Haunted Savannah – Prelude to Cookbook-2

Colonial Park Cemetary
Colonial Park Cemetary

Haunted Savannah, Georgia

Our 1920’s serial story, The Three Things was set in two parts of Florida (USA) — Santa Rosa Sound and Sarasota.  The second storyline, The Three Ingredients necessitated a change of setting and I took the serial to Savannah, Georgia.

Olde Pink House
Olde Pink House

Cookbook-2 Is on the Way

We’re about to begin the second “cookbook” of The Three Ingredients.  The “ingredients” took me to a supernatural twist, which served as a lead-in for the next incarnation of the serial.  So the Savannah setting was already perfect.  That old southern city has quite the reputation for hauntings!  When I was reading about one of the old buildings, which is now a hotel, it inspired the Daisy character.

Moss on tree with sun

Hunger for Haunts?

I hope to whet your appetite for the next incarnation of 432 Abercorn St Savannahthe culinary mystery serial by getting you acquainted with the ethereal side of our Savannah setting.  If you visit Savannah today, there are plenty of “ghost tours” to send a chill down your spine.  Almost every building in the historic district has its own ghost story.  It has been featured on television on the Travel Channel program America’s Most Haunted Places–Savannah, and on PBS’s Southern Haunts.  The list of haunts is too long to mention here, but here is a slide show.

Appetite for Apparitions?

Kehoe House
Kehoe House

Is there any wonder the charming city got its spooky repute?  You know the answer toMoss on live oaks Savannah that question is “No siree bub!” if you’ve ever been there and taken a twilight stroll.  Streets are lined with stately live oaks draped in Spanish moss, magnificent in the sun. Ironically as the daylight diminishes the live oaks take on a ghostly appearance, as the moss gently sways in the breeze.  Shadows flit from place to place on cobblestone paths.  Unearthly sounds from the river drift to your ears.

But fear not.  The sun will rise on a new day.  I have confidence in Pip and company. Surely they will solve the mystery and reveal the killer of Daisy, the dainty dish.  They might even get some otherworldly help along the way!  Stick around for Cookbook-2 and get your “ingredients” ready.

Bird Girl Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Stay tuned!

20 thoughts on “Haunted Savannah – Prelude to Cookbook-2

    1. Yes, that’s why I write fantasy 99% of the time. These serials have been a departure for me in many ways.
      The way to end “The Simian” will come to you, probably when you least expect it. You’re working on many different levels on that story — whether consciously or not. the ending might be something that your intuition has to arrive at on its own. 🙂


      1. very true Geneviene, thanks for the encouragement, I just cant see its shorelines yet 😦
        its sitting squat in the middle of the sea, with fog around it, giving no signs of budging…
        BTW I just love, love, love ghost stories 🙂


    1. Wonderful! If you did a post about it, I hope you’ll send a link. Though it’s been many years, I went a couple of times. Unfortunately I never got to do one of the ghost tours…
      If I ever get to live in the southwest again, there are some “haunted” ghost towns that sound fun to check out.


  1. Thanks for the taster. I’ve heard great things of Savannah. I’ll add it to my never ending list of places to visit. Your blog of course is already on my ‘must read’ list. I’m like Suzanne quite fond a a spooky tale so I’m truly looking forward to it…:)


    1. Hi Olga and thanks for taking a moment to comment. I’m delighted to hear that!
      Savannah is a charming place whether in daylight or twilight (and there is a lot of good food there) — but I doubt it is as nice as your home. Hugs!


  2. Hi Teagan: Looks like I will have to post under this guise from now on ;-).

    A wonderful introduction to the new journey you will be taking us on shortly.

    Your description of haunted Savvanagh is simply superb.

    Look forward to meeting Pip & Co soon.

    And hope this appears!


    1. Hi Ishita. Thank you so much! I know you’ve gone to a great effort to comment.
      I hope if anyone else is having trouble with the comments area they will let WordPress know.


    1. Oh, what a fun coincidence Evelyne! I hope you will do a blog post about your trip. It’s been decades since I’ve been to Savannah, so I’d love to hear about it. If you get time, be sure to visit Tybee Island too.


    1. Hi Suzanne. Thanks for dropping by. Yay! I’m glad to know you like that direction. I don’t write real horror, so the faint of heart need not worry. Cookbook-2 will keep the same lighthearted nature as in the past… but it might get a little creepy or spooky now and then.
      Hopefully if I scare anyone, I’ll also make them laugh.


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