Three Ingredients: Granny Is Angry, What Would You Do?

Gatsby carGranny Fanny was so angry, frustrated, and worried about Pip that she couldn’t take any more.  Granny says she’s sending our flapper home to her father!

You know… I just realized that last weekend I forgot to add a “ghostly ingredient” from the Jar of Spooky Things.  But that’s beside the point.  I had an idea that it would be fun for everyone to take their turn at imagining part of the story.

I thought it would be fun to play with the “interactive” aspect of this serial and invite all of you to leave a comment with a short scenario (a few sentences) about how they think this latest twist might play out — or anything else that tickles your fancy.

So come on out and play! What do you think might happen? Let your imagination run wild. We’ll have fun reading everyone’s thoughts.

It doesn’t have to be about Granny Fanny sending Pip home.  You could imagine any of your favorite characters.

What if Maestro met a lovely lady ghost?

What would the merman do if he came back?

What if Hank Hertz picks up a ghostly radio transmission?

What if Granny’s pristine Model-T got possessed?Perils_of_Pauline_-_1947_Poster

You get the idea — right?  Let your imagination off its leash. I expect there has been at least one time when you wished things went differently.  Here’s your chance!

Remember, it’s only fun if you leave a comment. Get behind the wheel and play along with our interactive culinary mystery.

I can’t wait to read your scenarios!

Hugs all around,

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24 thoughts on “Three Ingredients: Granny Is Angry, What Would You Do?

  1. Tee-hee! I love the idea of Maestro Martino having a cooking show. What fun!
    You must have read my mind — because I nearly did have Pip “disappear” when she was thrown overboard. Since i only do episodes once a week, i try to be very consistent with some things, to avoid confusing anyone.
    Yes indeed, Martino’s past would be fun to write. Thanks so much for commenting, Olga. I hope you are having a splendid Sunday. Hugs!


  2. Wonderful idea. I must say I love many of the suggestions. I think Pip will could disappear (where?) and the chapter could be told directly from somebody else’s point of view. And a flashback with a bit of background story (Martino’s…. Actually, I think he could end up having a TV cookery show!)


  3. I think we have the perfect storm arriving. On the day of departure, a massive storm takes place delaying the departure where our wayward duo spend more time with Granny finding out new clues when several mysterious haunting things happen right when Granny is making the big reveal. A crash of thunder takes out the lights and lots of things go bump in the night. When the lights come on, there is evidence of Daisy but no Granny anywhere to be found. Pip and Andy now must find Granny too. And why would Daisy kidnap Granny right when Granny was giving up the secret? Or was it Daisy? Sorry. I may have had too much coffee today…


  4. Oh that adds a nice twist. You’ve tickled me by saying you find Mattie intriguing. That means a lot to me, since her character hasn’t had much time to develop. Thank you Andrea.
    Appropriately, you’ll learn a little more about Mattie in the episode your “ingredients” created. (Posting tonight.) I love it when things in this pantser story come together like that. Huge hugs!


  5. Hi Suzanne! I’m tickled that you put so much thought into this. It seems the serial brings out the “romantic” in everyone. I’m so glad you took a moment to comment.
    Your product review post today is fabulous. Huge hugs.


  6. I think Granny will have a change of heart, it’s a knee jerk reaction and she will come to her senses and realize Pip belongs there, Pip will have to promise Granny that she will behave of course. I still see Granny and Maestro in a ghostly love affair, it may not be physical but can a spiritual experience for both, Caleb and Daisy will get together and I think Pip and Andy will realize they are perfect for each other and friendship will turn to romance.


    1. Hi Sally. Thanks for taking a moment to comment. I admit that i’ve had the same thought… and you’ve probably guessed who I’d match him up with. However, the “ingredients” haven’t done that (yet?).
      It’s interesting that you should mention Caleb. I thought he would only be in the one episode, but he keeps showing up again. So who knows what the ingredients have in mind! Hugs galore.

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  7. I think Granny will try to put Pip on a train but the train won’t go and the Greyhound Bus fares no better so Granny accepts Pip is meant to finish what she started. Maestro re-appears and distracts Granny with recipes for a cookbook so Pip and her friend get to carry on and solve the mystery.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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