Three Things Serial: 16 – Microscope, Sewing Machine, Dog

I’m pleased to tell you that today’s three things are from a “science nerd turned quilter who lives near Bristol UK” – known to bloggers as Spockssister.  For the sake of this blog’s header (which is not at all cooperative with me) the things are sort of abbreviated.  However, in the serial I’m using them as she sent them:  microscope, a hand cranked Singer sewing machine, and a large, stupid, but affectionate dog.

Microscope, Sewing Machine, Dog.

Hand crank sewing machineAs we headed down to the swank party we were greeted by a large, stupid, but affectionate dog.  He bounded up to us, tail wagging and tongue lolling.  Then he tried to take the torn piece of quilt from my hand.  Mona was quick to take the scrap from me, rolled it up and tucked it into her bag.  Frankie picked up a stick and gave it a strong throw, which sent the dog happily in pursuit of the game.

Flavio watched as Mona put the memory square away.  Like most men, he was mesmerized by the movie star’s every move.  “That reminds me of a quilt my ma’s been working on,” he began.  “She’s been whipping up all sorts of things since she got this hand cranked Singer sewing machine.  Ma called it a ‘double wedding ring’ quilt.  She said she’s going to make one for each of us when we get hitched.”  Flavio shot a quick hopeful look at Mona.  She looked away just as fast.  It wasn’t as awkward as it could have been, I guess.

Mona was a thoroughly modern Millie for sure.  Men threw themselves at her all the time.  She wasn’t above using that, to some extent, but she never took it to extremes.  Like getting the fire department to loan her the truck.  It wasn’t much of a risk with two of the firemen in charge of it.  And she genuinely liked Flavio.  But he didn’t have her heart.  Nope, her career had her heart.  And maybe Boris the ballerina – if she’d stop being so darned conflicted about her feelings for him.

Poor Andy the Astronaute, I couldn’t help thinking.  He was so smitten with Mona.  Andy had real talent as a writer.  Maybe one day that really would bring them together.  Then I remembered Boris again.  Mona’s potential futures were enough to give me a headache, so I put the thoughts away for another time.

When I brought my thoughts back to the present I gasped.  “Applesauce!  This shindig is incredible.”  It was almost a carnival.  It was huge, spread out along the banks of the sound.  There was a band stand, and a wooden floor was set up where dancers did the Charleston.  I saw balloons everywhere.  Tables with white linen and silver were clustered beneath a brightly colored tent.  In other places blankets were spread for picnics.  Everywhere I turned there was something else happening.

Then I saw it.  The yacht.  It was breathtaking.  I knew there was no way it would happen, but I really wanted to see the 1920 Fuji Microscopeinside.  I must have been drooling over it because a flapper stopped and giggled at me.  “Be careful if you go in there, hon.  Dr. Fred might put you under that microscope of his.”

I tried to ask the girl what she meant, but she was already gone in a flash of fringe and sequins.  Then an idea occurred to me.  I clutched my pocketbook and felt it still inside.  The bent key.  I never had been able to make out what was engraved on it.  Was there really somebody on the yacht with a microscope?  Maybe they could read it.

16 thoughts on “Three Things Serial: 16 – Microscope, Sewing Machine, Dog

    1. I have just bought a hand cranked sewing machine for my 14 year old daughter. My mother had one and I learned to sew on it. They never go too fast, they are sturdy and make a pleasing sound. Very attractive too. My daughter’s came with a 1930s art deco style cabinet. It’s an absolute joy to use. If she doesn’t fall in love with it I shall probably “borrow” it from time to time.


  1. I really like your writing style, and the three things writing exercise is really a fun idea! I suggested my boyfriend give this a shot since he enjoys creative writing but often isn’t very inspired.


    1. Thanks, Ida. I’m glad you stopped to comment. I began by using it purely as an exercise to make myself write something — *anything.* They don’t need to be strung together into a story. You write until you’ve mentioned all three things. However, since the idea is to keep writing as much as you can, it’s best to make the things random; unrelated.
      Okay, I’m sure you’ve already given him things to write about but here are three more things for your boyfriend:
      Coconut, bat out of Hell, squeaky floorboard.


      1. Ooh, thanks! I’ll mention this to him as soon as he wakes up and has had some coffee. 😉 I bought him a journal (based on All My Friends Are Dead – ever heard of that funny series?) to encourage writing, but it would be fun to see him start a blog on writing, too!


        1. No, I had not heard of “All My Friends Are Dead” but I see it’s on Netflix. (Oops, now I see I was looking at the wrong thing on Netflix. I saw “All My Friends are Funeral Singers.”) If you say it’s funny, then it looks like my kind of thing (the Netflix description makes it hard to tell). Thanks; I’ll have to check it out. 🙂


  2. Hey, my mother made a double wedding ring quilt! It was the last quilt she made. My paternal grandmother and my mother were mad quilters, but that gene skipped me. Loved the entry, Teagan :-)!


    1. Isn’t that just a lovely quilting pattern? The double wedding ring was what Joye originally sent for her three things, and I couldn’t fit in into the header. But I liked it so much I included it in this episode.
      Thanks for coming by to comment. Have a fabulous Friday!


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