As another prelude to the next incarnation of “The Three Ingredients” I’m reblogging a post from the amazing Shelley at “Honey Did You See That?” She mentioned having gone with a ghost tour in Savannah. How could I resist reblogging that fabulous post?

Honey Did you See That?

Day 60. October 28, Savannah, Georgia Day 60. October 28, Savannah, Georgia

11:30 PM…

Shelley: What was your favourite part of Savannah? Was it the day time tour?

Forest Gump's bench, Savannah, Georgia Forest Gump’s bench, Savannah, Georgia

The Waving Girl Statue. Legend had it that she waved a white towel for 43 years waiting for her beloved to return from sea. He never did.  The Waving Girl Statue, Savannah, Georgia. Legend has it that Florence waved a white towel for 43 years while waiting for her beloved to return from sea. He never did. Our tour guide called her a “nut.” What do you think?

Or watching the stars walk the red carpet on opening night at the 2013 Savannah’s Film Festival?

Jeremy Irons Jeremy Irons  (2013 Savannah Film Festival)

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus “The Walking Dead’s” Norman Reedus, (2013 Savannah Film Festival)

Natalie Dormer. I called out, "Hey beautiful!" Natalie Dormer from  “The Tudors,” “Elementary,” ” Game of Thrones.’  (2013 Savannah Film Festival)

No idea who who this is. Anyone??? And…. to be honest, I have no idea who this is. But he looks famous. Anyone??? Never mind, I looked him up, he’s Bruce Dern.  (2013 Savannah Film Festival)

Shelley Smith from "Honey did you see that?" :) And of course, famous blogger, Shelley, from…

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12 thoughts on “Huh? HONEY DID YOU HEAR THAT?

    1. Hi Trisha. In a way I’m rather surprised that people outside the USA know of Savannah, Georgia — it’s not such a big town. But it is certainly charming and interesting enough to attract interest. And for the west, it’s an old town.
      I will make a point of adding links to true-life points of interest in and about Savannah to the new series. Thanks for making me think of that. 🙂


    1. Hi Trisha — glad you enjoyed Shelley’s take on Savannah, GA. I will keep an eye out for other “takes” on the city, old and new. I hope it adds interest to the new serial.
      Hey everyone ~~ If you’ve been to Savannah, feel free to share a comment or a link to a post.


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