Coming in Spring — Back to the 1920s

Friday, February 9, 2019 

We went back in time, from the Roaring Twenties to the Victorian Era. This spring, it’s time to get back to the future, if by the future you mean the days of flappers.

Coming in Spring…

An Uninvited Guest…

In Granny Phanny’s Kitchen!

 Here’s a hint.  What “thread” ties this story to Murder at the Bijou?

Daisy thread ad
Ad for sewing thread, circa 1895


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46 thoughts on “Coming in Spring — Back to the 1920s

  1. Wishing you and Crystal all the best on the move and settling into your new abode, Teagan!

    I thoroughly enjoyed Atonement in Bloom! Just finished reading it. The very end was a pleasant surprise. 🙂

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    1. Dear Lavinia, heartfelt thanks for your encouragement. It’s been a difficult week, and you’ve (and your lovely music) helped me shift my negative energy this morning. I’m worried about all the stress to Crystal (and her inflammatory bowel disease) with all the people I have to let come in to get me moved in the most economical way I can go. So thank you again, my friend.
      I’m tickled pink that you like that little twist in the epilogue! 😀 When the thought popped into my mind, I couldn’t resist using it. Mega hugs!

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    1. Hi Robbie. Oh, I’m sorry. That’s not the cover — it’s a teaser, a hint.
      You are so kind about Bloom. I’d be thrilled for you to read it — whenever you can.
      I hope your February is off to a beautiful beginning. Hugs!

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    1. OMG, Mary… I’ve been bending over boxes all morning. I still had too many boxes for my budget, and (once again) I spent the morning undoing what I had already done. But now I have another (large “medium”) box and a half of stuff to go to donations. I need to review the clothes again and give up even more. I’m already down to a fifth of what I had, but need to give them up. My back is very unhappy with me.

      Great job on your rebranded covers! You’re the cat’s pajamas!

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      1. Remember when tossing stuff out, hold the item you are contemplating to see if it gives you joy. I’m not making fun of the idea of doing that, because I think it’s worth a try. Wow, I don’t even have a fifth of clothes to get rid of. Haha. It’s true but maybe I did when I worked. Thanks about the covers. ❤

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        1. LOL… where the clothes are concerned, that’s the problem. Almost all of them spark joy! Crystal is finally walking around on the boxes under the window… but still not getting in the window for her midday sunbath. 🐱

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      1. Wonderful to know Teagan, and looking at all the titles what prolific writer you are. and I thank you for the many happy moments of story reading you have given me.
        Sending love and well wishes your way Teagan and safe journey and settling in.. Much love your way ❤

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    1. Hi Joanne. I was hoping you’d be glad to hear that. I don’t have a lot of work to get the third book of Pip’s adventures ready. But with moving, it will take some time before I publish it. Thanks for taking time to leave an encouraging word! You’re the oyster’s earrings!


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