Stand Up

Stand up! Those two words can mean several different things in the dictionary. remain/be valid, be sound, be plausible, hold water, hold up, stand questioning, survive investigation, bear examination, be verifiable We might also stand up for a cause, like the power of a simple hug. Or we might stand up for ourselves. Andy Avis did … More Stand Up

What’s Next? New “Interactive” Serial

Three Ingredients Serial What’s next?  Thanks to everyone who sent “votes” on what you wanted to do next – now that we reached a conclusion in the Three Things Serial storyline.  It was a three-way tie, appropriately enough!  So I’m going with the one that is the biggest challenge for me.  (Yes, I’m just twisted … More What’s Next? New “Interactive” Serial

Create Your Own Path

Has your path in life left you sort of walking around aimlessly?  I confess to feeling that way lately myself.  So I’m sharing another of my erstwhile “Weekly Messages” that I used to write at work.  At that time I knew where I was “walking,” even if I might feel a tad aimless right now.  … More Create Your Own Path

Facing Fear

I gave myself a rule to restrict “Teagan’s Books” to writing and indie publishing related topics. However, with a previous director at work, one of my tasks was writing a motivational message every week. During the past few days one of those messages has repeatedly come to mind.  Maybe, I said to myself, someone needs … More Facing Fear

Magic Glasses

Yesterday, as I left the Post Office, a business man complimented my new glasses.  That was nice, especially since here strangers just don’t speak period, unless it’s to tell you to get out of their way.  And how often does anybody compliment eyeglasses anyway?  “New glasses must work some kind of magic,” my slightly sardonic inner voice … More Magic Glasses

Winter Is Coming!

The Dead of Winter — Draft Complete! Winter is coming…. Winter is coming! Maybe there is something to be said for insomnia.  Before the first 24 hours of spring were complete, so was a draft of “The Dead of Winter.”  Even though there was less than an hour to spare… even though it’s a very … More Winter Is Coming!

How Winter Began

The Dead of Winter:  How Winter Began When I think of beginning a book, one thing I consider is how many times it has been done.  Notice I said “how many times,” because I came to the conclusion that everything has already been done – and not just once, but many times.  I even made … More How Winter Began

“Atonement, Tennessee” Copyright Certificate

Wednesday I was thrilled to finally see a letter from the Copyright Office. I did everything to register the copyright for “Atonement, Tennessee” back in December, but had not received the certificate. It was exciting to read over it, and be able to hold it in my hand. However, I’m disappointed about the condition of … More “Atonement, Tennessee” Copyright Certificate

A Departure

Atonement, Tennessee was a style departure for me.  I usually write what I like to call “quest type” fantasy.  While it’s a fantasy, Atonement is written in first person, and set in our current, real world.  It was designed to be something I could write ultra-fast for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 2012. Since it … More A Departure

Finishing 2012

Last week flew by!  It’s the first time I’ve ever taken time off at the holidays, and I’m glad I did. Happily I’ve spent most of my spare time last week and this weekend doing things for my writing.  I finished tweaking the draft of Atonement, Tennessee, and then did the formatting and torturous set up … More Finishing 2012