Three Things and a Video

What do you see when you go outside?  There are thousands of things about which you could write, but you might not see them.  Another blog, the Daily Post, sent out a challenge to make a video part of your blog post.  So hang on, I hope mine doesn’t leave you flat.  Hardee-har-har…!  I’m mixing their challenge with a Three Things exercise.

Now for the Three Things Exercise, and my challenge to you.  The video is not of my street, but it shows very much what I saw outside a couple of weeks ago.  Only my reality was much, much more noisy.  Unfortunately.

Here are three things from the video.  Take them, or three other things you see in the video, and write until you’ve mentioned all them.  What you write does not have to be about the video at all.  Write about anything you please, just write. To be fair, here are three things from me, just off the top of my head.

Three Things:

Steamroller, sweaty, orange vest

Aunt Pam traveled all over the place.  Sometimes she played the “Flat Stanley” game with Dawn, sending the large paper cutout of a boy to Dawn with something added from each place she visited.  Dawn ran to the mail box, expecting the package from Aunt Pam.

It was a hot day, and Dawn was already sweaty, just running down her yard to the street.  She wiped her brow as she opened the mailbox.  Sure enough, the package was there!  She paused in opening it though because she heard the ding-ding-ding of the steamroller paving her street.  Dawn watched it in fearful fascination for a moment, but nothing could compete with her interest in the package from Aunt Pam.

As Dawn tore into the package she pulled out the paper boy, Stanley.  She stood at her curb devouring every detail that Aunt Pam had added.  Then a gust of wind caught Stanley, pulling him from Dawn’s hands.  Stanley sailed high into the air, and floated right at the biggest steamroller.  To her horror, the paper boy landed on the street, in front of the steam roller.  The driver seemed to see it, but wasn’t able to stop.  Stanley went under the big wide roll of the machine.

“It’s a good thing he was already flat,” Dawn murmured bravely about Stanley, though she was about to cry.

The driver saw that Dawn was upset, stopped, and climbed down from the steamroller.  As the man came to see what was wrong, Stanley peeled himself up from the pavement and motioned angrily at the driver.  “Couldn’t you see me?” he demanded.

The stunned driver only shook his head, while Dawn stood staring open-mouthed at the exchange.  Stanley put his fists on his paper hips and tapped his foot.  Then he grabbed the orange vest the driver wore and yanked it off him.  Stanley put on the vest and said, “Maybe you’ll see me next time!”

Then he stomped up the driveway, disappearing into Dawn’s house.  She and the steamroller driver looked at one another in amazement.


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