NaNoWriMo — Fire then Rain

You can’t be “on fire” all the time.  You’d burn out.  Fast.

Periods of being on fire, no matter what your passion, need to be followed by times of rain.  Not quenching rain — you don’t want to put out the fire of that ambition.  What I’m talking about is nourishing, steady rain.  A rhythm that is almost hypnotic, moving you forward, unflagging, pure in its insistence.

Gently it wakens the muse — here it comes again…

A memory…  A new emotion…  The open wind…

And finally…

Here comes the rain again.

Now, get ready to


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo — Fire then Rain

    1. Yeah!!! Thanks, David. I love Tina Turner. What an incredible performer. She always makes me *feel* what she’s singing. Awesome! So glad you shared that video.
      Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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