Character Interviews: Lacey Hampton

veil_of_sky_open_1 copyDon’t worry.  I won’t leave you hanging with the Three Ingredients SerialEpisode-7, “E. coli, Marmite, Burner” is in progress. (Spock’s Sister and I worked out some changes to her ingredients.)  I hope everyone will be thinking of food-related ingredients to send me for future episodes.  You’re welcome to leave them in a comment. (Hint -hint.)

While you wait for the next segment of our “interactive” culinary mystery, here is another interview with one of the characters from Atonement, Tennessee. Please welcome Mrs. Lacey Hampton.

Character Interviews:  Lacey Hampton

Lacey Hampton, a resident of Atonement, Tennessee walks in, and blinds me with a thousand-watt Lacey-Barbie-1smile.  The old cliché “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” springs to mind.  Now I truly understand the initial reactions of the other characters — and the readers of the first book in the Atonement series.  The woman is disgustingly perfect.  Someone even described her as a Barbie doll.  However, I realize that so called perfection was not Lacey’s choice.  Despite the beaming smile, I see a haunted expression in her eyes.  She’s no Barbie doll.

Teagan:  Hi Lacey, it’s nice to meet you in person.

Lacey:  Why, the same here, Teagan.  Good gracious, this place is bigger than I realized.  And I thought Nashville was big… (She looks out at the city. Then cringes when a Fogy DChelicopter flies low.) I never thought about it being so noisy either.  Not that it isn’t a beautiful and amazing place…!  It’s just a lot different from Atonement, Tennessee.  A lot different!

Teagan:  Ha!  That’s okay, Lacey.  I like that you are honest about things. That’s a big part of your character.  You try to balance honesty with tact.  Could you tell the readers a little more about yourself — without giving any spoilers to the story?  (Lacey seems uncertain about how to proceed.)

For instance, people might see you as a victim in the story.  Would they be correct?

Lacey:  Heavens no!  Ummm.  But… well maybe.

Teagan:  I don’t tend to think of you as indecisive, Lacey.3 friends oval

Lacey:  It’s just that I don’t see myself as a victim.  Bad things have happened to me before the story ever begins.  Some pretty awful things…

(Her voice lowers and she glances away briefly.  Then she faces me again with that ridiculously perfect smile.)

And some bad things happen to me during the story too.  But I’m not a victim.  Well, okay… I suppose, thinking of stories and how they’re written, maybe I’m a victim in that sense.  Really, I’m more of an underdog.  Someone I hope your readers would root for.

Teagan:  That’s a great way of looking at it.  Unfortunately you get into some trouble with the authorities.

Sheriff badgeLacey:  Yes.  That was frightening for me.  It’s awful to think of getting locked up, in jail.  When all that was happening I was too upset about other things for the idea of prison to register in my mind.  I mean —

Teagan:  Remember.  No spoilers.  (I caution with a smile.  Then her phone rings and she discretely glances at the ID of the caller.)

Lacey:  Ha-ha.  Okay.  Oh goodness… That’s my attorney.  I do have an appointment with him, as soon as I get back to Atonement.  It seems like I only just got here.  I really don’t mean to cut this short.

Teagan:  I know our time for this interview was limited, Lacey.  No worries.  I also know that it’s important to you to see your… attorney.  (She grins unashamedly.)  I hope you’ll visit again another time.  Safe journey home.Bristol TN

Lacey:  Thank you, Teagan.  It’s my pleasure.  It was nice to meet you-all! (She waves to the readers and leaves.)

Directions to Atonement, Tennessee:

Take Imagination Route Amazon or Route Nook.  Enjoy the ride.

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