The Delta Pearl — Past Chapters

Saturday, March 14, 2020 

Photo by Dan Antion
Photo by Dan Antion

Hello my chuckaboos!  I’m happy you are here today.

I’ve gotten more than one kind of advice to extend my break a little longer.  Don’t worry — I don’t have any kind of virus.  I’m just trying to accomplish too many different things at once.  Anyhow, the steampunk riverboat is not at the dock.  Since The Delta Pearl has been on the river for so long, this can be a chance to catch up on chapters you missed, or to look for the little threads and clues I’ve left along the voyage.

The Delta Pearl 17 — Jump

The Delta Pearl 20 — Slash

The Delta Pearl 21 — Poison

The Delta Pearl 22 — Buy

The Delta Pearl 23 — Bruise

The Delta Pearl 24 — Walk

The Delta Pearl 25 — Talk

The Delta Pearl 26 — Mesmerize

The Delta Pearl book cover created by Teagan R. Geneviene

Have a beautiful weekend, my chuckaboos!  Hugs on the wing,



57 thoughts on “The Delta Pearl — Past Chapters

    1. It’s so good to see you, David. I hope you’re feeling happy and sassy! The household things really are a losing battle… Trying to reconnect with my positivity. 😉 Thanks for your encouragement, my chuckaboo.


  1. Dan started this chain of comments with the best expression I can think of…..we will all be at the dock when the Delta Pearl returns….and waiting patiently so take all of the time you need!! My best to you…take care!!

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    1. That’s good advice, Tim. I’ve been going full blast since December 2019 when I started preparing to move here. Working really hard, but I’ve worked hard but accomplished very little. It’s discouraging.
      Yes, we got some lovely rain, a couple of days during the week. There was a tornado watch yesterday. Nice blue sky this morning though. Thanks for visiting, my chuckaboo!

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      1. You have really accomplished a lot getting yourself a new home, and moving you and Crystal 2000 miles across the country all by yourself. No easy task. Then you have had all the settling in, and getting your new home the way you want it, continuing to blog and write through it all. While it may seem like you’ve accomplished little, you have made monumental progress, well worthy of saying you are worn out.

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        1. Heartfelt thanks, Tim. It’s just that when I see all the things that need to be done… Anyway, I really want to get back to work on (and finish) my novel from November (NaNoWriMo). I can’t write when I’m feeling down and discouraged. So I’ve got to just get over it. 🙂

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    1. Ha! And then there are the dreaded Windows updates. My computer finished one this morning, and I thought it was gone for good. Finally got it working again. A stark reminder of how long it’s been since I did a backup! (Shudders!) Thanks for visiting, my chuckaboo!


    1. Thanks for your kind encouragement, Dan. I’ve been going full blast since December 2019 when I started preparing for the relocation to the desert southwest. I just wish what I’ve accomplished was in balance with the level of effort. So I can’t rest, but I do have to back off from *something* so it was the blog. But after 8 years of blogging, I know too well the perils of taking even a small (or partial) break… Happy weekend, my chuckaboo!

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      1. Hi Mary. I wish I could enjoy it. I’m mostly wearing myself out with the stupid backyard and its weeds… and getting nowhere… except exhausted physically and mentally — and the backache. I take a break from it now and then to curse the real estate agent for not doing her job.
        Wishing you a sensational Saturday, my chuckaboo!

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