Get Caught Reading — The Sign of the Ape 3 (2016 Rerun)


Crystal Reading Atonement
Crystal pointing to a clue

Hello everyone.  Welcome back to my rerun of last year’s mini-series, in support of Get Caught Reading Month.  It’s about the escapades of our intrepid band of bloggers and their pets.  Who could resist those fur babies?  

If you were here last year, I’m delighted that you’ve stuck with me.  If this is new to you, then hang onto your hats, because it’s a wild ride!  I hope you’ll visit the bloggers included in this post.  Now for the rerun.  Enjoy!


Wow! May is nearly half over already.  However, it’s still  Get Caught Reading Month.  Welcome back to the zany and bizarre story I’ve been writing to encourage people of all ages to read.  As many of you know, a few elite bloggers (and their pets) banded together with one quest — catch the Story Reading Ape reading.

When we left our heroes…

During the first chapter, I found a shimmering airship outside my window.  The pilot looked suspiciously like Cornelis Drebbel.  Before I knew it, I was in Time Square beginning a chase to “catch” the Story Reading Ape reading.

Last time  Suzanne from A Pug in the Kitchen and I met a number of author-bloggers (and their pets) who joined the quest to catch the illusive Ape. Mary J. McCoy-Dressel  (Cowboy Boss and His Destiny), Christoph Fischer (The Gamblers.), John W. Howell (John J. Cannon Trilogy,) and blogger Dan Antion.

This time a new duo gets added to the intrepid band of bloggers –  Hugh Roberts and Toby.  Now, let’s join our adventuring bloggers.

Sign of the Ape 3

Ape in Tokyo

Image courtesy of Chris Graham

I couldn’t see anything when I looked out the portholes of the dirigible.  No, I don’t mean that it was nighttime.  There was nothing to see, just flat blackness.  I supposed it was just as well.  The airship was traveling outside the laws of nature with the alchemist, Cornelis Drebbel, at the helm.

That gave me a very unsettling feeling.  However, the steady whir of the engines was comforting.  The sound was almost hypnotic.  I wondered aloud how long it would take us to get from New York to Tokyo, even with the magic Cornelis used.Kasha reading

“I don’t feel very well,” Mary J. McCoy-Dressel  murmured, and her fur baby, Kasha, put her head on Mary’s knee.

“Air sickness, Mary?” Suzanne DeBrango asked the author in a concerned voice, but Percy the Pug barked a decisive yip.

Tilting my head, I studied the little dog.  It seemed like he sensed something, but we humans were not picking up on it.

Suzanne made a face.  “Now that you mention it, I don’t feel quite right either.  Maybe it was the hors-d’oeuvres back at the Fictional Heroes exhibit,” the blogger-chef suggested.  “My stomach feels all wrong, but then so does my head.”

Abruptly we experienced a sharp bump, an air pocket, I thought.  However, the pressure inside my ears immediately did something strange, causing me to shake my head.  With a sinking feeling I knew that was no air pocket.  It was the blasted alchemy going awry.

“Cornelis Drebbel!” I shouted, much as Felicity, the woman in trousers, would have.  “What have you done?”

Before the words had left my mouth, I felt the sensation of horrible pressure.  It was like having a giant vice in front and in back, pressing hard against me from both sides.  I thought my head might explode, but my ears finally popped, giving me some relief.  It effected my eyesight as well.  Everything blurred and twisted.  Then my eyes bulged painfully, so I squeezed them shut.Anime eyes Kagome

After a moment I the dirigible bumped lightly.  I heard soft groans from my companions.  Snuffling sounds told me Kasha and Percy were sniffing everything excitedly.  My eyes were still closed against all the unpleasant sensations I had just experienced, but I felt a little paw on my knee.  I put my hand out and knew it was the Pug’s sturdy little body, so I petted him.  Then he ran back to Suzanne.

Finally I opened my eyes, but I had trouble focusing.

“Teagan, are you okay?” Mary asked.  “You know, I never realized how huge your eyes were before,” she commented in a puzzled tone.

Or at least it sounded like Mary.  Her hair was blond, but there was something different about it.  When she moved I realized that her hair flowed almost to the floor.  Something else wasn’t wright, but everything was still blurry.

“I think I’m okay,” I told Mary.  “I’m having trouble getting a deep breath though.”

She and Suzanne helped me stand.  Suzanne led us to the portholes.

Terrence Mann as Cornelis 2
Terrence Mann as Cornelis

“Look at the lights,” Suzanne exclaimed.  “It’s Tokyo!  We’re there.”

Cornelis called out that we should sit down.  The airship was about to land.  The three of us staggered to our seats.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one experiencing my unfortunate symptoms.

“Teagan, could I ask you something?” Suzanne began hesitantly and my affirmative came out as a groan.  “Oh, here – these might help,” she added handing me my glasses.  “Are you feeling a little… deflated?  Because I sure am.”

Putting on my glasses I looked at Suzanne.  I was speechless.  Her hair was suddenly short and bluish-green.  She was dressed in a turquoise metallic futuristic outfit with matching tall boots.  There was one other thing.  Suzanne was flat.  So was Mary.  So were the dogs!  They all looked like anime characters.  I started to hold my hand up in front of my face to see if I had been effected, but I was afraid to look.

I turned to Mary, who was shifting uncomfortably in her seat.  Mary made a complaint to that effect.  She wore a flowing airy gown.  Indeed there was something that prevented her getting comfortable.

“Erm… that might be because of your wings,” I told her.  “I think maybe you’re some sort of goddess character.”

Mary reached frantically behind her and gasped when her fingers came into contact with her wings.

For a moment I studied Suzanne in that futuristic outfit.  I asked her if she thought perhaps somewhere nearby there was a giant robot that belonged to her.  The oddest expression came to her face.Eureka

“I know it sounds crazy,” Suzanne admitted.  “But I think maybe there is!”

“Don’t you all look delicious?” Cornelis exclaimed as he strolled into the area. 

He was dressed as a Victorian gentleman, but that would not be unusual for him.  However, it was certainly odd that he looked like an anime Cornelis Drebbel.  He reminded me of one of the male characters I might see on the Black Butler series.

“Am I supposed to be some kind of goddess?” Mary asked the alchemist.  “These wings!” she added, still uncomfortable in the seat.

“Darling Mary, all women are goddesses,” Cornelis replied slyly with bobbing eyebrows.

“But what about you, Teagan?” Suzanne asked worriedly.

Inuyasha vol-1 1997
Inuyasha (& Kagome) manga, v. 1, 1997

Looking down, I saw that I wore loafers and knee socks.  I was dressed in a pleated skirt, and white blouse with a sailor collar.  It was like an anime schoolgirl uniform.  I groaned even louder than I had when the air was squeezed out of me.  I was barely aware of hearing a rhythmic thumping sound.

“Cornelis Drebbel,” I growled pushing my skirt into place.  “You’d better be glad this skirt was not a mini!  Else you’d be a dead man.”

“I don’t mean the outfit,” Suzanne told me as she gestured to her head, just above her ear. 

Moving a strand of my hair, I realized it was long and black.  I gasped, but apparently that wasn’t the full extent of my transformation.

Finally Suzanne added, “Ears?  Tail!

I put my hands to the top of my head and felt two soft furry ears.  The thumping sound grew faster and louder.  I put a hand to my backside.  The noise was coming from my anxiously swishing, thumping tail!

“Your character may have gotten a little… crossed,” Cornelis said in a droll voice.  “You were actually supposed to be a Neko character.”

Percevil Ulysses Holmes
Percevil Ulysses Holmes

“Come along.  There’s a city square we must get to.  It has a number of billboards bearing images of our quarry.  We can take the giant robot as transportation, if Suzanne will kindly drive him,” Cornelis told us all, with a bow to the blogger-chef.

The turquoise anime version of Suzanne scrambled to the porthole and gasped in excitement.  I followed and my tail swished, knocking over a small table.  Mary glanced at her wings, murmured something about what damage she might do with her wings, and stayed in her uncomfortable seat.  When I reached the window, I saw a huge flatbed being pulled by a heavy duty construction loader.  Stretched out on the flatbed was a giant flying robot.

Cornelis moved to help Suzanne and Percy as they disembarked the dirigible, though they both scampered down the gangway without need of assistance.  Mary’s wings presented more of a problem.  A gust of wind caught her and she was lifted into the air.

“Mary!” I screamed and Kasha barked.

A thread of magical glowing green shot from the alchemist’s hand and wrapped around Mary’s ankle.  Cornelis and Kasha walked down the ramp, with the anime version of Mary in tow via the magical lead.  Once safely on the ground, Cornelis helped her touch down.

My tail swayed as I descended.  It was amazingly useful for balance.  Then my cat ears picked up a familiar voice and barking.  Kasha and Percy also heard it and barked their replies.  A man and a Corgi hopped out of the construction loader.  It was Hugh Roberts and Toby.

Toby reading Hugh
Toby caught reading

Moments after I introduced everyone, my new cat ears picked up muffled sounds.  It was the same music I’d heard back at the wax museum.  I heard the funky guitar music of the original James Bond theme, and I remembered the tunnel back at Time Square into which John W. Howell, Dan Antion, and their pets had gone.  It seemed impossible that it could be them.  Then I heard two dogs barking and a cat’s meow.  It had to be Lucy, Maddie, and MiMi.

Finally the sounds grew loud enough for the other humans to hear. 

“Isn’t that ruckus coming from below ground?” Hugh commented in surprise.

“Yes.  It sure is,” I replied, feeling very worried.

End Chapter 3, The Sign of the Ape

I begin to think the Ape won’t be caught until he simply allows us to do so.  Now that I’ve seen his image all over billboards in Tokyo I think maybe he’s in charge!  Stick around to see what happens to our intrepid bloggers next week!

By the way, it is a work day, so forgive me if I’m slow to answer comments.

GCR pets


The Sign of the Ape, furry family cast

Row 1:  Percy, Crystal, Lucy, Kasha

Row 2:  Claudius, Oh Kitty, and Sweeney, and Toby

Row 3:  Wilma, Greta, Maddie, MiMi



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All rights reserved.

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Special mention to Christopher Graham for the marvelous “Atonement, Tennessee” images.

101 thoughts on “Get Caught Reading — The Sign of the Ape 3 (2016 Rerun)

  1. I hope dear Teagan you will take a rain-cheque right now for my brain will not digest as it should.. But loved all the graphics you added.. And thank you for Thriving Thursday’s post.. it was just what I needed.. Much love and MEGA HUGS your way xxx LOVE Sue xxx ❤

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  2. This promises to be quite the adventure! The great thing about a replay like this one is that it’s well worth the re-read for everyone – and new people come to enjoy the trip too 🙂 Loved seeing the familiar blogger names throughout the text!

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    1. Christy, you are so kind. Thank you, my friend. It was a lot of fun bringing the bloggers and pets into a story. And they were all such good sports too. I’m enjoying revisiting it. Have a terrific Tuesday. Mega hugs!

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  3. A year later and yet, such fresh material, Teagan! I loved the anime, the animal pets and your vivid imagination in writing and weaving a fantastic story!!
    Happy Mother’s Day to any and all who are kind, loving and nurturing kids (or babies in the form of pets! ) xo

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m grateful for your multiplied wishes, Teagan.
        You’re easy to compliment since your story is very fun, incorporating all your blogging friends’ pets. I mostly know Dan, Maddie and MiMi. 🙂 💐

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  4. AWESOME, Oh Teagan this is such fun. I am loving our transformation and our adventures, wish it was really happening I think a good adventure is just what is needed. I love Percy and Kasha working together to help find the ape. So much fun and as always you ahhhhmaze me with your creativity. Looking forward to more.


    1. LOL, I’m glad you didn’t mind becoming a anime future girl, Suzanne! I think you definitely got the best of the anime.
      The Get Caught Reading story will conclude on Wednesday with Chapter 4. It would have been “better told” if I made 2 more episodes of it… But I just can’t keep up the pace of both stories. So sadly I wrapped it up without doing my best work. Hopefully it won’t feel rushed… but as much fun as I was having, I just couldn’t keep doing it. So conclusion next time.
      Thanks so very much to you and Percy for being part of the fun. Huge hugs!

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      1. It is quite a party and when Niki wanted to know about wonderful bloggers, though I had trouble narrowing it down, yours was the first name that came to mind. 🙂


  5. Teagan, so sorry to be so late, I’m not just playing catch up, WordPress is also not sending me half my notifications so I’m missing things as well. And life is being particularly tricky – I think you may have met up with that version of life lately as well, so you know what I’m saying.
    This is wonderful!!! Loved, shared!!! You never cease to amaze me. Please please don’t stop! I’ll try to run faster. 😉
    Hope this week treats you better than the last. 🙂


    1. Oh Donna, please — think nothing of it. I know everyone is used to me only posting once a week, on Saturday. This story is temporary, and I hope to wrap it up with the next episode. I admit it’s been a bit too much for me to do two serials… However, I’m delighted that you enjoyed it. Just purely ridiculous, but I meant it to be zany fun.

      It was a good week — but I can’t go into it here. Yes indeed, I have a lot going on, but it’s the best kind of busy/stress. So use this breather, at least here. Don’t want you running to keep up. Have chocolate instead. 😀 Mega hugs, my friend.


      1. You know me, Teagan, zany fun is my middle name (looks weird on a cheque or application, but hey, that’s life). I know what you mean about the breather, I’m taking one myself, I don;t think I’ll have time to post for awhile, that nasty life popping in again. But you’re right, chocolate might be the answer, wait, what’s that, I hear brownies calling me…Got to go, I don’t want them to feel left out. 😉
        I think you’re doing a fabulous job, on all fronts, I hope life lets up on you soon.
        Mega zany fun hugs xox


    1. Why thank you so much, Lavinia. Lots going on here, so no new episode this Wednesday. However, I’ll be back to finish up the tail… erm tale after that. 😉 Many thanks for visiting. Hugs.


  6. I am about to go to bed having read this instalment…..I wonder what on earth or in space I will dream about tonight:) Maybe I will catch the ape in my dreams…. You are positively amazing, and your imagination is extraordinary…..You would be fantastic to have on a workshop. You could tell a story at the beginning of each day…and the participants would then make paintings from your story….now that’s a good idea….Good night from London and have a wonderful weekend. Janet. xxx


    1. Dear Janet, that would be so marvelous! (And I’m flattered beyond words that you’d think so.) I’m not likely to be on that “side of the pond” but technology keeps getting friendlier. Maybe a virtual/video link-up. Even that would be fun.
      I have a big week coming up (some positive “movement” at last); an important interview Monday, and a double speaking engagement Wednesday. So wish me luck! (No, being asked to speak at a conference is new for me. 😀 ) Mega hugs my friend. ❤ ⭐


      1. Good morning dear Teagan…just saw this, and so want to send loads of magical hummers to surround you as you give your talk….and good luck with the (thing)……I will be keeping all fingers and toes crossed. Mega hugs to you my dear friend….janet. xxx


        1. Hi Janet — it’s lovely to see you again. Thank you so much for your hummers and good wishes. ❤ The Monday "thing" went okay, though I couldn't get a read on them. Rumor is that they will do a second round.
          Wednesday's speech was a success — I was even satisfied with my performance (and I'm my own worst critic). Not perfect but for my first big presentation, I was satisfied. It's been a few years since I've done even a minor version of speaking at work. But I was invited to speak as part of a panel (4 people if you count the moderator who also spoke), and as a solo spot — all just out of the blue. It was exciting. Plus the little I got to attend of the conference was great. I was very happy to be involved. Back to normal blogging next week. Hummingbird hugs my friend. 🙂


    1. Hi Patrick — it’s wonderful to see you. Indeed he is! The bloggers, their pets, and I may have met our match. There’ll be a delay next week due to the real world, but back on the chase after that. Huge hugs to you and yours. 🙂


  7. Oh my. An amazing cast of characters on an unusual and surprising adventure. What will they find in Tokyo. Will they change back to three-dimensional characters? Why had they turned flat? Curios-er and curious-er. o_O 😀 😛


    1. Hi Tess. Cornelis and his alchemy just can’t be trusted! 😀 Something always goes wrong. (I was worried when it was revealed that Cornelis would use magic to get the airship there fast enough. Next thing I knew, we were anime characters.) Thanks so much for being part of this zany fun. Mega hugs. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Teagan, loved the way you included “anime” into the Tokyo stopover! It was a fun surprise, not knowing where you were going with the funny feelings on the plane. With this classic crew, Cornelis, Hugh’s construction loader, there’ll be a burrowing underground where Dan & John are having a party to cleverly snuff and sniff out the Ape. The Ape must be hiding (reading) there. He’d stick out way above the heads of the Japanese on the streets. Look forward to next weeks adventure! Happy Wednesday…Hugs…💛 Elizabeth


    1. Haha! Hi Elizabeth — it’s good to see you. I don’t think the Ape will make it that easy for us, but I enjoyed your idea. 😀 Have a thriving Thursday my friend. Huge hugs.


  9. One never knows who we’ll come across on this mission to find the Ape. And it was lovely finding Hugh and Toby in this whimsical episode. 🙂 ❤ xo


  10. Oh, my wings! I’ll get that Cornelis Drebbel! 🙂 I can’t think of anyone I’d rather become an anime character with, and I’m so glad you’re all my travel buddies. Teagan, this was a rollicking good time.


  11. What an imagination you’ve got, Teagan. Never in a million years did I ever think that you and everyone else would be turned into anime characters. Thank you for having Toby and I join in with the chase in catching the ape. I hope we don’t cause too many problems for you. 😀
    Looking forward to next week’s episode.


    1. I have long said that I’m just not wired right… As soon as I saw the great image Chris did of Tokyo, I thought “Anime!”
      Ahh Hugh… you have unknown talents. I bet you didn’t know you could drive that construction loader! I’m sure you will be a great help in catching the Ape. 😀 Thanks for being part of the fun.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Excellent chapter Teagan. I loved all the changes and must say I was surprised at the black hair transition. (the fuzzy ears not so much). I am always amazed how you craft an interesting tale. I had to laugh out loud when you yelled at Cornelius about the skirt only to discover a tail, ears, and black hair (for which there was no admonition). Can’t wait for next week.


    1. LOL, you are crafty to sneak that one in, John. Ha! I was just so gobsmacked to find I had fuzzy ears and a long tail, that Cornelis got off easy that time. 😀 I’m too clumsy to have a tail. It would be getting painfully shut in doors all the time. o_O Thanks for being part of the fun! I’m still trying to figure out whether Hugh should use the loader to dig you and Dan out of the tunnel, or have the tunnel go on through to London… Or what…
      Enjoyed your Wednesday story as always. Hope everyone here will check it out. Mega hugs!


  13. I’d love to be thinner, but I don’t think I’d like the Alchemist to help with that. Will everyone return to their normal shape and lose their extra appendages? Where is that ape? Will they find him? This is getting exciting.


  14. This is getting to be quite the party. MiMi always seems as if she wants to travel, I’m glad she’s getting the change. But wait, Teagan without red hair??? Isn’t that going to get the Alchemist in trouble?


    1. LOL, I’m quite dismayed to not have red hair. (That idea came from one of those silly test things online. It was “what is your anime hair color.” I was hoping for something fun, but it gave me black hair… so I went with it here.) I’m glad that you, MiMi, and Maddie are part of the chase, Dan. Hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Well, I rather have Cornelius Drebbel transport me to places than having to fly in a cramped United 737 with the smallest toilettes ever. Yuck! It would be fun to have you and Suzanne as company.


    1. Gerlinde, I can’t think of anything more fun than a caravan of RVs filled with all my blogging friends, particularly you! (EEEW! re the airline toilets… I’ve only flown a few times, but I’m not likely to forget them. Plus I was a lot thinner then. I know they’d seem even tinier to me now!) Mega hugs!


  16. When I saw the anime characters I wondered what you were up to, but you seemed to have pulled it all together and made sense out of it — I think so anyway.


    1. LOL. Oh-oh! Tim if I make sense to you, it’s time to worry! Many thanks for the encouraging words. Have a great rest of the week. That really is a gorgeous rose you posted to day. You and Laurie surely have a garden that is the envy of New Mexico. Hugs.

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