A Valentine from Atonement, Tennessee 2017


For once I thought about doing a Valentine’s story before the last minute.  It’s a good thing too, because I stumped myself.  I wanted to use characters from Atonement, Tennessee, and bring back one from a past Valentine from Atonement, Tennessee as well.  However, connecting that part to another Atonement character presented quite a problem.  Every story-line I started took me to a spoiler!

Finally I settled on Marge Tipton, a very minor character.  No spoilers, but I had a devil of a time figuring out how Cupid’s arrow could strike bachelorette Marge.  You can read a little more about Marge here.

It’s a little longer than I’ve been posting, but fewer than 2,500 words.  I hope this little romp leaves you with a happy glow.  Here’s your 2017 Valentine from Atonement, Tennessee.  Enjoy!

PS: I made a video trailer too…

Deme and Honeybell’s Valentine

Silver light washed down from the moon to illumine the sidewalk.  Earth’s lone satellite was just past full.  The clock in the town square struck midnight on February 14th.

The moon wasn’t the only thing that glowed that night.  Two friends also emanated an ethereal radiance of their own, as they walked the deserted street.

Honeybell gave a surreptitious glance over her shoulder toward the second of two traffic lights on the main street of Atonement, Tennessee.  She grunted softly, fascinated by the slowly changing colors, red to green to yellow to red. 

It seemed an odd decoration.  It made her nervous.  This was all Deme’s idea.  Honeybell hoped her friend wouldn’t land them in trouble.  Deme could be something of a prankster, and Honeybell was getting the same reputation.  Still looking over her shoulder at the lights, Honeybell gave a loud snort as she bumped into Deme.

Pay attention and stop acting like an unsophisticated pig,” Honeybell silently scolded herself.


Deme had stopped.  Her eyes were closed in concentration.  When she opened them, her sapphire orbs were bright with excitement.  She reared up to point at the sign, Annie’s Antiques and Consignment Shop, and her front hooves came back to the sidewalk with a sharp clip.

“It’s still here!” Deme quietly exclaimed.

Honeybell wagged her curly tail happily.

“What about the woman?  Is she close enough?” she asked Deme, concerned about all the details coming together properly.

“The woman lives near the first red-green-yellow light.  It is an easy run from here,” Deme replied in a satisfied tone.

The glow from the two otherworldly pigs brightened a as they stared at the door of the antique shop.  Grunt, snuffle, snort.  Grunt, snuffle, snort,” they vocalized in unison.

The door swung open, shop-bell chiming in welcome.  Deme and Honeybell walked inside.

“I feel it!” Honeybell cried.  “I feel the rose quartz.”

Honeybell made a beeline to the back of the shop and a glass case.  As the pigs drew near, a necklace inside the case illuminated.  The filigree setting was polished brightly and held a large heart-shaped gem.  The pastel pink rose quartz stone pulsed softly in ruddy radiance.

Annies antiques
Annie’s Antiques

“It’s as if the heart is beating,” Honeybell said in awe.  “What a lovely gem.”

Deme agreed, her sapphire blue eyes wide.  “Rose quartz helps us accept and love ourselves,” she replied agreeably.

Honeybell nosed at the necklace until it fell from the glass shelf to hang around her neck.  Deme made a sardonic grunt at her friend.

“The most practical way to carry the necklace is to hang it around my neck,” Honeybell explained in a very indignant tone.  “Oh look!  That light over there is not earthly,” she quickly changed the subject, and was happy when Deme followed her gaze. (More about Annie’s Inventory Notes here.)

The otherworldly pigs went to investigate the luminescence near the cash register at the front of the store.  The light shone through several layers of paper in the special inventory notes kept by Annie, the shop owner.  If the writing glowed, that meant an item had awakened.  Deme and Honeybell looked at the rosy sparkle of the necklace and nodded to each other in approval.



After a briskly refreshing run, the two otherworldly pigs entered the home of bacehlorette and local diner owner, Marge Tipton.

Deme looked around the spotless kitchen.  She saw a local newspaper and an advertisement on the table.  There was also a deposit receipt from the local First Bank & Trust.

Honeybell snuffled as she scented the air and listened to the vibrations of the house.  “I feel a lot of hidden sadness,” Honeybell murmured, eyes brimming with tears.

“So do I, but get ahold of yourself.  We can’t afford to let our own emotions get mixed in with what we’re about to do,” Deme told her firmly.  “Things could go quite badly if we did.”

The small pigs moved toward the bedroom where they could hear the regular breathing of Marge Tipton.

“She is soundly asleep,” Deme whispered.  “Honeybell, you seem better attuned to this woman than I am.  Do you detect anything in this house that can be used to work with the rose quartz necklace?” Deme questioned, delegating some of the authority she had bestowed upon herself.

Honeybell snuffled and grunted quietly.  She went to a box in the closet.  A broad satin ribbon was tied around the box.  Honeybell pulled the ribbon, untying the bow.  Inside was a stack of old postcards, with postmarks in the 1980s. Cowgirl valentine

One postcard had been torn in half and then taped back together.  Honeybell noticed the scribbled writing said “I can’t wait to get back to Phoenix to see you.  Love, Chad.”  Some of the cards were marred by tearstains, particularly one that was addressed to “Marla” with the name crossed out and “Marge” written next to it.  Most of the words were rendered illegible by the long dry tears.

With an excited snort, Honeybell scampered back to the kitchen.  Deme followed curiously.  The checkered cloth muffled the clatter of Honeybell’s hooves when she bounded onto the kitchen table.  Her twisty little tail wagged at a quick pace as she inspected a colorful sheet of paper.

The two pigs went over every inch of the flyer and the newspaper article that lay next to it, and the bank slip too.  The ad was from the Rowdy Rooster, a large redneck bar outside the town of Atonement.

“Hit recording artist and 80s TV star of The Medical Files, Chad Allen to perform!” Deme read the flyer.

“The postcards were to Marge from Chad Allen,” Honeybell whispered then looked at the newspaper.  “They were lovers when she was a young woman.  Marge had a happy life then in Adrian, Texas.  But he left her to travel with the rodeo and got famous.  Then he recorded a hit song and did that television series and became a big star — for a while anyway.”

“He lied to Marge for years before she could admit the truth to herself.  She felt so betrayed and so ashamed that she never forgave herself for being foolish.  Then she came here when her brother begged her, saying he needed her,” Honeybell commented knowingly.

“So she is not in Atonement, Tennessee to atone,” Deme commented in a speculative tone.  “Her brother is.”

“Perhaps she actually is atoning too,” suggested Honeybell.  “She would not love herself enough to say no to those who did not deserve her love.”

The glowing pigs looked at each other for a moment.  They seemed to come to a silent agreement.

“Help me put everything back the way we found it,” Deme said and they put the newspaper, flyer, and even the bank receipt in place.  “Let’s leave the rose quartz laying on these papers.  That should be enough to get things started,” Deme said.

Honeybell dropped the necklace onto the papers.  There was a tiny spark when the gem touched them.  Then the rosy radiance filled the entire room before dying down.

*** Close-up of a woman's foot with slippers

“Come on Marge!  So what if you don’t care about seeing a washed up TV star.  It’ll be a night out with the girls.  We’re both scheduled to be off,” Jenny, the lead waitress at L-O-L-A Lola’s Bar and Grille, pleaded into the phone.  “When you turn loose, you’re the life of the party!”

“Good gravy, Jenny.  It’s too early in the morning to be planning a night at a bar,” Marge grumbled sleepily.

However, Jenny saying Marge was the life of the party brought a reluctant smile to her lips.  She had never told a soul in Atonement, Tennessee about the Chad Allen episode, as she thought of it.  She told her brother Tracey once, but he was too drunk to remember, so that didn’t count.

Jenny was still talking, but Marge had slipped into the past.  Every time she thought of her home back in Adrian, Texas she became melancholy.Maxwell House last drop ad

Marge shook her head thinking of that evening of inebriated confessions with her brother.  They both sure had tied one on.  She thought it was such a shame that her brother couldn’t get past his drinking.  Tracey had a good heart and was surprisingly generous.  Once he gave her a diamond tennis bracelet for no reason at all.  She knew he must have saved his money for years to buy it.

“It won’t be half as much fun without you.  All the girls still love Chad Allen,” Jenny went on, and for a second Marge thought she might change her mind.

Opening the refrigerator door, Marge took out a container of milk.  The coffee was done.  As she poured the steaming liquid into her mug, she wondered what it would be like to see Chad again, even from across the big room of the Rowdy Rooster. 

Then all the scenarios of what people would tell her she should do, what she should feel blasted into her head.  Maybe Chad had changed.  His star had risen and fallen.  What if he had actually become the person he made her think he was back then, before she learned what a lying, philandering jerk he really was.

Marge was sure anybody she knew would tell her she should — no she had to go and see him.  She gave her head a shake.  Would she feel vindicated or sad if the years had been unkind to him?  She told herself that he’d never recognize her.  If he did, he’d likely cringe at her appearance and pretend he didn’t remember.

She took a deep breath and brought her attention back to Jenny on the phone.  Making up an excuse, Marge turned Jenny down in a firm “boss” voice.  Jenny had worked for her long enough to know that tone brooked no argument.

Marge hung up the phone.  Coffee mug in hand, she went to the kitchen table to finish reading the newspaper.  That was when she noticed the beautiful antique necklace laying there.

“How?  Who?” Marge stammered.

1973-sarah-coventry-necklace-adShe picked up the rose quartz necklace with a sigh at its beauty.  “Tracy,” she murmured thinking her brother must have left it there to surprise her.  It couldn’t have been anyone else.

Marge plopped down into a chair.  She glanced at the newspaper article and Rowdy Rooster flyer about her old love, Chad.  She read both for the twentieth time.  With each reading she promised herself she would never be betrayed again.

It didn’t occur to her that she held the rose quartz necklace tightly in her hand, or that she didn’t want to put it down.  Then she fastened it around her neck.  Not only was the necklace the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen, she felt pretty just for wearing it.


That evening Marge tidied up the kitchen.  She picked up the newspaper and the receipt from First Bank & Trust.  It was a morbid attraction, but she couldn’t help looking at the flyer.  Taking a beer from the fridge, she read the article one more time.

“Marge Tipton,” she told herself aloud.  “Don’t you ever let your guard down like that again!”

She had no wish to see Chad again.  She had firmly stomped on the imagined voices of everyone saying she should do.  So Marge wasn’t sure why she changed into some party clothes that evening, still wearing the rose quartz necklace.  Neither could she have said why she got into her mint condition 1972 red Chevy C10 pickup truck and drove way out highway 41 to the Rowdy Rooster.

Almost an hour later Marge got out of her truck and walked across the parking lot.  The noise of the patrons lived up to the name of the Rowdy Rooster.

Her footsteps became slower as she moved toward the door.  The sound of the crowd inside grated against her nerves.  She couldn’t imagine why she had come there in the first place, after flatly turning down Jenny’s invitation.  Marge didn’t realize she had stopped in the middle of the parking lot.

1972 Chevy C10 Shortbed Stepside Pickup
1972 Chevy C10 Shortbed Stepside Pickup

“Marge?  I mean, Ms. Tipton?” a voice intruded on her confused thoughts.

She turned toward the voice feeling muddled.  “I only had one beer before I left home.  What’s the matter with me?” she wondered and gave herself a mental shake.

He was barely recognizable in cowboy boots and a sport coat.  Marge had only seen Russell Skeen, the manager of the First Bank & Trust, in a dark business suit.

“Are you okay, Ms. Tipton?” Russell repeated.

“Oh, don’t mind me, I just suddenly felt a little out of sorts, that’s all.  And please call me Marge,” she stammered, feeling her cheeks heat with a blush.  “I should have stayed at home,” she murmured.

“I know what you mean,” Russell admitted.  “I do like the cowboy boots my daughter gave me, but I can’t say I care for this place.  I let my daughter pester me into agreeing to join her and her friends tonight.  Then wouldn’t you know, she just now called to say she won’t be coming,” he added in a bemused tone.  “She means to get me out more,” he said with a shrug.

Russell Skeen drew back a bit and looked at Marge curiously.  His hand rose toward her, but he stopped himself.  He shook his head and chuckled.

Midnight moon farie

“For a second there I thought your necklace was glowing.  It must have been all those facets reflecting the light,” Russell told her.  “I see that you like antiques.  That one’s a beauty.”

Marge unthinkingly put her hand to the rose quartz necklace.  It felt very warm to the touch.  She looked at the unassuming bank manager as if she had never truly seen him before.  Marge was pleased with what she saw.

“You know, there are a few antique shops between here and Atonement.  I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather browse through them than be inside that noisy bar.  Do you think you could join me?  Maybe we could get some coffee somewhere too?”

Marge looked toward the Rowdy Rooster.  She thought about the flyer advertising Chad Allen.  She thought of the stack of postcards she kept even though he had betrayed her.

She picked up the rose quartz and held it so that she could look at it.  “Why did it feel so warm?  It actually does seem to be glowing a little,” Marge thought.

“Mr. Skeen, I think that sounds like a fine idea,” she told him.

“Only if you call me Russell,” he replied as he walked her back to her pickup truck and politely took her hand as she climbed up into the cab.

“Did you hear that?” she asked Russell.  “I could have sworn I heard a snuffling, snorting sound, like pigs.”

“There’s lots of farmland around here.  It could be that one got loose.  But you’d think all the bacon they serve in these places would scare a pig away,” Russell joked.

At the word bacon, a shrill startled-sounding noise was easily heard, but they still didn’t see any pigs.

Pig Valentine

The End.

Happy Valentines Day from Teagan’s Books and everyone in Atonement, Tennessee.

 Mega hugs!


Copyright © 2017 by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene

All rights reserved.

No part of this work may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission.  Please do not participate in or encourage piracy of copyrighted materials in violation of the author’s rights.


98 thoughts on “A Valentine from Atonement, Tennessee 2017

  1. Sorry am late catching up here. I enjoyed the video and the story of the porcine cupids, Teagan! The pigs are great characters, and I hope you are continuing this story. Wishing you and Crystal a belated Happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Lavinia. I hope all is well at Salmon Brook Farms. 🐱
      Marge seems to have become my “go to” for a no spoilers Atonement tale. So she might be back again. The otherworldly pigs seem to clamor into my thoughts more often. They already have a part in Atonement 2… if I ever finish it. :/ Anyhow, I’m delighted you enjoyed this tale and video.
      Oh, and yes the pigs are back for National Pig Day, March 1st. Need to finish that porcine story. Mega hugs!

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  2. Teagan, this is the sweetest story ever! I am glad the piggies sorted it out for Marge in the best possible way. The guys from the past should stay in the past 🙂
    The video was fun, sorry I had no chance to visit on the V-day. Hope it went well. I miss the old days when my daughter and I used to go to the local parties and send each other love letters signed ” Your secret Admirer”. Miss those letters 🙂
    Many Hugs xxxx

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  3. I feel like I cheated a bit with that preview of your video, Teagan. But, I won’t tell if you don’t! 😉😉 Lol.
    Anyway, a very happy valentine’s to you… My, I do love those slipper thingy’s, or are they flip-flops? Anyway, distractions. Thought I’d get this in before things get wiry… Had our lovely dinner out, btw. Chilling now. Bye!

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  4. This is such a beautiful valentine’s tale, with a happy ending, Teagan. Those two pigs sound very cute. Maybe we should call them Val and Valentino? 😍 I wonder if they know anybody by the name of cupid?
    I’m so happy that even though Marge is a minor character, she had such a lovely story to tell. It seems she may have now found her true love.
    Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day.
    Hugs and all.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you kindly, Hugh. 😀 Yes, can you believe it? Finally a Valentine’s story from me with a genuine happy ending. LOL, I freely admit my cynicism. My other 3 Valentines are a bit… catiwampus.
      Anyway, I’m happy you enjoyed this. It’s so kind of you to visit. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours as well. Mega hugs!

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  5. I love Atonement for all the quirky characters who inhabit the town. The cupid piglets are a brilliant touch, Teagan. A sweet story for Valentines. Much luck to Marge and Russell for I’ve seen that necklace shine and its warm vibes suggest wonderful things for them. Keep on, keeping on. Atonement has all kinds of magic. 🙂 ❤ ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you Tess — I’m glad the glowing pigs have a friend in you. ❤ I appreciate you taking time to read and leave this wonderful comment.
      The pigs will be back in time for National Pig Day (USA) March 1st. But at this point, I've no idea what they'll be doing! LOL. Mega hugs!

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    1. Welcome Patricia! I’m delighted to meet you. (I’m on my way to the office, but want to roam around your blog asap.)
      Thanks so much for taking time to visit and leave this wonderful comment.
      Haha re the rose quartz! One never knows what will be powerful in Atonement, TN…

      Mega hugs!

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  6. I don’t have any rose quartz, but I felt relaxed and happy reading this delightful Valentine tale. Those magical pigs made me smile and I will keep that smile in my heart for the rest of the day (and then some). Thank you, Dear Teagan, Deme and Honeybell are a treat (and I don’t mean that in a magical bacon sense) and I’m rooting for Marge.
    Best wishes for the week ahead and more glowing posts!
    Mega rosy radiance hugs xoxoxo

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for this delightful comment, Donna. You’ve made my day. I really appreciate your encouragement.
      There will be another porcine, twisty tale for National Pig Day. But I’m unhappy with what I have at the moment — not enough of the pigs… There is still time though. Maybe I’ll save that one for later and start fresh.
      Wishing you a magical new week, my friend. Mega hugs right back.

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  7. Good morning dear Teagan….thank you for starting this day and Valentine’s week so beautifully…..and may your week be filled with ‘otherworldly’ happenings. 🙂 Here’s to dear Marge and Russell and I will make sure to raise a glass or two to their continued love and affection…..I do enjoy the magical feeling of this story and hope that your week is filled with magic…..Time for us all to tap into universal love…to counteract any negativity in the world….sending love…Janet. xxxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dear Janet — thank you so very much for this comment. Yes, universal love and positivity are needed now more than ever. It makes me happy that you enjoyed this little story. I think the otherworldly pigs and hummingbirds are akin somehow. Maybe Deme and Honeybell sprout wings when no one is looking. 😀 Love & hugs!


  8. What a sweet little tail-wagging tale, Teagan. As usual with your stories, it ended too soon for me. But I expect Marge and Russell had a lovely evening together. I also imagine that Marge just might burn those old postcards in the not-so-distant future. Hugs and Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend 💖

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I like that thought, Tina — a postcard burning party for Marge. I can see her, Judy, and “the girls” doing that, with Deme and Honeybell secretly watching. I’m delighted that you enjoyed this story. Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well, my friend. Mega hugs!

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  9. Oh I loved the story! It’s so sweet that Marge gets another chance at love.. which is what I wish for everyone ❤ And the trailer at the start was the perfect way to start the post as it really got me inquisitive about the story. You're so creative!!

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  10. I just found this post in my spam folder and wonder how many others have ended up there…. I haven’t read a story from you before Teagan, and this was a real treat! It is a wonderful fantasy, so well constructed, it just drew me right in. I’ll look forward to reading more from you..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s great to see you Pauline. I’ve had all sorts of “fun” with spam folders myself. I had forgotten that there is also one inside the “guts” comments of my blog… then one day I found several old friends’ comments trapped there. It makes me feel all Monty Python. 😉
      Thank you so very much for your kind and encouraging words. Wishing you a lovely Valentine’s Day. Mega hugs!


    1. Tee-hee! Thanks Teri, I hadn’t thought of that. I had meant for there to be a bit of devilry in their magic, but that would have made the story too long. I appreciate you taking time to read and comment. Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well. Mega hugs!

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    1. Applesauce! Diana I hope you haven’t been too uncomfortable — I just now rescued your comment from the spam folder! Yikes!
      I’m happy you enjoyed this porcine romp. Animals have a way of ending up in my stories. While this was an exception, I typically don’t intend to have them… yet one species or another shows up anyway. 😉
      Mega hugs right back!

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    1. Haha! I had to leave a clue. 😀 (Now if I just had a pig emoji, I’d be in hog heaven.)
      I’m tickled that you enjoyed this, John. I really appreciate your visits. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours as well. Have a hug filled weekend.


      1. You as well.I’m spending Valentine’s day driving Lucy to the vet to have her teeth cleaned. Leave at 5:45am. 2 and 1/2 hours each way plus a eight hour waiting period to pick her up. Won’t get home until 8:00 pm. It is my gift to Lucy and my wife since my wife doesn’t have to go. Hugs

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    1. LOL 😀 Those little twisty-tailed pigs have to put a twist in things any time they’re involved. I’m delighted you liked it. I’m glad you enjoyed my little video too. I have such fun making them. Have a sensational Saturday and a happy Valentine’s Day. Mega hugs!

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    1. Mary, I thought of you when I saw that cowgirl lassoing hearts. I can’t do much when it comes to romance, so that really means a lot to me, coming from you. Thanks so much. Wishing you a wonder-filled weekend. Mega hugs!


  11. I was all set to leave a comment saying that I’d have to circle back to this later. Then I started reading. Those pigs drew me in tight, Teagan. This was a wonderful story. A magical love story for sure. Very nicely done!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh thank you Dan. That means a lot to me. I’ve become quite fond of these little glowing pigs. Now that Madelyn has told about National Pig Day coming up March 1st, I have to figure out another adventure for them. 😀 Mega hugs!

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  12. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    If you have forgotten that it is Valentine’s Day on Tuesday then here is the perfect reminder with a wonderful story from the very talented Teagan Geneviene.. using the back drop of the mysterious Atonement, Tennessee.. Teagan creates a magical tale that reminds us that love can be surprising and (to send someone you love a card.. or even a rose coloured necklace)

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    1. What a marvelous intro, Sally! I think it’s only right that Valentine’s Day is more and more seen not just as a time for lovers and romance, but as a day to appreciate anyone who is important to us.
      I hope you and your sisters are enjoying a fabulous February. I appreciate you taking time out to share this post Mega hugs!

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    1. Aw Judith, thank you for saying that. I really do put my heart into them.
      Anything to do with Valentines Day is an extra challenge, because I am not a romance writer at all. As anyone could figure out by the fact that come Valentines Day what do I think of? Glowing pigs! Hahaha! Thanks for visiting. Mega hugs!

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  13. Wonderful story, beautifully written – with a bit of a twist at the end. I’m glad she didn’t even go in to see him.

    What is it about fame and men? Or perhaps fame & fortune hardens their hearts to love at all. Right choice, lady! The necklace most certainly has self-love magic.

    I want more about the two who are going for coffee, Teagan. Maybe for Easter? And Tink want me to remind you that March 1 is National Pigs Day (really – google it).
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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    1. Ha! You are a delight, Madelyn. But seriously? National pigs day? LOL, I will definitely have to come up with another adventure for the glowing pigs then!
      Marge has a very tiny part in the novel (and book 2 that I’m forever trying to finish…). However a few characters with “walk on” parts let me write vignettes that don’t result in spoilers, yet still develop the fictional town more.
      Thanks very much for visiting. Mega hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Gerlinde. It’s lovely to see you. Hmmm… maybe the magic of the fictional rose quartz will bring yours back to you. 😉
      I’m still drooling over the gorgeous delicious meal at your blog. You are an artist. Mega hugs right back!


    1. It’s wonderful to see you, David. Many years ago I was working on a book, collecting the “properties” of gemstones. (I never finished because I couldn’t think of a way to present it that had not been done… and done… and done.) Rose quartz is said to help with anxiety, headaches, and promote love of self, among other things. As for luck…Who can say, but I’d feel lucky if I suddenly had no problem liking myself. 😉
      It’s a little early, but Happy Valentine’s Day my friend. Mega hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can like you enough for both of us Teagan but I might need a little help with the same thing. I know rose quartz is supposed to be good for ladies who want babies (though I dare say they have to use the usual method as well).
        Please like yourself cariad, you’re ever such a lovely person and you’ve been an absolute gem with me.
        xxx Humongous Hugs xxx

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