An Extra (Special) Story — Trina Woke from a Dream

May 16, 2019   Usually I only post twice a week, but this is a special occasion.  Recently, Rob Goldstein and I were sending emails back and forth, basically goofing around.  I sent him an image by artist Michael Whelan and and added a whimsical line.  And then another, and another.  Suddenly Rob said, “Let’s make this into … More An Extra (Special) Story — Trina Woke from a Dream

Jazz Age Wednesdays — 1 Million Years B-Lulu

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 It’s finally time!  I’ve been promising you a short story with illustrations by Rob Goldstein.  Lulu, Gramps, and Valentino are joined by a couple of unexpected characters in this one episode story.  I call it “One Million Years B-Lulu.”  It’s a little riff on “One Million Years BC,” which featured Raquel Welsh.  … More Jazz Age Wednesdays — 1 Million Years B-Lulu

Coming Soon!

Saturday, April 20, 2019 Happy weekend, everyone!  I’m still settling in at my new digs in the Land of Enchantment, painting the walls, putting furniture together, and generally keeping every muscle in my body sore.  Crystal the cat seems to have made the adjustment. A few nights I’ve heard her making a midnight romp, and this … More Coming Soon!

Happy Weekend!

Saturday, April 6, 2019 I’ve had my hands full trying to put my cottage in order, now that I’m feeling better from the ordeal of moving, not sleeping, and being as freaked out as anybody can be.  There was one other thing I worked on this week.  Here’s a hint. That said, I didn’t have … More Happy Weekend!