Featured Blogger: Teagan’s Books

My heartfelt thanks to Rob Goldstein for reviving this monthly feature — and for letting me have the first post!

I know I’ve been blogging a good bit this weekend, but I cannot resist sharing this with all of you.

Please click over to visit Rob and check out his brilliant work.
Hugs on the wing, Teagan

34 thoughts on “Featured Blogger: Teagan’s Books

  1. Of course Rob would reboot this wonderful experience, he is simply amazing.
    And having Teagan as the first joy, no wonder lol
    A perfect combination, I have to share so others can find this fantastic combo!
    Hope this week treats everyone kindly. πŸ™‚
    Mega booky hugs xoxox

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    1. Donna, I couldn’t agree more about Rob. He put a lot of work into this post. And his blog is brilliant. You are beyond kind to make the comment rounds. Mega booky hugs right back, my friend.

      Oh, PS: Did I tell you? I finished the ending and epilogue of Atonement in Bloom!!! I’ve started editing. Since I stopped and started with it, editing will be a lot of tedious checking stuff work… But I’ve reached that milestone at last!


        1. The value of LI depends on your goals. I don’t think it’s that useful for novelists. Maybe more so for photographers… I worked it like crazy for 2 years, trying to build a network, in hope of relocating with a job. (I’m a technical editor in the information technology arena.) But it never resulted in the job. I still use it some, but I’ve mostly given up. Banging my head against the wall, doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result, you know. I’m trying to focus on my writing and novels (when I’m not at work).

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      1. The air quality here very poor this morning as another wave of smoke from forest fires around the state has crept in over the last few days. We had another alien orange sunrise this morning. The forecast for today says 100.

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