The Delta Pearl — Taking a Break

Saturday, March 7, 2020

riverboat-Clarence Alford Pixabay
Clarence Alford at Pixabay

Hello my chuckaboos!  I appreciate you coming here today.

However, the steampunk riverboat is not at the dock.  I’m tired (in many ways) and decided to give myself a break.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to entertain you with my real-life adventure.  A few of you may have seen it on Facebook.

Evidence that we came from apes…

Ape Gallery
Image by Chris Graham

What evidence? Me putting a patio chair together.  If there had been a video it would have gone viral.

Day-1 attached seat to back. Had to use both feet and my chin to help hold it in place, while my hands attached nuts and bolts. There was more clanging and banging than the bells of a huge cathedral. (It’s all metal.)

Day-2 had to have a break from the clanging and banging so my ears could stop ringing.
And remind self that feet don’t have to be used instead of hands to open containers or eat soup.

I also had to remind myself that “Oo, Oo!” is not the phrase used for answering the phone. Experienced a strange craving for bananas.

Day-3 attached the U-shape (?) legs/arms to chair seat/back. Employed both feet again. Unfortunately the legs are not angled to fit the seat. They’re just straight. This caused one side to be six inches away from meeting the seat.

Solution?  Employed butt.
My plumply padded posterior is good for something after all. I had to sit on the “bar” part of the leg to force it close enough to the chair-seat … Then lean down and twist sideways to hold bolt and Allen wrench (from underneath, where I couldn’t see) with one hand, and the nut and my adjustable wrench with the other.

There wasn’t enough room to make even a half-turn with the wrench. All the wrenches kept slipping… All this to the “tune” of endless clanging and banging. And the “dance” of neck and shoulder twisting…  However, thanks to my feet, chin, and butt, I now have a chair on the patio.

It’s really weird to have sore muscles in the tops of your feet…
Oo, Oo!  Woe is me, there are three more chairs — and a table, waiting to be put together.

I need a daiquiri!  A banana daiquiri!

I’m sorry to be away.  I truly hope you will be back next weekend for a new chapter of The Delta Pearl.  Comments are closed.  Like I said, I’m taking a little break.

Now, here’s Heart with “Dreamboat Annie.”

Hugs on the wing,