Happy May Day

vintage May Dayvintage May Day 3

Happy May Day

Since it’s actually still April (here anyway) forgive me for being early.

For a moment I deluded myself that I could do a mid-week episode of our 1920’s serial (and I might add that it’s coming along nicely, if I do say so myself).  However, that was more than I can manage on a work night.

So I hope to keep you in a “vintage” mood with some lovely May Day images from yesteryear.

May Day animals

Wishing you a wondrous season of freshly bloomed happiness.

I proclaim you all queens or kings of the May.

vintage May Day 2




All images from Pinterest




23 thoughts on “Happy May Day

    1. LOL — Linda I’m so glad you stopped to comment! I had a similar thought myself… but I was glad I’d be spared from being arrested – not for indecent exposure, but for frightening people to death! 🙂


  1. This year I’m glad I’m not a pagan, like some of my friends, and don’t have to dance naked in the morning dew because it’s effing freezin’ here!


  2. Lovely images. Wish you and your readers Happy May Day too. May Day is one of those holidays which is celebrated across most cultures although not necessarily for the same reason which is I find curiously interesting!

    Eagerly awaiting the next episode :-).


    1. Thank you, Ishita — I hope I won’t let you down with the next episode. 🙂
      Yes, I’ve noticed that about May Day. In the USA [at least in the parts where I’ve lived, it really isn’t celebrated at all. I wonder if they even teach about it these days — like “cursive” handwriting, it might be forgotten. But I enjoy archaic holidays, so I did my May Day post.
      Maybe other readers in more countries will share their old traditions here.
      Hugs all ’round,


  3. You too, Teagan. Funny because I was putting the last touches on my post and took a break to go through my Inbox.
    I will have two posts (one in English and one in French) about that day which is more special in France.
    So thank you, merci, for yours.


  4. The May pole’s actually a Midsummer pole in Sweden…as you dance around the decorated pole at the parties celebrating Midsummer…and you put 7 types of flowers under the cushion on midsummer eve…to dream about your loved one…:-)


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