Character Interview: Ralda Lawton — Features from Atonement, TN

Welcome to Atonement, TN everyone. I’m giving myself a break this weekend and doing a rerun. But first… I’m revising this post. I wanted to share something new with you, even though it has little to do with this post.  Monarch butterflies. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. One thing for which people who analyze books … More Character Interview: Ralda Lawton — Features from Atonement, TN

Atonement, TN: Beginning

The Story Begins I’m posting this especially for those who have requested something longer to read.  I’m listening to your comments, and I aim to please!  So here is a rather long excerpt from the beginning of “Atonement, Tennessee,” my debut novel, published on Christmas Eve 2013. With our “interactive” serials, The Three Things, and The Three … More Atonement, TN: Beginning

Character Interviews: Lacey Hampton

Don’t worry.  I won’t leave you hanging with the Three Ingredients Serial. Episode-7, “E. coli, Marmite, Burner” is in progress. (Spock’s Sister and I worked out some changes to her ingredients.)  I hope everyone will be thinking of food-related ingredients to send me for future episodes.  You’re welcome to leave them in a comment. (Hint -hint.) While you wait for the … More Character Interviews: Lacey Hampton

Streaming Saturday

Today I feel a newfound sense of freedom.  This week I said “Bye-bye Comcast.”  Okay, so what I really said was “Take it with you now.  Take the cable, the box, and the remote.  Take it with you now.” I won’t go into the frustrating details of the soap opera that led up to such a demand.  … More Streaming Saturday