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I always hesitate to do reblogs but… Teri was so kind to feature me, so I’ll “atone” for this later. 😉
Be sure to visit her frequently for Bad Moon Rising. It lasts all month.

Books and Such

Welcome, Teagan Geneviene!  If you’re a fan of Teagan’s book, Atonement, Tennessee, I’m about to make your day.  She’s nearly finished the sequel, Atonement in Bloom, and an excerpt is below!  Even better, it’s from Lilith’s POV, my fav calico cat.  Sit back, relax, and learn some new things about Teagan.

Hi Teri — I’m excited to be a part of Bad Moon Rising again this year!

Favorite Halloween costume as a child or adult?

I was usually a gypsy for Halloween. Yes, that was something that I could create even though I didn’t have much in the way of resources. However, I might have chosen it anyway. I loved the idea of their freedom, colors, the gaudy jewelry, and dancing.cat halloween

Any paranormal experiences you’d like to share?

It’s not exactly a fun answer, but I’ve had several. The one that’s most powerful is this… When I was a young…

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15 thoughts on “#BadMoonRising Teagan Riordain Geneviene #IndieAuthor #UrbanFantasy #Supernatural

  1. I enjoyed your interview and the “blurb”, Teagan. Thank you for giving more background on your sister, and what you experienced. Tim’s comment was interesting, too. You both have the gift of “seeing” what many cannot tune into.

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    1. Thank you kindly, Lavinia. My talents of that general nature seem to have flipped the off switch when I moved here. Although I got an astro-location report that said I could be overly sensitive here. Perhaps there is a bombardment (there certainly is with negative things!) that overwhelms any gifts… I appreciate your comment. Huge hugs.

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  2. I love this time of year. Next to Christmas, I believe this is my favorite. There’s always celebrations of one kind or another and spooky tales and creatures. Growing up, I was always a witch for Halloween. Maybe it’s the rebellious side of me that wants to be a witch from time to time even now. What a great opportunity this time of year presents those of us who want to allow our alter egos to come out and play. We can get away with more mischief during October. (winking) Some will be afraid to cross my path this month. Now, where’s my bat wings?

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    1. Haha! You are so right Catherine! Love the bat wings!!!
      Oh, I love Halloween best of all holidays. I’m usually burned out with “Christmas” before Halloween even gets here. I’m already seeing the ads…
      Thanks so much for visiting. Huge hugs.


    1. Christy you are so generous to visit both posts. I sincerely appreciate your support. I’m delighted you enjoyed the interview and snippet. It was hard to choose what to share… and Teri loves the Lilith character so I wanted it to be about her… I’m not sure how well I chose, but I’m happy you liked it. Huge hugs right back.


  3. I finally got to your post. Happy to hear you got the sequel done. I’m looking forward to it. That is sad about your sister. My boss’s wife was the financial manager who I worked closely with on with a lot of office policies and management functions. She died of cancer in 2006. When she died I awoke from a dream at around 3 am of her telling me she was alright and to let everyone know. When I went into the office early that morning, the VP was there and I told him Beth had died. He looked at me like unbelieving like “what are you talking about?” A few hours later he came back to tell me the boss had called and Beth had died early that morning. For some time after that I would have dreams with her telling me she was okay. Nobody really believed me or understood. I know exactly what you experienced.

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    1. Hi Tim. I appreciate you sharing that. For a brief time I was privileged to have a wise mentor. When I asked (about this kind of situation) “Why me? Why would they come to me rather than someone else?”
      Her answer was so simple it shocked me.
      She said, “Because YOU can see (hear) them.”
      What would be the point of going to someone who can’t see /hear you. Or if you did, how would they know?
      Also when people react with disdain, I think there’s a little jealousy involved…
      Huge thanks for commenting. Hugs!

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  4. Sorry to read you lost your sister dear Teagan.. And being so sensitive is both a gift and a curse at times.. Keep flying my friend.. And I do not know still how you manage what you do..
    Sending LOVE your way xxx ❤

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  5. Teri and Teagan I so enjoyed this, Teri thank you for featuring Teagan, how wonderful to learn more about her, loved the questions. Teagan, I also was a gypsy for Halloween often and for the same reasons. I am sorry about your Sister what an amazing and frightening experience for a young child.
    Loved this!!

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