Featured Blogger: Teagan’s Books

My heartfelt thanks to Rob Goldstein for reviving this monthly feature — and for letting me have the first post!

I know I’ve been blogging a good bit this weekend, but I cannot resist sharing this with all of you.

Please click over to visit Rob and check out his brilliant work.
Hugs on the wing, Teagan

Art by Rob Goldstein

This is a re-boot of a monthly feature on Art by Rob Goldstein, the Featured Blogger.

This month I’m honored to feature Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene of
Teagan’s Books.

Marketing Graphic for Thisledown Thisledow

When did you start writing?

Answer: My seventh-grade teacher gave us an assignment that truly inspired my young mind — Write a story.  However, we only had two options about the story 1) Write it from the point of view (POV) of a cartoon character, or 2) from the POV of the shoes of a famous person.  Well, 12-year-old me watched talk shows after school, not cartoons.  So, I saw plenty of “famous people” and “used to be famous” ones too, on Merv Griffin’s TV show.  I liked the ones who talked about their pets.  So, I wrote my story as a pair of red pumps belonging to actress Doris Day.  (Back then I don’t think she was still making movies, but…

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34 thoughts on “Featured Blogger: Teagan’s Books

  1. Of course Rob would reboot this wonderful experience, he is simply amazing.
    And having Teagan as the first joy, no wonder lol
    A perfect combination, I have to share so others can find this fantastic combo!
    Hope this week treats everyone kindly. 🙂
    Mega booky hugs xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

    • Donna, I couldn’t agree more about Rob. He put a lot of work into this post. And his blog is brilliant. You are beyond kind to make the comment rounds. Mega booky hugs right back, my friend.

      Oh, PS: Did I tell you? I finished the ending and epilogue of Atonement in Bloom!!! I’ve started editing. Since I stopped and started with it, editing will be a lot of tedious checking stuff work… But I’ve reached that milestone at last!


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