You’re Driving — Three Ingredients

Get behind the wheel! This isn’t a driverless car.

Gatsby carRemember the Three Ingredients Serial is driven by you sending me “ingredients” (preferably three food-related things) to include in the story.  There’s no telling what road the story will take, until you send the “ingredients” that point the direction.

So get your mental wheels turning.  Loosen up and let your thoughts flow wherever they may.  Now, tell me three random food-related things that pop into your head.  You can leave the “ingredients” as a comment.  It’s that simple.

The weekend will be here soon — and a new episode of Cookbook-2!  But after I use those ingredients, the serial’s cupboards will be bare.

Stay tuned for Episode-5 and find out what becomes of Pip, Andy, and the glowing goat, Greta.

Have a thriving Thursday!

… And send ingredients.  Oh, you’re the cat’s pajamas — thanks!

22 thoughts on “You’re Driving — Three Ingredients

  1. Hi Sally. I’m delighted that you were in a “funny mood” 🙂 . I love the ingredients. Heaven knows what will happen with lobster! Stay tuned for them to be in Episode-10.
    And the re-blog was so very kind of you. I know it will give this humble little blog a lot more attention. Thank you.


    1. Yay — more ingredients!
      Ha! Sounds like i’ll be hitting the books again. But that’s part of the fun. I admit to being a research geek.
      But what if the mushrooms are foraged by… beak, or paw, or maybe even by ghost? 🙂
      Hugs to you and the pugs!


  2. Yay — More ingredients! Thanks Mary. LOL, i had to look up the invention of aluminium foil. This serial has been educational for me. But it was indeed around in the ’20s. 🙂 Mega-hugs!


    1. David you always brighten my day! I’m not promising, but Cracker the parrot might show up this weekend. I’ve written half the episode… still have to do something with “wheat folur.” 🙂
      Great big hug!


      1. I thought “Sauerkraut” would take the story to Helen, Georgia (a Bavarian village) for a fun change. However, the town wasn’t set up that way until the ’70s… Applesauce! We’ll see where else these ingredients lead. 🙂


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