When Glowing Pigs Fly!

le-sourire-1926-couple-on-pigDid you know that March 1st is National Pig Day (U.S.A.)?  I didn’t until Madelyn Griffith-Haynie told me.

Meanwhile, author and translator Olga Núñez Miret told me that she’s becoming quite fond of piglets, due in part to the “glowing otherworldly pigs” of Atonement, Tennessee.

(Just a couple of Olga’s books. Click here for Amazon author page.)


So with both of those things in mind, I knew I had to come up with another porcine adventure.  Yet what tale for those twisty tail waggers?

I got off to a good start, but then I got stuck about two-thirds of the way to the finish.  So I went to my trusty jar of “things” and pulled out three bits of paper.3-flying-pig-things

Well, let’s see… Puzzle, bill of sale, and monotony.  Hmmm… I think that just might do the trick.  Here goes!

When Glowing Pigs Fly

A sweet breeze stirred the brown leaves that covered the area beneath an ancient oak tree.  Honeybell quickly put a hoof on the page of her book to prevent it moving.  She took a deep breath of the air, pleasantly scented with early blooming crocuses and jonquils.  Then she settled back to continue reading her book.

However, a loud snort interrupted Honeybell.  Deme frisked up to her side, sapphire blue eyes shining brightly.  Her twisty tail twitched with anticipation.  Honeybell glanced up but tried to go back to her reading.  Deme snuffled impatiently.

“What are you so excited about, Deme?”

“Have you forgotten?  Honeybell, it’s the one day of the year when we get to go into Atonement, Tennessee and play with the humans.”

“You do that more than one day a year,” Honeybell grunted in a rather admonishing tone.


“Well, it’s the only day that we don’t risk getting into any trouble for it.  And it’s the only day all year when any memory of us gets removed from the humans.  That way we don’t have to worry that something we do might disturb them.  Aren’t you the least bit excited Honeybell?” Deme asked, shifting impatiently from hoof to hoof.

“I’ve gotten really fascinated with this book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” Honeybell told her friend.  “At first it seemed too commonplace to be interesting.  But it’s gotten quite frightening in some parts.  Pigs as foot stools!  Absolutely horrid!  Other parts are just plain odd.”

“What do you mean by odd?” Deme asked, intrigued by anything that could so completely engross her friend.

alice-in-wonderland-pig-baby“Well take this part for instance,” Honeybell read aloud from the volume.

“Thinking again?” the Duchess asked, with another dig of her sharp little chin.

“I’ve a right to think,” said Alice sharply, for she was beginning to feel a little worried.

“Just about as much right,” said the Duchess, “as pigs have to fly….” — Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter 9.

“What would be wrong with pigs flying?” Honeybell demanded.  “Of course it’s very unusual, and precious few of us can…  But shouldn’t it be every pig’s right to fly?  If they are able, I mean.”

Deme grunted a giggle.  “It’s only a story, Honeybell.  Try not to be bothered by a story so outrageous that it includes a character like the Queen of Hearts, who would rest her feet on a pig.”

“That’s easy for you to say.  You’ve actually flown.  More than once!  That’s why your eyes are bright blue,” Honeybell said with an impatient snuffle.

“You know that I can’t just fly any time I choose,” Deme defended.  “I can’t control when it happens.  Come on, that story is upsetting you.  Everyone else has already left for Atonement.  You need some fun,” Deme entreated and Honeybell reluctantly closed her book.


Sheriff badge

“Ralda, unless this is an emergency, I have to go.  Now,” Sheriff Robin Warden said emphatically. 

“Do you really think you should?” the woman asked in a concerned voice.  “The weather people were saying we might get a bad storm.”

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

“Shakespeare again?” the redhead asked him.  “You really are a Bardolator.  So in other words, you don’t care that you’re doing something foolish.”

“Do you think a weather report would stop me?  When pigs fly!  Ralda, I can’t explain, except that I told you this is National Pig Day, and I want to be as far away from Atonement, Tennessee as I can get!  I’ll be back in a day,” he exclaimed as Ralda Lawton looked at him with a bemused expression.


The Sheriff’s car burned rubber, engine roaring until it was out of sight.  Deme made a loud disgruntled noise.  She particularly enjoyed getting Robin Warden involved in her play.  It didn’t matter that because he had been touched by Goewin, he was one of the few humans who was not affected by the magic that made people forget the otherworldly pigs.  Ralda Lawton was another such human, but her immunity had a different source.

“You have a crush on him, don’t you,” Honeybell stated with a sidelong look at her friend.  “You always want him to play.”

“That isn’t so!” Deme exclaimed, but Honeybell gave a soft snort.

Pig Valentine

The two glowing pigs looked around.  The rest of their drift of pigs was nowhere to be seen. 

“It looks like everyone else has already gone into town, Deme.”

“We could catch up easily enough,” the blue-eyed pig replied.  “Or we could nose around in the closed-off parts of Sunhold.  You like old mansions and ruins,” Deme suggested.

“That could be fun,” Honeybell reluctantly agreed, still thinking of her book.  “And Ralda-Esmeralda wouldn’t mind even if she knew we were there.  Perhaps we should ask her to come and play in the tower.”

“I think she’s afraid of that area, especially the tower.  She says it’s not safe.  You know humans are not as agile as we are,” Deme told Honeybell, who nodded knowingly.

Moving toward the old estate house, Deme and Honeybell followed quietly in Ralda Lawton’s wake.  Since she could remember them, they tried not to call attention to themselves. 

As the woman headed to her door the wind moaned.  Honeybell looked skyward uneasily, but Deme’s sense of play was contagious.  So the two friends trotted to an unused extension of Sunhold that Ralda had barely explored.  The otherworldly pigs, however, were already familiar with it.

2 Pigs

There were several rooms in that wing, and it led to a turreted tower.  Many places had bad flooring, so the pigs stepped gingerly.  Hooves clipping softly, they made their way to a rounded area.  At the center a beautiful old staircase spiraled gently upward.

[… And this is where I got stuck.  Time for three random things!]

Ralda Lawton quietly came in, unheard by the pigs.  She stood silently as she watched them in fascination.

“Isn’t this the spot where we found truffles once?” Honeybell asked.

“I believe so,” Deme answered with a sigh.

“What’s wrong?  I know you like truffles,” Honeybell snorted.

“It’s just that we’ve already hunted truffles.  We’ve already done everything we ever do.  The monotony is just so… monotonous,” Deme grunted.

“You two like to root around for things, if you’ll pardon the expression.  How would you like to help me look for old documents?” Ralda Lawton asked from behind them.

Startled, both pigs squealed in surprise at her unexpected voice.  After taking a moment to collect herself, Deme approached the woman, twisty tail wagging rapidly. 

Both pigs were intrigued by the human’s suggestion.  Looking for things was like solving a puzzle.  Honeybell particularly liked puzzles.  She was not as bold as Deme — no one was.  However, she hurried up to Deme and Ralda.  Hunting for documents would be even better than truffle hunting because it was something they’d never done before.

“What sort of documents?” Honeybell gathered her courage and asked.


Ralda Lawton crouched down closer to the glowing pigs.  “You smell like flowers,” she murmured.

She held out her hand, as if she meant to pet them.  Then she drew it back, uncertainly.  Daring as ever, Deme nudged her nose under the woman’s hand to show her the affection was accepted.  Hence there was a bit of petting and scratching that delighted both pigs so much that they glowed quite brightly.

Deme and Honeybell both rolled all the way over and pounced back onto their hooves, tails wagging happily.

“I’m sorry,” Honeybell gasped.  “What kind of papers were you looking for again?”

“Anything with names.  Especially signatures,” Ralda told them.  “Like birth or death certificates, letters, a bill of sale, anything like that.  I’d like to make a timeline and history of everyone who has lived in Sunhold.  I’ve gotten some information in the old cemetery, but most of the headstones are impossible to read.  Besides, sometimes the graveyard was used for the entire community, not just people who lived in the estate.”

The pigs started to run up the staircase when Ralda called them back.  She seemed uncertain, strangely hesitant, now that they had agreed.

“Just one other thing,” Ralda began.  “Could you help make sure I don’t step on any rotted stairs or floorboards?  I’m heavier than you, so you might be able to walk on places where I would fall through.  Do you have any way to tell?”

“We can smell the various conditions of the wood if we are paying attention,” Deme told her, blue eyes large and sincere.  “So we will mind that carefully.”


The wind howled through the drafty, rundown structure.  Honeybell’s eyes widened fearfully.  However, she was determined not to show her anxiety.

“Don’t worry, Ralda-Esmeralda.  We will see that no harm comes to you,” Honeybell promised.

Deme and Honeybell snuffled excitedly, leading the way.  Their natural glow was enough to help Ralda see in the shadowy areas, but she kept her flashlight turned on just the same. 

“That room over there,” Honeybell said, trotting up to a door.

Ralda opened the door and the pigs went inside, still snuffling.  She asked if the floor was safe, so Honeybell double checked.  She had promised to keep the woman safe, and she would keep that vow.

Deme gave an excited grunt and her radiance became brighter.  She pulled a dust cover away from a small bookcase.  It was filled with old books.  Ralda praised the find, but the pigs knew it wasn’t what she had in mind.

“I wonder if there’s a Bible among them,” the woman pondered.  “Old Bibles were used to record the kinds of things I want to collect.  I’m going to take an armload downstairs and then come back to look at more.”

“I’ll go with you,” Deme offered, remembering the woman’s concerns about the old stairs and flooring.


While Ralda and Deme went downstairs, Honeybell pulled dust covers away from a sofa and chair.  With a squeal of delight she jumped onto the antique horsehair covered sofa and began tugging at a cushion.  As Honeybell tossed away the pillow, she found a worn leather folio.

Honeybell knew just by the scent that she had found the kind of thing Ralda-Esmeralda wanted.

“I found something!” Honeybell squealed in delight.

The small pig picked up the folio in her mouth, but she wasn’t tall enough to carry it well.  Tripping and stumbling all the way, she dragged it into the hallway and then to the railed area that looked down on the round room far below.  Part of Honeybell’s mind noted the wind worsened outside, but she was completely focused on her awkward task.

“Look!  I found something!” Honeybell repeated.

As she dropped the folio to shout, papers fell across the landing.  Deme and Ralda were already headed back up the stairs, but they quickened their steps.  Honeybell tried to nose the old documents back to the cracked leather portfolio. 

The others had a long climb up the gently spiraling staircase.  By the time they reached the landing both were breathing hard.  Honeybell had gathered most of the papers and pushed them next to the portfolio.  She pranced in place beside them while Deme and Ralda caught their breath.

The woman’s delight at the papers pleased Honeybell more than the little pig would have ever thought.  However, she always shared another’s joy, so why not a human’s?

Ralda Lawton’s eyes grew wide.  Her eyes were blue, but not the bright sapphire blue of Deme’s.

“What’s this?” Ralda gasped upon seeing a very old newspaper.  “I’m afraid it might crumble if I touch it,” she murmured as she sat on the floor to read it.  “Between the stains and the holes, I can only read phrases, broken sentences,” she commented on a sigh.  “The way they used English is even different.  Could it be from Esmeralda Gwynedd’s day?”


Image by Chris Graham

“There’s a date mixed with the stain at the top of the page — 1782,” Honeybell stated. 

“I didn’t know that pigs had such good eyesight,” Ralda commented in a pleased voice.

“We don’t necessarily see better than humans,” Deme explained.  “But we see wavelengths that you can’t.  Besides, we aren’t ordinary pigs,” Deme added with a wink and a wag of her twisty tail.

“Their way of speaking takes a lot of getting used to,” Ralda continued reading the sheet of newspaper.  “Not to mention the little holes.  But it’s a report of a drowning.  Dylan Aildon.  Then next paragraph says something about survived by Gwy— but the rest of the name is lost to the damage.  I wonder if he was one of the Gwynedd family,” Ralda speculated.

“The name sounds familiar, but from long ago,” Honeybell said softly, her eyes taking on a faraway look.

“You and your books,” Deme teased fondly.

“That’s it!  One of Goewin’s books.  But the name was slightly different.  Dylan ail Don,” Honeybell cried, emphasizing the difference.

“The way Guy Fabdon is really Gwydion fab Don?” Ralda gasped and asked.

“Yes, Dylan ail Don was the son of Gwydion the trickster,” Honeybell explained.

As the three exchanged amazed looks, the wind tore open a window.  It scattered the documents that had come out of the portfolio.  A current of air suddenly lifted the newspaper off the floor and it sailed over the railing.

Ralda Lawton lunged to grab the paper, leaning against the railing.  With a dull crunch the banister gave way.  The woman wavered for an instant, trying to get her balance.  Too quickly for the pigs to act, she fell.Perils_of_Pauline_-_1947_Poster

Sapphire eyes bulging, Deme wished as hard as she could wish for her wings to emerge.  However, she had never learned to summon the ability to fly.  It only came to her unexpectedly.

“Ralda-Esmeralda!  I said she’d come to no harm!” Honeybell cried as she leaped.

Honeybell grabbed the woman’s jacket with her teeth, but to no avail.  They both plunged over the edge.

“Honeybell, no!” Deme screamed and ran to the edge.

Deme watched in horror as the other two plunged downward toward the marble floor far below.  Abruptly Honeybell began to fall faster than the woman.  Then wings sprouted from the little pig’s back and she darted underneath Ralda.

Deme didn’t realize she had done anything herself until she was beside Honeybell.  Together the two, glowing, flying pigs saved the friend they called Ralda-Esmeralda from falling to her death. 

She didn’t exactly land on her feet, but she was unharmed.  Just as Honeybell promised, Deme thought in satisfaction.

Ralda Lawton sat sprawled on the floor.  The woman seemed shocked and disoriented.  She gazed at the two winged pigs, hovering just above the floor.

“Ralda-Esmeralda, are you okay?” Honeybell asked, though the woman gazed at her in mute astonishment.

“Honeybell, your eyes are bright blue now, like Deme’s,” was the first thing Ralda said.

Abruptly the wings disappeared from the pigs and they plopped to the floor on either side of Ralda.  The three exchanged amazed looks.

“We’ll see you to the main house and to your bed,” Deme told her, wondering how much the experience might have rattled the human.

“Ralda-Esmeralda, are you sure you’re unharmed?” Honeybell asked, sapphire blue eyes sincere.  “Can you stand?”

Ralda nodded and slowly got to her feet.  “When pigs fly — I mean because pigs fly,” she answered with a wondering smile.



The end.

I hope you enjoyed this little tail… I mean tale.  Mega hugs!

Copyright © 2017 by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene

All rights reserved.

No part of this work may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission.  Please do not participate in or encourage piracy of copyrighted materials in violation of the author’s rights. 

All images are either the property of the author or from Pinterest unless stated otherwise.




87 thoughts on “When Glowing Pigs Fly!

  1. I read this the other day and meant to come back to comment when on my laptop, then life happened. The glowing and flying pigs are too cute. Nice to see Ralda again. Your jar of “things” really is stuffed! 🙂 Do you put your ideas back in after using them?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mary. I appreciate the double visit today. 🙂 I’m delighted you enjoyed this tale.
      I added to the jar a couple of times, when the mood struck. I threw out the ones I used early on. However, I was using it a good bit for the Delta Pearl, during NaNoWriMo… those, I put in a zip lock, planning to add them back later. (Not wanting to have to go through the work again.)
      Happy hump day! Hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So Ralda´s brightness could have reminded us of an “Esmeralda”… Once you survived a Free Fall of those sorts, you become an ethereal and translucent entity, like a gemstone 😉 Or at least that´s what I have been told!.
    Those two pigs were heroes indeed!. And they porved that any general assumption as to living creatures could be Unlucky … fallacious, or both! 😀
    The installment is so clever and well written dear Teagan!. Love it!.
    Oh and lastly I wanted to tell you something: A Linguistic divergence… In Spanish say flying cows, instead of pigs. The meaning of the expression is the same though 😀 I guess were are more extreme/exaggerated as cows might be heavier than pigs! ha! ….
    Many hugs, dear Teagan!!! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aquileana, I enjoy your visits so much — a comment packed full of interesting things! I had not heard that about becoming an ethereal entity, but I like the concept. Oh my! Food for another story.
      That’s amusing about “flying cows,” particularly because of my time in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Each year they have a huge International Balloon Festival (hot air balloons). Some of them are “special shapes” balloons, sewn to look like animals, vehicles, etc. A local favorite is from a dairy — Airabelle, a cow. So I actually have seen a flying cow! 😀
      My heartfelt thanks for your comment. Mega hugs right back!

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  3. A brilliant tale, Teagan. I’ve always known pigs can fly. In fact, I’ve seen them do it. However, there may have been a few glasses of wine involved.
    Honeybell and Deme are delightful and should have their own TV show. I’m sure they’d be a hit with everyone.

    Here in Wales, Wednesday is also St David’s Day, so we’ll be celebrating with those that celebrate National Pig Day.

    Have a brilliant week.

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  4. Oh,this is a wonderful post, Teagan. I remember first reading Alice in Wonderland and seeing the phrase “I’ve a right to think,” said Alice sharply,” – and thinking,’ yes I do!’ at a certain stage of my life. And I had an aunt who said she always won arguments because no one could stop her thinking. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Judith, it’s wonderful to see you. “Thought” is such an interesting thing. I loved your reaction to the Alice quote. It reminds me of my first college English professor. I could not please the man, no matter how I tried — and he was reputed to be the “easiest” of all teachers. He resented that I had tested out of level-1 and went straight to level-2, because he insisted that “Everyone should be required to take *remedial* English first.” (I class for which you paid but received no credit. I could barely afford any class at all, so I took the risk of paying the fee to test out of level-1. I knew I could probably have done the same with level-2.)
      So if not for the multiple choice questions (that he could not score in his prejudicial way) I would have failed his class.
      Getting to the point now — finally on a test paper he returned it to me with the note “You don’t know how to think!”
      Well, imagine my dismay when I had to register for the level-3 class, and the *only* class available was one taught by the most feared professor of all. Everyone said he was impossibly hard. Well, we got along wonderfully. He sent back an exam with the note, “I like the way you think.” Only at that point did I tell him about the comment from his associate.
      Enough of my babble. Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My goodness, it just shows how those who have ‘power’ over us can so easily destroy confidence and moral. Brilliant that you then got someone who could appreciate you for yourself. And thank goodness it didn’t stop you writing.
        I’ve been absent (and will probably be more so for a few months).. I’ve taken on extra workshops and classes because one tutor has retired. Just at the wrong time as I’m editing my next book and finishing the first draft of another…. and have taken on the task of posting on other family saga wriers. All my own fault, I know. Hey ho- all good fun.
        Chat again.Jx

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  5. I have always loved piggys and yes, they are so very intelligent, as demonstrated by Deme and Honeybell. ‘If pigs could fly…..’ well it seems that they can and do in the wonderful town of Atonement Tennessee and I for one absolutely love reading about their adventures…and only wish that I could scratch behind their little ears/wings…something that pigs absolutely love. May we all be fortunate enough to enjoy the ‘otherworldly’ – because it is there that we find a very special richness of being. The magical hummingbirds most definitely enjoyed this tail……:)xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you, Janet. ❤ I need to make a seal that proclaims "Magical Hummingbird approved!" 😀 What a delightful thought. (Oh, heaven help me — now my brain is rearing to make a story with the pigs and hummingbirds… Stop the insanity, Teagan.)
      I appreciate you taking time to visit and leave such a marvelous comment — I realize you have a lot going on. Hummingbird hugs my friend.


  6. A tantalizing, titillating, tail-wiggling tale, Teagan! I love all critters, but Deme and Honeybell have stolen my heart. The magic of your stories makes the little girl in me squeal with delight. I can see these two little piglets in a colorfully illustrated children’s book 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a lovely comment, Tina. I’m delighted that my day began with it. I’m pleased that the glowing pigs have a friend in you. Actually, this morning I’m a little stunned to see they are becoming popular. Have a sublime Sunday. Mega hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. What a treat! Thank you, dear Teagan, this made me smile and I needed that. Although I admit I don’t tend to celebrate National Pig Day, I do like pigs. This made me think of ‘Babe’, ‘Charlotte’s Web’, and yes, sorry, but bacon.
    I’m adore Honeybell and Deme and I just want more, more, more! I was craving more ‘Atonement, Tennessee’ so even though I have the book (thank you), I was going to be out and waiting (long story short I was concerned I might misplace or lose my hard copy so I needed ‘Atonement, Tennessee’ as an ebook too – ordered it and so happy!!! I recommend it highly, very highly). Thank you, the magic of your book made the waiting easier.
    Love this and off to share. Hope this weekend treats you kindly, lovely, delightful one.
    Mega glowing piggy hugs xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Nice work, Teagan. Slipping in the three ideas was seamless. I would never have known! Piglets are adorable, but National Pig day? You have a day for almost everything over there…
    Best wishes as always, Pete.

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  9. No way I see you got stuck and had to pick up again, Teagan. Smooth. Your three things slipped in sweet as butter. Love the idea of cute little piglets with wings. Charming. The wings came in handy, too. The wind did some damage. The papers leave a mystery. I wonder what it is. Thanks for my Saturday morning smile. 🙂 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so kind Tess — thank you. Yes… another little mystery. The “mythology” of Atonement tends to grow just a little with every short story, or even snippet I write. From the pigs’ first Valentine appearance I had wondered whether Deme was the only one with blue eyes. They appear again in “Bloom” (if I ever finish…), and again in the second Valentine… Still I wasn’t sure about Deme being the only blue eyed pig. Then Honeybell gave me the answer here.
      I appreciate you taking time to visit, Tess. Mega hugs.


    1. Oh, thank you Adele. 😀 (I wish there was an emoji for a pig…)
      They began as a Valentine’s story a few years ago, rooted in the same myth that inspired a good part of “Atonement, Tennessee”… but lately they seem to be taking life of their own! Mega hugs right back! ❤


  10. I love this story, Teagan. I got so caught up in the excitement of the pigs, I felt like I was on the floor pushing those papers back toward that folio. Thanks for bringing us a tale of grand adventure and excitement. Such a wonderful story to share for National Pig Day!

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  11. I love pigs and find their tails to be one of the most cheerful things ever. Pigs are very intelligent, and there is nothing monotonous about being in their company. Love them rambling around Atonement, TN 🙂
    Have a happy weekend, Teagan! Many hugs xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Inese. I’m happy to see you, and delighted that you enjoyed this little porcine ditty. I can easily imagine Deme and Honeybell ambling around some of the gorgeous scenes you photograph.
      Yes, indeed — happy weekend. It felt like a very long week. I will be very satisfied with a relaxing Saturday. 😀 Mega hugs right back.

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  12. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    I am sneaking in to admire the work of my blog sitters and to catch up with some of my regular haunts. I will tell you more about my week on wednesday… in the meantime.. Like Olga Nunez Miret I have become very fond of pigs since Teagan Geneviene introduced us to two very special and other worldly piglets.. Today they are exploring an old house along with Ralda of Atonement Tennessee fame… and boy… I will never use that expression – If pigs could fly in vain again… read the post and see for yourself..

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    1. Dear Sally… You always give me a lovely introduction with your reblogs, but you’ve out done yourself today. Thank you so very much!
      I look forward to hearing about your fabulous February birthday adventure on Wednesday. I need to mark my calendar as a reminder. Thank you again. Mega hugs!


  13. Thanks so much for the mention and for the story, Teagan! I love the pigs, as you well know and an adventure not only with flying pigs but all books, documents, Alice in Wonderland… A total delight!

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  14. Thanks so much for the shout-out Teagan. Bizarre how quickly one’s own name jumps out – especially when it is not expected. You’re a doll!

    Loved this little tale – very charming. Your creativity always astounds me — especially knowing how you began this post: 3 random things.

    btw – here in Cincinnati pigs are everywhere – in parades, on local broadcasts, statues on porches, downtown – and some of them do indeed fly, or so it is said. So all of us who have ever said, “When pigs fly” better get to it. 🙂
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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  15. What a sweet little tale of the co-operation between animals and humans and the fondness that grows between them because of it. I don’t think we have any flying bacon here but that may be because we don’t have a day for pigs..I can’t think of a day for any animal here. We should adopt one or two.
    Well done for solving your little hitch with the traditional ‘Three Things’from your jar. The story was seamless after that.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    xxx Gigantic Hugs Teagan xxx

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Dear David, it’s so good to see you. I’m delighted you enjoyed this little tale. I think Oscar and these pigs would be fast friends. 😀 There are so many “Days” here, I don’t even try to keep track. But Madelyn says they make quite of an event of it in her state. I admit that I’m hypocrite enough that if I saw “flying bacon” I’d be out there with a net to catch some! 😀 Mega hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Kathryn, thanks so very much. LOL Honeybell’s flight was hard earned. I already had one false start with a Pig Day story… It was more about the humans than the pigs, so I didn’t want to use it. I’ll share it here one day though. Wishing you a wonder-filled, hug-filled weekend. 🙂

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