So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Sometimes it feels like everything I see has a story in it.  If only I had enough time to write all those tales!  A friend sent a video about an antique mechanical desk made by Abraham and David Roentgen.  I can’t tell you how many ideas it sent spinning in my mind!  [Thanks Joye!]  The question is, will I ever find time for any of them?

Do a search for “Abraham and David Roentgen” and you’ll find all sorts of information, pictures, and videos for their amazing works of mechanical-furniture-art.  I, at least, think it’s art.

Now, let your mind wander,


3 thoughts on “So Many Ideas, So Little Time

  1. So, instead of all those compartments holding items, what if they held people or souls? Someone trapped of confined for punishment or selfishness (I’ll keep her and make her mine!!!), is waiting for the compartments to be opened and set them free. Kinda of like kissing the frog but not as clammy or smelling like pond water.


    1. LOL. Loved the “smellevision” at the end of your pitch.

      Ok — I’ll play… Or each drawer could open to a different world, ala Narnia. If only I could fit!

      Or… An ingenious puppet-master/prankster, 200 years past, left a clue hidden in each drawer. But the clues are all symbols. Once found, and placed in the correct order, the symbols form a picture, a map to political secrets that could undermine half the governments of the world. And a “sub-line” in the combined clues leads to the true identity of the puppet-master and his connection with the protagonist. And…
      Hummm… this could be fun!


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