Three Things: 27 – Vampire, Years, Walked

veil_of_sky_open_1 copyWith National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in full swing, I’m indulging myself with today’s set of three things.  When I wrote my NaNoWriMo 2012 winning novel, Atonement, Tennessee, I was somewhat influenced by the style of Charlaine Harris  — particularly her “Southern Vampire” series, sometimes referred to as the Sookie Stackhouse books.  While Atonement is very different from the books Ms. Harris writes, (and there are no vampires) I believe that if you enjoyed those, you will also like Atonement, Tennessee.

Even though it has nothing to do with the 1920’s, these three things are a nod to Charlaine Harris and the Southern Vampire series of books.  I took them from the first line of the first book in her series.  As always, you can do catch-up reading at the page where the entire Three Things Serial story lives.  And now…Cover of "Dead Until Dark (Southern Vampi...

Three Dead Until Dark Things

27.  Vampire, Years, Walked

“I’d been waiting for the vampire for years when he walked into the bar…”

I couldn’t help being worried about Frankie.  Two of the men who worked for Mr. Ringling returned with a very uncertain looking Boris.  Or at least that’s how he looked until he saw his babushka.  It was a very touching reunion.  Mona and I both dabbed tears from our eyes.  But there was clearly more to the story of Boris being separated from his grandmother.  It had to be connected to her abduction… and not to forget that bent key.  The entire situation could be something that had been brewing for years.

However, the other two men and Frankie didn’t come back with the ones who brought the retired ballet dancer.  The last time I saw the fireman he was disguised as an old woman, wrapped in a tattered quilt.  He even walked with a cane to complete the ruse.

Finally I saw the sedan roll up.  Ringling’s two men were in the front seat, and a couple of other mugs were in back.  They weren’t moving.  Then to my astonishment, Andy — our little Astronaute man drove up in his Studebaker with Frankie and the Fabro cousins.  Flavio and the twins, Fedel and Frediano were squeezed into the back seat.  The twins jumped out and ran to help Ringling’s men pull two bound and gagged men from the sedan.  They looked like the same ones who had hurried away from the yacht after the circus magnate paid them a ransom for Countess Babikov.  They were a couple of blood suckers alright.  Regular vampires.G-men Poster

The young man in a waiter’s uniform that Mona and I had seen hours earlier was at Mr. Ringling’s elbow.  “Get to one of the radios, please.  Call the G-men.  Tell them I have a present for them.”

6 thoughts on “Three Things: 27 – Vampire, Years, Walked

  1. When I saw your three words for this addition to the series, I wondered if we were taking a completely different turn. Love the way you used ‘vampire’ in this.

    My vote is for a new set of characters for your next one.

    Good luck with the rest of NaNoWriMo.


  2. That was really good, Teagan. Keep up the great progress on NaNo Wri Mo–and that is amazing you still managed to write the above!


    1. I’m very glad you liked the little episode, PL. But I admit that I worked on it ahead of time, knowing that I’d be busy with National Novel Writing Month. However, that episode was my last reserve.

      I think we are getting close to the conclusion of this story. So I would be very interested to know what readers would like to see next. All the characters in the serial resulted from the “things” — but they don’t necessarily have to go away.
      So I wonder, does everyone want an all new Three Things, from scratch — again letting the characters be drawn from the “things”?
      Let this group of 1920’s people have a new adventure?
      Or what?

      Everyone ~~ I welcome your feedback.



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