What’s Next? New “Interactive” Serial

Cooking kittyThree Ingredients Serial

What’s next?  Thanks to everyone who sent “votes” on what you wanted to do next – now that we reached a conclusion in the Three Things Serial storyline.  It was a three-way tie, appropriately enough!  So I’m going with the one that is the biggest challenge for me.  (Yes, I’m just twisted that way.)  Also I think I chose the tie-breaker that will give you, the reader more creative ways to send “things.”

To break the tie, I chose to do a culinary mystery.  This subgenre was new to me.  If you’re not familiar with it, here is a goodreads link to several such novels.

Our next reader-participation-driven story will be The Three Ingredients Serial.  I’m putting you back in the driver’s seat.  The “things” will become ingredients.  This time I’m asking you to send three ingredients, which is not too different from sending three things.  Now, those ingredients can be all sorts of food related things – not just recipe ingredients.  Or if you’d rather — you are welcome to send a recipe that I would feature at the end of the post.

So please leave comments, telling me your Three Ingredients!  I’m excited to see where they take me.

Can’t wait to hear from you,


PS:  The illustrious Alexandra of The Scholarly Skater has just nominated me for two awards. The “Internet hugs” abound, and I’m delighted to participate.  So please take a look at her very interesting blog.  Thank you Alexandra — mega-hugs to you.

14 thoughts on “What’s Next? New “Interactive” Serial

  1. Turnips, parsnips, juniper berries. These items my mother always puts in her beef stew. I can’t eat them any other way. In stew they are delicious. Out of stew not so much.


    1. Hi RC, I’m so happy that you stopped to comment! I can very much see Granny using those things! I had forgotten all about it, but once I cut a parsnip into little strips like French fries, and I enjoyed it.

      Like the “Three Things” the things/ingredients don’t always turnout as one might expect, but wouldn’t Parsnip be a cute name for a dog? (**Hummm… I try to use the “ingredients” in the order that I get them, but thinking about episode 2, I saw a dog in it… I won’t know until I start writing though.**)


  2. Wow, Mary and David’s sound dreadful! Good luck :D…Okay, how about: butternut squash, olive oil and cracked black pepper? I at least want something tasty out of this…;-)


    1. LOL!!! They know I like the challenge. And David always sends something educational — this time his “ingredients” that can be used for the preparation and presentation of the other ingredients.
      Oddly enough, “geoduck” (in some cultures) is an aphrodisiac…
      And I’m trying so very hard not to comment about what the darned thing looks like! 🙂

      Thanks for more ingredients, PL. I’m glad you stopped to comment. 🙂


  3. My oh my, you’re a sucker for punishment aren’t you. How about a mandolin, a chinois and some wimberries? I think someone should create a ‘Virtual Hugs’ award for people like you who spread so much warmth abroad.
    I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year ( Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda)
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    1. Apparently so! LOL. David you are a delight. Between you and Mary I’ll be Googled silly, but I enjoy learning about things. The frightening part is that I don’t think of myself as much of a cook. (Some folks disagree, fortunately.)

      A happy Christmas and merry New Year to you and yours too. And may the solstice bring you warmth and sunlight. (I sure hope it sheds some light on what I’m going to do with these first six ingredients! Haha.)



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