Calling All Novelists and Liebsters!

Look for Hidden Treasure

veil_of_sky_open_1 copyToday, I am humbled that Daniel at Willy Nilly To and Fro ~ the Philosophy of Inanity wanted to nominate me for a Liebster award.

If you’ve been reading “Teagan’s Books” for very long, then you’ve seen that I tend to make up my own rules for awards and other things that get passed around the blogosphere.

It’s not that I’m such a rebel… it’s just that I’ve seen that most bloggers don’t care to participate, for reasons of their own.  So I’m sensitive to their time and wishes, and I don’t tag people according to whatever rules.

I think each and every one of you is worthy and wonderful!  With that in mind, I hereby nominate you — all of you for a Liebster award. Just enjoy. And remember, there are no rules this time.AT Valentine 2

However, I do very much like to promote others in their writing or blogging craft.  In stead of playing by the rules, I try to share a few of the blogs I enjoy. So look for “hidden treasure” in this post — the links to great blogs by indie novelists!

Blog Hop?

Meanwhile Mike and Evelyne have tagged me for a blog hop that promotes indie novels.  So if you would like to participate in this adventure, please leave a comment, and when I respond to “The Main Character Blog Hop” I will be happy to tag you in return! That way you can promote your novel.

Now perhaps I can dream of a scene for Atonement in Bloom, book two of the Atonement series.  I’ll try anyway.  Good night and sweet dreams.

A dream of butterflies Etaine - Susan Seddon Boulet
A Dream of Butterflies – Susan Seddon Boulet





12 thoughts on “Calling All Novelists and Liebsters!

  1. Awards are great to receive. Sadly they add to the amount of time (expanding at an enormous rate) that blogging takes up. There comes a point when you either spend all day commenting, or decide to ignore its attractions and get down to some work, for which there is insufficient time to do all on my list of what needs done…urgently.


  2. Thanks for taking a moment to comment, Olga. My “real job” continues to take the energy I would rather give to my books. So “Atonement in Bloom” is barely a bud… But since there is so much “fertilizer” at work, you’d think I could use it to grow the “Bloom.” Har-dee-har! LOL, I couldn’t resist the play on words. The translation might fail with other languages…


  3. You are so kind David. (I’m still miffed at WordPress for messing with me and taking your blog off my “Reader”… but all’s well now.)
    Hugs…? Sugar I’m “southern” — we can’t stop ourselves from hugging. You should have seen me when I moved to Albuquerque and (eventually figured out) they didn’t hug! They thought I was deranged!
    So I am humbled yet again by praise from the Supreme Hugger of the Buthidars!


  4. Thanks so much Teagan. Treasures have to be hidden to make us feel great when we find them! Even when they are hiding on plain sight. I hope Atonement in Bloom is blooming…:)


  5. I share your position about awards, which I find very sweet too. I just don’t think I deserve any recognition. Readers’ visits and comments are such a big thank you.
    But the Blog Tour is a nice way to showcase your creative work and I will be very happy to send readers your way. I thought of Mike too, but Sherri had already tagged him. And I decided to pick women writers to honor Read Women 2014. See you soon. Keep up the good work.


  6. Teagan, I loved this! It takes Liebsteration to a new level of Kool. You are hereby awarded the Noble High Order of the Most Willy Nilly for your excellent Liebster announcement and everything you’ve done on your blog since the first publish button push. This Noble order has no rules only the hope that you believe in silly wee dragons and to continue your magic through your magnificent writing. You may download your certificate from the link below. If you already have self inducted previously then you are among the very rare numbers of doubly inducted Noble Dragon tamers. You are free to ignore, explore, deplore, adore, soar, share or post your certificate anyway you choose, with whomever you choose, for any reason you choose. You can even pretend this never happened. You are so Willy Nilly approved 🙂


    1. Hi Daniel — I was afraid you were not pleased — but now I see your kind comment. I bow to the honor and proudly accept knighthood to the wee Scottish dragon!
      I love the certificate, thank you very much.

      WordPress is full of gremlins lately — some readers can’t comment at all, others (like this one) don’t get to my mailbox, and worse — my subscriptions to some blogs has vanished (like David’s which I just re-followed).
      So I hope everyone will be patient, and understand that you are not being ignored or unloved. And I really hope WordPress gets back to normal soon. 🙂


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