Thriving Thursdays: Danger!

This isn’t really a post.  No, you aren’t imagining being here… Chris Graham hosted me at the Story Reading Ape’s tree-house for this post in July, 2017.  I had also published it on LinkedIn in 2015 — but I forgot to put it in my own “Motivational” category here. 

So that’s all I’m really doing — just adding it to Teagan’s Books.  However, it’s a good chance for me to wish you a thriving Thursday!  Here’s the post, and here’s a link to the Ape’s site.

It’s good to see everyone.  Thanks to the Story Reading Ape for hosting me once again for another Thriving Thursday.  These mini-posts are my humble way of encouraging everyone to thrive.

Thriving Thursdays:  Danger!

Robot Warning

Were you taught to dream?  Or were you told to “just be glad for what you’ve got” as I was? I think both are necessary. To thrive we need both dreams and gratitude.  

An attitude of gratitude is hugely important.  However, that does not exclude goals and dreams.  A comment from a comedian years ago stuck with me. He said “Don’t just dream big. Dream even bigger!”

Back to the title of this post… what is that peril we all face?

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it…
But that it is too low, and we reach it…  –Michaelangelo

Wishing you a thriving Thursday,


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49 thoughts on “Thriving Thursdays: Danger!

    1. LOL, I love good ole Robot, Christoph. He was from the TV show, Lost in Space. He would waive around those mechanical arms (in danger of putting out anyone’s eye nearby) and shout “Danger! Danger!” trying to protect Will Robinson. 😀


  1. That Michaelangelo was a pretty smart guy! I agree, Teagan, my motto is the answer is no unless you ask. Whether that’s dinner a Denny’s 🙂 or a winning lottery ticket (pick me!) positive thinking can, and often will, help you reach your goals!
    Thriving Thursday, my friend!

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  2. Dreams are a nice state of altered reality. If you notice the latest things are UI and UX with everything from toilet paper to colonoscopies offering the ultimate “user interface” and “user experience”! But we dreamers know the ultimate user experience is the things that often happen in dreams, and the worlds we create in our minds that we sometimes put into words, images, music and motion. If you give up on dreaming, you’ve give up on life.

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      1. Thriving it is. After plans to get to bed early last night, because we have a long day today, were short circuited by a power outage that threw us into darkness at 9:00 pm last night, we ended up getting to bed after midnight. I had to go outside in the frosty 20º F cold to get cell service in order to call PNM to get an estimate of how long the power would be out. If the outage would be prolonged, I would have to take action to protect water lines and and the pump so they wouldn’t freeze. When I opened the door to go back inside, one of the cats slipped out. There was no going to bed early, now. The cat waited until power was restored around midnight before she decided it was safe to come back inside. Arrgh!

        But there is a silver lining. I had an email waiting for me this morning with “Dear Timothy, The Program Committee is delighted to inform you that your proposal for the 2018 joint meeting of the Medieval Association of the Pacific and the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association has been approved.” Laurie’s proposal for a paper was approved, also, so we will be going to Las Vegas, NV in April to present our papers. The title of my research paper is “Cuatrocientos Años de Soledad: Memory and Remembrance of 16th and 17th Century Spanish Colonialism in North-central New Mexico”

        When Laurie told me I had to write a proposal for a paper for this conference and submit it as an independent scholar, I said “Dream on! With all the high level professors, grad students and scholars that submit papers to conferences like this, I don’t stand a chance!” Sometimes dreams come true.

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        1. Tim, that is fabulous! Congratulations.
          I can relate to the sleeplessness though. I’ve been awake since 1AM and I went ahead and got up by 2:30… But at least I didn’t have to go out in the cold or deal with a power outage… or a renegade cat.
          Although there was a squirrel…

          Yesterday I came up my front steps (there are at least 12). There were a couple of boxes from Amazon on the porch, and a large envelope inside the worn out screen door (that my landlord won’t replace). And… bits of brown paper scattered all over the porch — dozens of bits. I knew the paper didn’t come from the boxes, so it was all quite puzzling. But I just wanted to get inside after yet another day of hyper-stress.

          A little later I realized the envelope was probably the sketchbook I’d been waiting for. When I turned it over the other side was stripped down to the bubble wrap lining.

          Awhile later a knock came to the door. A man from across the street, with a cell phone video. He had witnessed the strange thing that happened to the envelope and rescued it by putting it inside the screen door. On the video…. a squirrel who was mightily pissed off about being interrupted from shredding the envelope. LOL if looks could kill…
          But the oddest part was the contents of the envelope. There was no food anywhere. That squirrel was dead-set on having a sketchbook. I really should have put it outside for him, along with a marker. I might have had a squirrely masterpiece when I got up this morning!

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            1. No, I didn’t ask. He didn’t get the part of the actual shredding of the envelope. Just the squirrel glaring at him from a few feet away on the tree trunk. He might have caught him running away from the scene of the crime too. It was still funny though.
              Yep, apparently he is an aspiring artist.

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    1. I know that feeling too well, Brad. I’m just sorry you know it as well. I’ve always said that when I do these posts, I’m encouraging myself every bit as much as anyone else.
      I’ve found that the goals, the things we have “always wanted” seem to change over time, without us necessarily being aware that they’ve changed. So, as you suggest, it’s always good to freshen up a goal/dream — or even completely throw it out.
      And sometimes (unlike this post) it’s doesn’t need to be about a big dream. Reaching little dreams gets me through the week. Also, what Olga said below is spot-on.
      Wishing you a thriving Thursday — in whatever way you choose to thrive.

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  3. Great post and fabulous quote. True too, although I can’t help but think that the size of our dreams might be relative. What for somebody might be a really big dream might seem small to somebody else, and vice-versa. I guess the other important thing is that they should be our own dreams, rather than those other impose on us. Have a thriving Thursday, Teagan.

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    1. Well said Olga! Always our own dreams, not those chosen by someone else. That is worthy of its own post. I hope you are safely in Barcelona and enjoying yourself.
      Yes, I am trying to thrive — that’s why I went ahead and posted this today. If I try to motivate someone else, it always helps motivate me. Wishing a thriving Thursday too. Hugs.


    1. You are more than welcome, Janet. Your magical hummingbirds and inspirational words at your blog always lift me up. So I’m glad I could offer a little in return. Enjoy your holiday with friends. Hummingbird hugs!


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