3-D: A Party for the Story Reading Ape

Naughty Chimps

Hello everyone. The Four Naughty Chimps are back and it’s time to get jiggy!  None other than the one and only Chris Graham, better known to you as The Story Reading Ape, is here today.  And I’ve decided to throw him a party.  Woot!

Chris/Ape is such a multi-talented individual, making book cover designs and promo trailers.  Not to mention his tireless promotion of Indie authors.  I’m going to start this party by showing you a sample of something new he’s doing — 3-D images of book covers.  I was so excited to see Atonement, Tennessee in 3-D!


3-D Atonement Cover no background

The Prices, etc, can be found at: http://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/tsra-3d-books/

It wouldn’t be a party if I didn’t invite everyone to come out and play.  When I saw the wonderful 3-D image, on a whim I challenged our Ape/Chris to write a quick story relating to 3-D.  Not only did he go 3-D, he put three “D” names in the story.  Now that’s jumping into the game!

Then I realized it was a little unfair of me to ask the Story Reading Ape to write a story if I didn’t take the same challenge.  (I freely admit that his story is better than mine though.)  Of course he had upped the ante by adding the three “D” names.  Chris TSRA

Now, since this is a party, you know that I want all of you to come out and play too.  Leave something in the comments that the thought of “3-D” inspires in your imagination.

First we’ll have the story from Chris, and then you’ll see mine.


By Chris Graham

Davy, Don and Duke had apparently not only painted the town red last night, they’d applied three coats of primer and varnished over two coats of waterproof emulsion judging by they way they felt this morning.

The alleyway they woke up in didn’t look familiar; it was wet and kinda flat looking; even when they forced their eyelids wide open.

As the others watched in befuddled disbelief, Duke slowly peeled himself off the wall and flopped around for a while before draping over a nearby garbage can.

“God – I feel so FLAT!”

“You are!” slurred Don.

“Don’t ya mean – “You Do?””

“Nope, he was making a statement of fact Duke”, a stunned looking Davy slurred in agreement.

Flat Stanley“Waddya mean by that?” grunted Duke as he tried to push himself upright.

“Because you ARE flat” Don slurred more clearly.
“As a pancake” Duke clarified.

Duke looked down at himself, slowly turned his hands and arms around a bit, repeated the action on each of his legs and looked back at his two buddies, still sitting propped up against the alley wall.

“As paper…” his buddies screamed in unison when Duke momentarily disappeared from the waist up as he turned.

Silence gripped the alleyway as all three of them fainted.

Some hours later, when they woke up together, a trio of voices shouted “Hey Guys, I’ve just had the weirdest dream.”

The alleyway still looked as flat as they did.

The end.

My Turn

Okay… that’s hard to follow, but I’ll at least participate.  Here’s my spontaneous 3-D story.  But since I can…  I’m going to put the title at the end, to avoid spoilers.  Here goes…
1930s bedroom elaborate

“Well, Dinah…  It’s a little bit, I don’t know, Gothic looking,” Daisy said thoughtfully as she looked at a picture of a bedroom design her friend wanted to use.

Daisy actually thought the décor bordered on tacky, with all the ruffles and lace.  However, that kind of thing did suit her romanticizing friend.  She moved to a spot where the light was better.  The two young women had slipped into the copy room of the university’s Advanced Technologies lab.  It was the closest place to make a photocopy.

“Where did you find this photo?” Daisy wanted to know.

“It was in the research materials my cinematography professor let us use,” her friend replied.  “Oh I can’t afford to be late for class.  Give it back.  Let me just make a copy of it.  This machine looks like it’s already warmed up,” Dinah said as she put the photo into the machine.

“Cinematography?  Dinah, wasn’t your assignment in that class about a director named John Badham and Frank somebody-or-other?  Hang on a minute.  That’s not a copy machine!  It’s a 3-D printer.”

The lights flickered and went out as all the power was diverted to the 3-D printer.  The machine clicked and chugged.  With a groan it spat out a ruffled pillow.  Shrill whirring whistling sounds filled the room.  The printer shook and belched out a lacy curtain.

Smoke Blue Horizontal

“Turn it off!” Daisy cried, worried that the printer would explode with all the noise it was making.

Dinah frantically and repeatedly pressed the off button.  When that had no effect, she began to slap every button on the control panel.

“I can’t!  It won’t stop!” Dinah yelled above the noise.

The printer screeched and hissed.  Smoke filled the room.  The girls coughed and tried to see through the vapors as they felt their way toward the door.

The sound of soft footfalls reached their ears.

“Who’s there?” Dinah cried.

With the grace of a cat a dark silhouette strode toward them.

With a shaking voice Daisy whispered to her friend, “You don’t suppose that’s D—”

Dinah finished the name in a shaking voice, “Dracula?”

3-D Dracula

Daisy and Dinah Meet Dracula

The end.

Your Turn!

Okay, now it’s your turn.  Think 3-D and all the advancements, or all the science fiction, or even the goofy red and blue 3-D movie glasses.  Give your imagination freedom and leave a comment about 3-D.

Open Invitation

If this inspired you to just write something or otherwise create anything related to 3-D, that’s even better!  If you want, you can use the comments to leave a link to your story or blog post.  Kindly link back to this post if you blog about what you wrote, cooked, painted, or photographed.

Thank you from my heart for “coming out to play” at my party for the Chris Graham, The Story Reading Ape.  Drop by his tree house to say hello.

Mega hugs,


Copyright © 2016 by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene

All rights reserved.

No part of this work may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission.  Please do not participate in or encourage piracy of copyrighted materials in violation of the author’s rights.

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133 thoughts on “3-D: A Party for the Story Reading Ape

  1. I’m late. I’m late and it’s not ’cause I had a date. 😦 Everybody’s gone, except you and the chimps. I’d offer to help clean up, but I see there’s not much left to do. :/
    You sure know how to throw a party, Teagan. Love your story. Sir Ape is a storyteller! Why’s he been hiding that fact? The 3D covers for your book are awesome, inspiring, way koooool. The Ape know his stuff. ❤ ❤ ❤ Woo hoo.


    1. Hi Tess. I think the party is still going, if at a more sedate pace. 😉 You might find a pitcher of banana bangers over in the corner. Yes indeed! The Ape is multi-talented and a terrific storyteller. There are a few posted on his blog. I couldn’t decide which one to use, so I asked him if he’d take the challenge of writing one… and that’s what he dashed off in a jiffy. Amazing. Mega hugs!


  2. The 3-D stories are great – as is the image Chris did of your book (so nice)!! Teagan, the word “3-D” brings to my mind thoughts of 3-D printing as I recently wrote an article on it. I need to get out more, hehe 😉 I am so happy to be back at your blog xx


    1. Welcome back Christy! Ha! People keep telling me to get out more, but I just don’t see the point of doing something I don’t enjoy. 😀 I’m glad you could join the party. Mega hugs.


  3. And the party just keeps on going! I liked both stories and I was trying to visualize the horror one would feel waking up flat as a pancake…not a pretty picture…then you get my mind racing with the 3-d printer….we could all have a lot of fun with one of those…as always…great job! Best to you from the Southwest!


  4. OK…I am here to play. First let me say how incredible this whole post is….filled with magic and such creative imagination…..love it….and so now to my thoughts on 3 D………..This post has inspired me to go 3 D at bedtime so that my dreams take on a fantabulous form. As soon as I put my 3 D sleeping glasses on…..I will be enveloped with flora, fauna, sky, oceans and whirling around all of it will be the most brightly coloured magical hummingbirds. There will also be kitty kats enjoying the festivities. thank you, Teagan for making my days and nights so interesting. Janet. xxxx


    1. Welcome to the party, Janet! Knowing your vivid paintings, what fantastic images you caused me to see. What could be better than 3D hummingbirds! Your recent post about painting was so much like how writing is for me. But you get all the gorgeous colors. We’ve had lovely days here this week. I hope this sun shines on your week. Hummingbird hugs my friend. 🙂


      1. I am so pleased to hear that warm spring sunshine is with you….we are hoping that it will come across the big Pond to us:) It’s been very chilly on this side of the Pond and not enough sunshine lately, although all the spring flowers are blooming….Have a beautiful weekend…Janet. xxx


    1. Welcome to the party, Lavinia. Ha! I’m glad somebody finally thought of the glasses. 😀 I remember watching that movie as a kid, but it was on a black and white TV. Have a thriving Thursday — and mega hugs!


  5. Better late than never Teag. Sorry I missed the actual party, but I was gifted by getting the Arizona flu. I’ve only just came on the computer after 3 days. But two wonderful stories, and I do love the boudoir! 🙂 xoxo


    1. Hi Debby — the party continues through the week! Besides, you’re never late at Teagan’s Books. I’m so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. Leaving Arizona would make me sick too. Ah, but it’s nothing to joke about. You focus on you, and feel fabulous fast. Mega hugs! 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol, that’s funny. Yes, go figure, I was already sad about leaving and managed to dodge that dreaded flu that apparently was most rampant in Arizona, only to catch it on the plane. This is my first day sitting up for periods of time since Friday night. Quite a brutal strain hit me and hub the next day, we’re like 2 sleeping zombies. I’m aiming to once again, catch up by the weekend. Now you know you’re not the only one who can’t seem to find enough time for bookwriting! 🙂 xoxo


          1. Thanks again dear friend. But I’d have to say the feeling of being hit everywhere by a tire iron then thrown down the stairs is worst for me, lol. But gauging the progression of healing, I’m guessing I should be good by Friday. Optimism! 🙂 xo


  6. I’ve heard of 3-D DVD covers, but not 3-D covers for books, so I think Chris’ idea is a great one and will certainly catch the eye in any bookstore.

    Enjoyed both the stories (Chris, I can relate to your story), and a 3_D Dracula sounds very frightening, Teagan. Just imagine watching those lovely bright white fangs coming towards you. Yikes, I’m almost hiding under the desk.

    I’ll see if I can come up with a 3-D short story for you both.


  7. Teagan, I am so sorry for the delay with my comment. Some weeks are just… more difficult than the others. I love your book and if it were possible, I would have moved to Atonement. Well, with your storytelling talent, a vampire pit would be an equally exciting place to settle. You are amazing! D for Dracula, priceless! It gives such a boost to my boring AutoCAD drawings 😉
    I love the 3D image of your books! Way to go! Your writings are the most intelligent, fun and utterly captivating. Look forward to reading your Atonement in Bloom. Many hugs!!!


    1. Remember Inese — there’s no such thing as late here. 🙂
      Thank you so very much for your kind and encouraging words. I blush. ^^’
      LOL, and I look forward to finally finishing Atonement in Bloom. o_O I guess I need an “attitude adjustment.”
      I do know what you mean about “some weeks” because I surely have my share. Wishing you a marvelous Monday and a peaceful, delightful week ahead. ❤ Mega hugs! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Great party Teagan – loved the stories – very inventive! I’d be quite happy for Dracula to come to the party – Frank Langella was great, but still have to give a shout out to Christopher Lee…


    1. It’s good to see you Michelle. I think Chris might be renamed the Story TELLING Ape. I do so enjoy his short stories. Enjoy the party. I’ve just put out a tray of Sunday morning smoothies! In honor of my birthplace, they’re peanut butter and banana!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. What a great story you have written … I love the fact that you brought the 3-D printer to the table, so to speak… It is just a powerful tool…. houses and even human prosthesis have been created with this machines… I can almost hint the idea of a Doppelgänger… even if I´d rather not as I believe cloning could be a dangerous idea o_O … Also, I forget to mention that your books look awesome with those 3-D covers… Stunning, indeed…
    Sending hugs, dear Teagan… Have a great weekend … Aquileana ⭐


    1. Welcome to the party Aquileana. 😀 I’m delighted that you enjoyed yourself. (Agreed. When one applies “critical thinking skills” cloning could have serious moral, political, and social ramifications.) Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Have a lovely Sunday. Mega hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Oh I loved this party for Chris and both stories were fantastic really!! You even brought Dracula my favorite and a character who I adore. What fun this was, I couldn’t even begin to attempt a story involving 3D, will leave that to the experts. You and Chris are marvelous.


    1. Oh Suzanne you’re too kind. I’m so glad you liked the stories. I’m delighted that you made it to the party. Did you bring Percy? I thought I saw him dancing with the Naughty Chimps. 😉 Cute little outfit he’s wearing.
      Hey — your new gravitar photo is great! 🙂
      I’m just putting out a tray of Banana Banshee cocktails!!! Do try one. 😀 Mega hugs.


      1. Yes that was Mr. Percy getting down with the chimps Lol, dressed him in his finery for the party!!i will have a banana cocktail
        Or three for sure! Fun party loving it 💕💕❤️❤️


  11. Yahoo, Teagan, this is quite the party! What else would we expect from you and Chris – you’re party animals! 😉 Enjoyed both 3D experiences greatly which is unusual because 3D usually just gives me at headache at best and a seizure at worst. I like to think my best 3D experience would include lots and lots of doughnuts, some Doctor Who and me, Donna eating those doughnuts and watching Doctor Who (preferably with David Tennant). lol 😉
    So many naught chimps, what an awesome way to start the day. 🙂
    Now I’m off to share, but I’ll return to party some more. 🙂
    Frank Langella was a cool Drac. 😉
    Hope this weekend treats you kindly, dear friend,
    Mega monkey hugs. 🙂


    1. Hi Donna, I’m so glad you could drop by the party! Yes, Frank Langella gets my vote. Him and to a lesser extent Rudolf Martin who played Dracula on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (That was a fun episode.)
      Ape and I have set up a special corner of this party with a big blue box, special for Whovians! I’ve put out a fresh tray of fried bananas, and a pitcher of Banana Bangers.
      You’re right about the movies. 3-D would give me a migraine for sure; many ordinary movies give me migraines… So I don’t go to them any more.
      Mega monkey hugs right back! 🙂 ⭐


    1. Hi Cheryl! Glad to see you at the party. All the Naughty Chimps can be hard to tell apart. I think your purple flip flops are getting passed around. Now they’re at the 3D printer trying to figure out how to make more. 😀 Mega hugs my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. This post was way fun Chris and Teagan. I always wondered about a 3D printer. Chris, I have felt as flat as those guys at times. Here’s mine. “Hey, you hear Dumb and Dummer has a kid.” “no way. What’s its name?”
    “Dumbest.”See you guys.


            1. LOL, I’d probably have offered Frank Langella’s Dracula my neck long before he had a chance to be repulsed by the banana cocktails. 😉 LOL… daylight. Thanks for making me laugh Mary. Rough week followed by rough weekend. Mega hugs ❤ 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

  13. Eccentrica Gallumbits knew this problem was coming. It was as inevitable as her inclusion in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy following her win as ‘Miss Multiple Boob’ and featuring on the front cover of Voguely Interesting, Eroticon VI’s famous glamour mag. The day her daughter, Astonishica Gallumbits had her first bra fitting. The sniggers from behind the curtain warned her. The presence of the Press at the shop door reinforced the fear. Finally with all the panache and ceremony of the announcement of a royal birth (which for in a way this was) the flunky in charge of PR appeared, took to the podium, coughed and declared in ringing tones. ‘Relax people. She is a 3D.’


    1. Hi Gerlinde. Thanks for coming to the party! Ooooo any of your delicious recipes would be welcome. Since the party is for the Ape (and his 4 nephews are entertainers) the food and drinks have a banana theme. Mega hugs my friend. 😀


  14. Well Teagan, great stories. Why can I never add pictures to comments? Damn it, however often I thing I’ve got it. Especially my own as opposed to Internet sourced pics!! I had this idea, a sort of homage to Arthur Dent and the HHGTTG but I’m not sure. Should I drop it into the comments?


    1. Welcome to the party Geoff! Loved Douglas Adams and HHGTTG. If you’ve got something you’re welcome to use the comments. Or if you post it at your blog, link back to this one. Mega hugs!


  15. I thought both stories were outstanding, possibly because I read them wearing 3-D glasses. When I tried to think of what 3-D meant to me, the thing that immediately came to mind were my last three mathematics exams at high school.


  16. I enjoyed both stories. I can’t fit it into a comment, but my favorite 3-d experience (yes, I realize life is a 3-d experience) was attending graduate school in the Cathedral of Learning. It’s a gothic cathedral on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Walking in each day caused a kind of transformation to occur. Some day, a blog post about that.


          1. Interesting custody issues. You want one baby but hit 100 on accident. Like on the copy machine at work. You never can get it to stop unless you unplug but by then you have at least 75 sheets of paper…


  17. OK. I’ll do that. It isn’t too long and it was originally called 3-D (Now Seeing is Believing)


    —¿Qué está mirando toda esa gente?
    –Ahí… —le dijo la mujer alta, impaciente, a su compañera, señalando a una tienda cercana.
    Podrían haber sido hermanas, aunque probablemente sólo eran amigas. Las dos tenían unos cuarenta años, llevaban gabardinas y bolsas de la compra, la única diferencia entre las dos era que una era unos centímetros más alta que la otra. El centro comercial era un buen lugar para pasar otra mañana aburrida mientras sus maridos trabajaban, sobretodo en un día lluvioso.
    A unos pasos de ellas habían al menos unas veinte personas, todas mirando al escaparate de una tienda grande. Parecía que estuvieran en trance, fascinados, sin apenas moverse…
    —Vamos a ver —dijo la mujer baja.
    Cuando llegaron allí, empujaron a un par de jóvenes y se plantaron en primera fila, para tener mejor vista.
    —Ah, es otra de esas tiendas con posters del Ojo Mágico.
    Había dos enormes posters y una pequeña nota con instrucciones.
    —Yo jamás he conseguido ver nada—dijo la mujer alta—. No creo que se pueda. Creo que nos están tomando el pelo. Como en el cuento del traje nuevo del emperador.
    Un niño cerca de ellos dijo que él lo podía ver.
    —¡Tonterías! —dijo la mujer alta.
    —¿Por qué no pruebas con las gafas? Yo me he dejado las mías en casa— le sugirió su amiga.
    —De acuerdo, de acuerdo, lo intentaré.
    La mujer alta se puso las gafas, y se concentró en el póster de la derecha. Bizqueó, se balanceó hacia delante y hacia atrás, y entonces…
    —Ah, sí…¡Es increíble!…Hay una puerta…parece…muy real…Casi puedo tocar la empuñadura…—ella levantó la mano y…
    —Bueno, pues yo sigo sin ver nad…— la mujer baja se interrumpió a media frase —¿Dónde estás? ¿A dónde has ido?”
    Su amiga no estaba en ningún sitio. Miró a su alrededor, entró en la tienda… Nada. Desaparecida. Se debía haber ido mientras ella estaba entretenida con el póster.
    —Es de muy mala educación dejarme tirada así— se murmuró a sí misma.
    El mismo niño le susurró a su padre:
    —La señora en el póster…La de la derecha…¿La ves? Está en medio de un espacio vacío y negro, y parece sorprendida…¿No crees que se parece mucho a la señora que estaba aquí al lado hace unos minutos? Creo que es ella.
    —¡No digas tonterías! ¡Es solo un póster!
    El niño miró a su padre, nada convencido. Detrás de ellos, la señora baja echó un último vistazo a su alrededor, miró al póster, se prometió a sí misma que la próxima vez traería las gafas, y que jamás le volvería a hablar a su amiga de compras. ¡Desparecer de esa manera no se hacía!


    1. Awesome, Olga. The translator is making me do it a bit at a time. But I will persevere. 😀 I love the way it starts. Now I have to find out what they saw with the glasses! Wonderful. Thanks for coming out to play.

      Ah! I just went back to Google to finish your story. Their translation is far from perfect, but I get the story. I really enjoyed it.
      I remember posters like that. Glad I didn’t have any 3D glasses then! More hugs. 😀


  18. Great stories! Fabulous and great 3-D design. It’s very annoying because I remembered a story I wrote years back that would have fitted this perfectly but I can only find the Spanish version (it was from the floppy disc time and that particular disc died a death). Something to do with the magic eye… I must translate it when I have a chance and share it. Thanks and have a great weekend!


    1. The party came up spontaneously. It wasn’t planned. Your story sounds wonderful, Olga. I think you should go ahead and post the Spanish version. Sometimes the translator in my browser does a decent job — enough to get the idea anyway.
      I’m delighted that you were able to make it to the party! Mega hugs.


  19. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    It is party time over at Teagan Geneviene’s and the guest of honour is The Story Reading Ape who has recently introduced a brand author’s service… the spectacular 3D book promotion. Instead of a flat book cover, your hard work is turned into something more substantial in a variety of formats to catch the eye of the discerning reader. Great opportunity to also demonstrate your skills in the 3D department by writing a little flash fiction.. please head over and read some flash by The Story Reading Ape ( a rare but delightful event) and a super story from Teagan herself. Enough of the promo.. go forth and make it so!


      1. Sorry, I’ve been in and out today on errands and house viewings, so I haven’t participated fully at the party. Hope it was a huge success. House hunting is tedious. I feel awful refusing lovely people’s houses, but I have to be realistic about size and space with a large family. The search continues!


        1. Oh believe me, I can relate! I’m sure you will find the right place. Persevere. Mega hugs. Any interest in a gorgeous home with a view in Spain? Check with Sally Cronin. 😉 But I don’t think you’re in Spain…

          Liked by 1 person

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