Happy Halloween

In celebration of Halloween, I’m re-posting an excerpt from The Dead of Winter.  This is probably my favorite sequence in the entire book.  I call it “Emlyn Ran.”  It comes from a ways into the story, so try to tell your brain not to worry about context or details you might not understand.  All “realms” … More Happy Halloween

Summer and Winter

The summer solstice has not yet arrived but… Winter is coming! I’ve been toying with a cover idea for “The Dead of Winter.”  This is just an initial concept, but I had fun with it.  The image of the girl was so much like “Emlyn” looks in my mind, I thought I’d share.  The border was better (dark … More Summer and Winter

Winter Is Coming!

The Dead of Winter — Draft Complete! Winter is coming…. Winter is coming! Maybe there is something to be said for insomnia.  Before the first 24 hours of spring were complete, so was a draft of “The Dead of Winter.”  Even though there was less than an hour to spare… even though it’s a very … More Winter Is Coming!

Spring is coming!

My heroine in The Dead of Winter hears the eerie warning, “Winter is coming!” Well, the warning I hear is spring is coming! I’ve thought so many times how badly I’d like to finish at least a draft before winter was over yet again. So a few weeks ago I gave myself the deadline of astronomical … More Spring is coming!

How Winter Began

The Dead of Winter:  How Winter Began When I think of beginning a book, one thing I consider is how many times it has been done.  Notice I said “how many times,” because I came to the conclusion that everything has already been done – and not just once, but many times.  I even made … More How Winter Began

Working on Winter

This weekend I was hard at work on The Dead of Winter (DoW). Everything is gearing up for the big showdown. Hopefully, I’ll have time to write and post a synopsis soon. DoW is what I like to call a “quest type” fantasy. That’s the type of story that I usually write.  Atonement, Tennessee was … More Working on Winter

Finishing 2012

Last week flew by!  It’s the first time I’ve ever taken time off at the holidays, and I’m glad I did. Happily I’ve spent most of my spare time last week and this weekend doing things for my writing.  I finished tweaking the draft of Atonement, Tennessee, and then did the formatting and torturous set up … More Finishing 2012