Survive Flu Season with the Ultimate Winter Defense

I know… I’m  breaking my rule again — the one about only doing writing related posts.  However, this was so timely that I thought I should share it.

Many of us have our own home remedies, holistic ideas, and supplement strategies.  These (below) are not exactly like the things I do, but they’re similar. (Additionally, I swear by my neti pot.)

Miora of “Eat Well, Be Well, Live Well” visited Teagan’s Books and left a charming comment.  I had been impressed with her post on farinata (chick-pea crepes).  However, her blog covers more than recipes — she has interesting things about recycling and holistic/natural remedies as well.

Since I’m also interested in those things, I asked if I could re-blog her “winter defense” ideas.



Survive Flu Season with the Ultimate Winter Defense.

2 thoughts on “Survive Flu Season with the Ultimate Winter Defense

  1. Thank you for sharing this useful article.

    The first time I came across neti pot was while watching Six Feet Under where George gifts David one and David thinks it is a gravy boat. Actually, I had thought the same and had to look it up online after that particular episode to expand my knowledge!


    1. Ishita, I’m glad you thought the re-blog was useful. If you try a neti pot I hope it is helpful.
      That was too funny re the gravy boat. I still use my first neti pot, given to me many years ago by my friend B (Hi B if you’re listening!). I thought it was a decoration and commented on how cute it was. I’m sure I had quite a look on my face when B described what it was for! 🙂

      My Neti Tips
      (These are my personal findings, not intended to be any sort of “medical advice.”)

      * Get the right balance of salt and warmth, and it is perfectly comfortable. [Right balance differs among people, and even from day to day.]
      *Salt: Never, never use iodized salt. [In USA many people don’t realize that most table salt has iodine added. Check the label to be sure you are buying “non-iodized” salt.]
      *Salt: In younger days I saw that time at the ocean seemed to quickly cure a sinus infection. So I have always used “sea salt” in my neti pot.
      * Do not use anything except [non-iodized] salt and water. Some people tell you to add herbs. However, I think that adding anything to the salt/water will further inflame already irritated sinus passages.

      Be well, be happy,


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