Bubbles of What-If

Bubbles 3D
Bubbles 3D (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s past time I was getting organized for this year’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)… and I’ve not done a bit of planning.  I’ve been working so hard at trying to make life in general better, that right now I just can’t imagine expending the huge effort NaNoWriMo took last year.  I am not feeling at all inspired.  So I started brainstorming with me, myself, and I by looking at pictures, and doing Internet searches of phrases, hoping something would make me think, “What if…?”

What if?  Is a game I like to play, when I can find a free-thinking person.  The rules?  Take an outlandish notion and say “What if…?” relating to part of that crazy concept, as if it were actually possible.  Then just keep it going farther down those whimsical trails.

Yes, the online images combined with “What if?” did give me a couple of ideas, but they aren’t suitable for a novel.  So I’m going to use them to lure you into the game.  All of you are free-thinkers, with creativity of one kind or another in your souls.  So let’s play “What if?” right here in the comments.  I’ll start:

What if when the world was created, God had been a small child blowing bubbles, and the bubbles became planets.  The people of earth could traverse their planet by riding on bubbles.

What sort of what if can you add to that?  Come on – I know you’ve thought of something.  Leave a comment and let me know.

Bubble on!

47 thoughts on “Bubbles of What-If

  1. “What if when the world was created, God had been a small child blowing bubbles, and the bubbles became planets. The people of earth could traverse their planet by riding on bubbles”…
    What if the people had traversed their planets on Bubbles and they arrived to a Blue Panet called Earth… They found that as it was overpopulated by human beings they’d rather add some new creatures. The Bubble Beings who had the ability to speak in bubble terms saying Bloop, instead of Hi… and so on… What if these two living species have reproduced between them… Which would be the result result of such a crossing?
    Many hugs… Thanks for the wonderful creative exercise, dear Teagan. Aquileana 💕


    1. Thank you for this marvelous “what if” Aquileana. 😀
      Okay then… So this cross-species of Earthlings and Bubblings… might have rounded bodies, but they would be very bouncy (the Bubblings having become much like the bubbles on which they rode, from constant contact). At first thought, the cross-species might seem quite fragile and pop easily, like the Bubblings. However, that is actually an asset as the popped Bubbling is simply caught in a dish and waits for someone to use the bubble-blowing wand to re-form them. The human-Bubbling combination is able to re-form itself, without the outside intervention of someone blowing through a bubble wand. LOL.
      Bubble on, my friend! ❤


  2. A world where everyone has their own bubble (as if we don’t already)… so how does one get together with another? Where do babies come from? If we have different shapes or colors/shades, do they change if we join with another? Do they change over the course of a lifetime? What would dissolve bubbles and threaten our very existence? Can bubbles be regenerated?


  3. I went through gallons of the bubble solution with my children and pets. The cats would chase and try to catch the bubbles, the dogs would snap if the bubbles came near. Bubbles are safe, clean, cheap and make everyone happy. But bubbles pop, and the reality is we float along in a bubble sometimes, then pop! back to real life. God’s bubbles wouldn’t pop – they would grow and nuture the life inside. Maybe, we are existing on one of his bubbles.


        1. That could be fun. Maybe I’d be better at making catnip bubbles than I am at cooking. At least it doesn’t sound like anything I could over cook!
          I have some catnip spray… so maybe there was something like that in the nip bubble solution. Maybe like some sort of infusion.


  4. If bubbles grew to be planets, every bubble bath I have ever had could become a new galaxy and the inhabitants of the planets within those galaxies would worship me as their creator…


    1. Tee-hee! What a riot. Worshipful or not, I’d hate to think all those tiny beings were in my bath tub. Poor things — they’d be terrified at the sight! Oh heavens! Then I’d have to pay for thousands of them to get psychoanalysis!


      1. I’d feel very guilty about using traditional soap in a bubble bath if the bubbles housed life forms. Soap pops bubble baths! It would be genocide!

        What is there were life forms living on bubbles? What would we call them? Bubblings perhaps? Like earthlings…

        I think it says a lot about me that I pictured myself as the creator of galaxies. I’m not sure what a psychoanalyst would make of me!


  5. I’d think someone would suggest houses made of bubbles so that mother nature could grab her land back to repair it. People could choose to moor at different places overnight to view different sunrises. Your bubble home can drift or be propelled by thought to a specific point to maybe collect the worker at the end of their day.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. David, that’s fabulous! I love the idea of applying the bubble concept to housing — and to mother nature’s repairs.

      With that in mind, the transportation bubbles would be self powered. They would make little “gas bubbles” of exhaust! Farting fuel as they went! Haha!
      Hummm… so there would need to be a vacuum to catch them so they could be used for other things like providing power to the housing bubbles.


    1. Aaah…! So different bubble shapes might have different personality traits. Or we might be actually shaped like the bubbles. Oh wait… my bubble was definitely round!
      That was a marvelous “what if” Kiwiskan, and your blog is lovely.


        1. Tee-hee. Square bubbles – why not! I was actually thinking about your concept [of the people being defined by the shape of their bubble] while making my coffee this morning.
          So *what if* the bubbles [which enable everyone’s travel] come when one comes of age, and sort of bonds with the person. The bubbles might be of any shape. The bubble that is drawn to you has whatever properties, and from that moment on, influences you and your personality. 🙂


            1. Indeed there might be… Within the limitless multi-verse, there may be bubble-verses as well. 🙂

              I’m really going to have my hands full if I decide to try and summarize everywhere the Bubble What-If has gone!


  6. Maddie was bouncing on her iridescent pink bubble a tad too heartily when she bounced against a rent in the sky, bounding all the way through and into a summer day. It was a London park in 1890, full of butterflies and bees. She came to a gentle landing by the tea table at a cricket match, and looked longingly at the clotted cream, scones and berries.


    1. Hi PL — and OMG that is fabulous!!! (But I knew it would be 🙂 )

      “Wouldzzz you likezzz some?” buzzed a bee.
      Then he and several of his friends zoomed away, but quickly returned bearing berries and clotted cream. The scones were so light and perfect that butterflies floated along with them.


  7. I am creatively out of juice for the time being, because life is super crazy for me at the moment, but I love the start of your idea! For the past two years, my husband I have attempted to participate in NaNoWriMo with dismal results. Doesn’t look like this year will kick off any better either…but good luck on yours! You’ll come up with something 😀


    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Ashley! I’ve been enjoying your Blue Ridge Vintage blog. Sometimes it helps put me in the mood to write the Three Things Serial, as it turned out to be a 1920’s story.

      I hope you find a burst of creative energy for NaNoWriMo this year. Remember, it’s only meant to be a draft. Many of the old photos you’ve posted could be a story. Just a thought. 🙂


      1. I’m so glad you like it! And so glad that it’s providing a little inspiration! I’m really enjoying your creative output on here, and is inspiring me to definitely give NaNoWriMo more of an effort this year!


        1. That’s so very kind of you to say, Ashley. I haven’t signed up for WriMo yet [I should do that this weekend, if it’s ready] but you are welcome to look for me as a “writing buddy.” My ID there is “Riordain.” (Somebody always already has Teagan. *shrugs*)
          Good luck to us all!


    1. Ha! Well, maybe the man you saw outside blowing bubbles in his yard has the substitute for Hungarian cakes.
      About 10 years ago, all my work-friends were smokers. When they’d go out for their smoking break, I’d take my little pen-shaped bubble wand and blow bubbles. (It drove them nuts too. Bwahahaha!)

      Granted, it’s a poor exchange for a special cake…

      Sorry Pam Grout’s book hasn’t tickled your funny bone. I’m not familiar with it. Perhaps the bubble-blowing man should write one. 🙂


      1. Or better yet, maybe I was meant to be prompted to write a blog mentioning bubbles yesterday, so that I could be found by another creative person on WordPress :-).

        Did any of your bubbles manage to soak and put out any of your work colleagues’ cigarettes? I bet that would have annoyed them. And then you could have said it was a new quit smoking technique – and that they too could start blowing bubbles as well to have something to do with their hand and mouth to replace the smoking! He he he. (Yes… obviously it’s a lot harder for someone to give up smoking than merely doing a simple switch, but the behavioural things, ie. being used to doing something with their hand and mouth out of habit is part of it too… after all it’s why some people prefer nicotine replacement therapy in a puffer than as patches).


        1. Szilvia you are so kind – thank you.
          Re the smoker friends from back when, just seeing me with the bubble-blower was enough to get that point across. Many of them already knew my father had died from emphysema (before they ever knew me). I didn’t need to say more. At first some looked at it with a bit of resentment, in expectation of judgment, but after a few “breaks” they accepted it.

          I love your “Joy Jar” concept. How wonderful! [It reminds me of a gift idea that was on my “Word Origin” calendar, about making a jar and filling it with scraps of paper, each listing something you like about the recipient.] I think by decorating it yourself (as you describe) you attach your intention to it as well. I hope everyone will check out your blog.


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