Indie Author Friday: Teagan Riordain Geneviene #IndieAuthor #mystery #suspense

I’m at Teri Polen’s Indie Author Friday. We’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Stop by her place and say hello!

Anita Page sombrero 1920s
Anita Page 1920s

Books and Such

Today I’m hosting one of my favorite guests – Teagan!  She’s so much fun, and a highly creative writer, as evidenced by her book, Three Things Serial.  Who else could make short stories out of random things suggested by blog readers?  It’s Friday, today is Cinco de Mayo, and the penguin in the question below has the right idea.


The Three Things Serial Story

Hi Teri. It’s great to be at your blog again. When I started my blog (Teagan’s Books) at the end of 2012, I did a few posts. By 2013 I wanted a theme — something more than just talking about my novel (Atonement, Tennessee) each week. That’s how the first of my serials began — The Three Things. I expanded on a writing exercise I developed long ago. (I would ask friends to give me three completely random things. Then I…

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23 thoughts on “Indie Author Friday: Teagan Riordain Geneviene #IndieAuthor #mystery #suspense

    1. Oh, thank you, Christy. That means a lot to me. The allergy-asthma combo I’ve had the past month has set me back with “Bijou.” I had hoped to publish it about now. But it is still on the way; hopefully before spring is officially over. Mega hugs.

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    1. Tee-hee! I knew you’d love that word, Kathryn. The 20s had such fun language. No wonder it seems to have such a whimsical side. I’m happy you enjoyed this. Thanks so much for taking time to visit. Mega hugs!

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  1. Teagan, loved reading more about you my friend.. And so pleased to discover we both love shortbread 🙂 I am off to Scotland soon and they make the best.. 🙂
    I so enjoyed reading your responses..
    Have a wonderful weekend.. Love and Hugs .. Sue ❤ xxx ❤

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