Guest author Teagan Geneviene. Of dreams, cats, writing and lots of magic!

Is it horribly brazen of me to re-blog Olga’s interview with me? I honestly hope you don’t think i’m being vain. It’s just that i enjoy conversations with Olga so very much… and this gives me the chance to bring all of you into the chat. I apologize to those of you who get the post twice because of my re-blog.
Thank you, Olga for this interview — and for letting me share our visit with everyone at Teagan’s Books. Mega-hugs my friend!

Just Olga

Hi all:

It’s Friday and as you know I like to bring you guest authors and/or new books in this spot. For the last few weeks I’ve brought you the books, and a bit of information, about some of the blogger authors I follow, as I suddenly realised that after exchanging comments on everything (from recipes, to travelling, diets, healthy lifestyle, funny videos, mediums and magic) with them, I had never brought them to my blog and talked about their books. And it was about time.

Today I bring  you Teagan R. Geneviene. I discovered her wonderful writing blog, where readers make suggestions of ingredients, and with her new serial, also magic elements, for each week’s installment, and Teagan delights us with a new chapter every week. Her stories are full of wonderful characters, wit, fun, imagination, and she always finds fabulous illustrations.

We were recently talking about dreams…

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14 thoughts on “Guest author Teagan Geneviene. Of dreams, cats, writing and lots of magic!

  1. Hi Andrea. I am sincerely honored that you’ve read Atonement! Maybe that will boost me to make time to work on book-2. You couldn’t have made a nicer comment! I’m also glad to know you enjoyed the interview. Sunshine super hugs my friend!


  2. Glad you re-blogged this Teagan, great interview. Just finished reading Atonement and I loved it. It had the same whimsical quality I enjoy in your posts, mystery, great characters and loved the flower magic element.


  3. I really appreciate that Debra. (I was brought up quite harshly as far as “bragging,” but this also lets me give a shout out to interviewers like Olga, and Siobhan, and Sally who has one waiting in the wings.) I’m still baffled by the sudden spate of attention — baffled but in a good way! 😀 Huge hugs.


  4. No! There’s nothing wrong with you for reblogging this excellent interview — I’m so glad you did so that we can (I!) can read it! Congratulations! 🙂


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