said causing (Guard-1) to draw back fearfully.
    Stepping outside his cell, the man bent to touch (Guard-2’s) face. “What was the instrument?” he demanded, and the incapacitated guard arched his back in agony as he dredged the answer from (Guard-2’s) mind. >
    “A strange concept for an instrument,” he murmured. “An electrical guitar? Yet this electrified guitar invoked the power quite well. Now, where do I find this place, deep down in Louisiana close to New-Or-Leans… among the evergreens?”


  7. Such great song choices and perfect to get you in the write, er I mean right mind set. That Billy Idol song though is the bomb!!! You go girl, I know you will churn out something great, how could you not.


  8. I get your point, it is a catchy tune and seems to go with it. I never cared for that song because I just don’t like songs about “how she wanted me”, mostly country songs are like that. I guess I didn’t need to listen to the egomanical lyrics.It is saying get started, write mo mo mo.


    1. That’s right RC. Sometimes music [discarding a bit of lyric here and there] is about what you take away from it at a given moment in time. Just as with a poem, a painting, or a dance… The entire composition may not click with you, but one part of it might resonate.

      But I understand what you’re saying. Certain kinds of lyrics kill songs for me.
      Also, it can be extremely hard [for me at least] to separate a song from a bad moment in time. Many songs that I once enjoyed greatly became forever soldiered to memories that ruined the song.

      Today finds my November novel stuck without a middle. Beginning — kickin’. End — got it figured out. But i’m stuck in the middle. So a new theme song for today!


      1. Was just thinking a week ago I would like to see that movie again–I will enjoy hearing the song if you find it, Teagan. It will help my faux race walking in the colder weather :-)…


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