Join me at Tea, Toast, & Trivia with Rebecca Budd

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
CGI image from Teagan
CGI image from Teagan
Yesterday, the marvelous Rebecca Budd and I had a tea party at one of her blogs.  The party is still going.  So, click over and

join us for a fun discussion.

You’ll hear a brief reading from Rebecca along with the podcast discussion about writing in series and serial forms, with my fantasy series, Dead of Winter.
“As the moon cast its light on simple grave markers, the air was split by a sliver of pale gray light. It shimmered like the giant star sapphires of ancient Tiglath. Thunder pealed. The splinter of light seemed to bulge forward and retract, again and again, until it shattered as if lightning had struck. The […] Season 5 Episode 11: Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene on Dead of Winter and Creating Epic Stories — Tea Toast & Trivia

Universal Purchase Link for the entire series (After clicking link, select either kindle or paperback buttons.)

27 thoughts on “Join me at Tea, Toast, & Trivia with Rebecca Budd

  1. I adore Rebecca’s podcasts. It’s a tad late right now, so if I don’t listen tonight, I will tomorrow.
    I’m not sure how others keep up with their blogs, but I always seem to be behind and catching up!
    Hear you at the podcast! hugs

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  2. Loved the serial Dead of Winter. One of my first in the fantasy genre. It was a creative masterpiece. I totally got into the story. This tea party was a great discussion on creating those stories. 📚🎶 Christine

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      1. Teagan, your Dead of Winter journey is my favorite of the paranormal genre. The characters and story are compelling. Especially Journey 9. You put your heart and soul into writing it. Your creative mind amazes me with everything that you write. I am so happy to be a fellow writer, friend and a moon child. ❤️🎶📚 Christine

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        1. Ah… The Doors of Attunement! It was fun to let my imagination run wild with that one, Christine. I’m so happy you mentioned that one, and enjoyed it. I didn’t make any changes to that part when I edited a decade later. That’s rare for me as an editor. And yes, I really did pour my heart into Journeys 13 and 14 with all new material. Thank you for being a friend of the wolf and part of the journeys. Stay safe and well, moon child. Hugs.


  3. Lovely. Thanks for sharing this, Teagan. I love to hear writing talking about their process of creation and their stories, and Rebecca is a wonderful hostess. Big hugs

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