Magic Glasses

Yesterday, as I left the Post Office, a business man complimented my new glasses.  That was nice, especially since here strangers just don’t speak period, unless it’s to tell you to get out of their way.  And how often does anybody compliment eyeglasses anyway?  “New glasses must work some kind of magic,” my slightly sardonic inner voice said.

This morning I started thinking.  What if…(You know “what if” gives me endless possibilities, particularly for stories.)  What if you had magic glasses?  What would they let you see?

Would you be able to look inside someone, on a cellular level, and see the cure for a disease?

Could you see the truths people would hide from the world?

Would you see the future?  Or the ancient past?

Would you look at the ground, and within the soil see a new plant species that would one day grow?

What story would grow around the extraordinary things you saw with your magic glasses?  What else would you see that gave unexpected twists to that story?

Finally, at the end of the story, what would you do with your magic glasses?

Now go ahead, tell me the story.

7 thoughts on “Magic Glasses

  1. Another friend told me what her magic glasses would see, and it created such images in my mind that I wanted to share her vision. “I would see what’s up in the sky and discover a new habitable planet. Or maybe find a city under the ocean.”


  2. Teagan,

    You have a wonderful imagination. Have you consider writing a short story using “magic glasses”?


    1. Joye, I sure miss being around all your encouragement.

      A “magic glasses” short story? Lately it seems like I’ve had hundreds of ideas for stories – both short and long. Unfortunately there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Somehow I need to suddenly become independently wealthy! Haha! Then I should have time.

      Meanwhile, I throw these little writing challenges to everyone else. (smiles)


  3. I wouldn’t want to have magic glasses. Someone could see my secrets and I might not want to know theirs. It would have us give up intuition or empathy, noticing how someone is feeling or acting, and the hairs on the back of your neck. Nope, magic glasses would lose the magic for our human interaction. But, its nice that your eye wear was complimented. It means he actually looked at your face into your eyes. Maybe you should try to be at the post office same day this next week. You never know.


  4. I’m totally lost at a story for this, but my goodness, girl, that’s some imagination. I love this idea and the way your creative mind works. I say go with this. ❤ And congrats on the new glasses.


    1. You’re too kind, Mary. Okay, so “what if” your magic glasses saw everyone who was a future love? Or everyone who had been in a previous life? I expect you have a story in your head now. :o)


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