Working on Winter

This weekend I was hard at work on The Dead of Winter (DoW). Everything is gearing up for the big showdown. Hopefully, I’ll have time to write and post a synopsis soon.

DoW is what I like to call a “quest type” fantasy. That’s the type of story that I usually write.  Atonement, Tennessee was a style departure for me. It was designed to be something I could write ultra-fast for National Novel Writing Month. While it’s also a fantasy, Atonement is written in first person, and set in our current, real world.

DoW, however, is another matter. It’s a well-developed fantasy world, with a wide assortment of characters. (That’s what I love about writing fantasy – the world building.)

This weekend I got support from friends in New Mexico who were quick to reply when I asked them to send me “3 Things.”  That’s a writing exercise I created for myself.  Take three random things, and write at least until I’ve mentioned all of them.  The “3 Things” they sent helped get me around a block.

This book is a long-term labor of love. Working fulltime, I can’t shift gears to write fantasy during the week, when I’m doing real-world tasks. So, it’s taking forever to finish DoW, but I hope to do so before winter is over again!  Wish me luck.

One thought on “Working on Winter

  1. Wishing you good luck. For years I worked and tried to write. It is very difficult. Congratulations to you for putting so much hard work into DoW. I can’t imagine building a fantasy world, although, I was forced to once in college. One day you’ll see it will pay off. Patience mixed with determination is the key.


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