Guide to Caring for Humans


I try to limit this blog to writing related posts. Maybe I’m celebrating reaching the National Novel Writing Month goal of a draft novel of 50,000 words (yay!). Or maybe I really am just a crazy cat lady…

However I thought this was one of the best cat videos I’ve ever seen.  The narrator sounds so sincere.  It made me laugh, so naturally I wanted to share the smiles with you.  If you are not a cat person, then forgive my silliness.

Enjoy the video below.

A Cat’s Guide to Taking Care of Your Human


13 thoughts on “Guide to Caring for Humans

  1. oh this was so real and funny. Now I understand why they are always leaving fur on my clothes! Even if this is an ad, it is a great one. I will be passing this along.


    1. Hi Shirley. Thanks so much for commenting. I hope everyone will take a look at your wonderful sketchblog. I really enjoy your art work.

      I’m always glad to give a giggle. Whenever I’m getting my cats to play [aka exercise] and find myself doing most of the work — I’ve often wondered if they are thinking something like, “That human really needs to play, but she’d have me doing all the work. I don’t know what I’m going to do with her!” So the video was so much like the suspicions I already have that it cracked me up.
      You’re welcome to re-blog mine or create your own post.

      Have a beautiful weekend,


    1. Hi Mary. Thanks for taking time to comment. I’m delighted to know it appealed to a non cat owner… or should I say to a person who is not owned by a cat? 🙂
      Anyway, I’m glad it entertained you.


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