When the Greatest Is the Smallest — Features from Atonement, TN

It’s My 3rd Blogiversary!champagne n glasses 2

The second day of December marked the third anniversary of this blog.  Like some other things, to me it doesn’t seem nearly that long — yet it also feels like something I’ve always done.

To many bloggers and readers three years and 295 posts truly is not much at all.  I recognize that it’s not exactly a great achievement. However, great or small, it feels pretty good to me.  So cheers!

At Once Great and Small — and the Challenges

Meadow_frameWhen an urban fantasy story becomes a series, usually new characters are added with each volume.  As the story-line for Atonement in Bloom took shape, a few new supernatural characters came along.

 (I don’t mean to be a tease… Who knew it would be such a challenge to share about a novel in progress without giving spoilers?)

One of the new supernatural characters is Meadow.  Her existence helps give the story a whimsical tone.  In describing Atonement, Tennessee I often say that it doesn’t take itself seriously.  The same is true of the sequel. Atonement in Bloom has the same kind of humor.  Not a laugh-out-loud kind of funny, but an eyebrow-raising “Did she really say that?” funny.

Meadow’s character doesn’t actually do a lot (at least not at this point but who knows how that might change).  Yet despite the fact that she doesn’t shoot lightning bolts or save the day, Meadow is central to the story of Atonement in Bloom.  She is at once great and small.

One challenge ahead of me is to better develop Meadow’s character.  I’ll describe this character as an “inactive” cause of some events in the story.  She doesn’t take actions that cause events, but without her presence, they would never have happened.

Artist, Cheryl Rose Hall
Artist: Cheryl Rose Hall

Meadow is not alone in the “great but small” category. Beira the Crone, also known as Cailleach Bheur, is a new character inspired by Celtic mythology.  Her presence in the story is very small, yet her part is great; integral to the story-line.  My challenge with Beira is sewing her thread throughout the story, so it doesn’t seem contrived when she makes an appearance.

A Snippet from Atonement in Bloom

You already know I’m concerned about giving away any part of the story, so I won’t say when this tidbit takes place.  It’s part of a scene with Beira the Crone.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.

And now to restore the balance,” Beira said but then hesitated.  “But those two tricksters have definitely earned a lesson,” she said fiercely.

Beira looked at the calico and her expression softened.  “I see you are fond of him. So be it then, for your sake little heart. But there must be at least a small lesson.  The balance must be kept,” she added with a wink to Lilith.

Her dark green velvet cloak fell back as she extended both arms.  With the staff still grasped in her right hand she turned in a circle three times clockwise.  As she moved, the velvet cloak swirled about her ankles as if the wind moved it.  Her long lapis-blue braid lifted on the same invisible currents.  Her eyes shone brightly in the moonlight.  On the third circle Beira tilted her head back exultantly and smiled.

Blue Rose on Wall

The temperature plummeted.  Snowflakes floated to the ground.  Snow began to accumulate on the nearby stone wall.  Beira walked over to it and tilted her head as if considering.  “So it has grown here before, and spontaneously.  Ah, recently too.  This place is more interesting than I knew. Perhaps it bears further investigation,” Beira commented, rousing Lilith’s curiosity.

She gave the wall a light tap with her age darkened wooden staff.  Then she nodded once more.

Lilith’s feline ears heard an odd vibration within the stone wall, which a human would never have noticed.  In the light of the moon, the cat watched as a single rose sprouted from the top of the rock wall.  A single blue rose.


Coconut Snowballs Recipe

In keeping with the setting of the story snippet, I searched the WordPress countryside for a recipe with “snow” in the title. I found a blog called Whisk Away Your Worries.  The delightful Meaghan shared a recipe for Coconut Snowballs.  Click on the picture or the link for the recipe.

Coconut Snowballs

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88 thoughts on “When the Greatest Is the Smallest — Features from Atonement, TN

    1. Another “like” eating WordPress gremlin has gotten loose. 🙂 You’re so kind to visit just for that, Inese.
      Well, no snowballs on tomorrow;s post — it will be a salad as the recipe, so you’re safe! 😀
      Great big hug.

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  1. Teagan, leave it to you to give us a gift on your blogiversary!!! 🙂
    As if I wasn’t intrigued enough, you somehow did it again and made me even more intrigued. It’s like a book breadcrumb trail…I’m following. 😉
    Happy Blogiversary!!! Wow!!! Three years is amazing!!! 🙂 Cheers and to many, many more years!!! Keep it coming! 🙂
    Glad I could finally make it here (long story and not a particularly exciting one, just life being all lifey and annoying, you know the drill), now I’m off to share right after I check out the coconut snowballs recipe (yum). Congrats again Teagan and just keep being you – amazing! 🙂
    Hope this week treats you well and megahugs dear one. 🙂


    1. Hi Donna — I’m delighted that you can make it regardless of when you get here. Remember, there’s no such thing as late at Teagan’s Books. 😀 I really appreciate you taking time to read and comment. I know all too well how lifey stuff gets in the way! Thank you so much for the good wishes and encouragement.
      I still have your review of “Atonement, Tennessee” papered across my office wall! 🙂 Mega hugs right back to you.


      1. Teagan, you brightened my day (and that’s saying something today!), always glad when I get here. 🙂
        I’m so pleased to hear you have the review up, see you’re doing it again, brightening my day, you’re officially better than Christmas lights. lol 😉
        All the best, dear friend, today and every day! 🙂
        Megahugs from The North. 😉


        1. Dear Donna, if I have brightened your day, then mine is also brighter! I hope it is a thriving Thursday for you — tons better than yesterday. (Sadly I’m not doing my Thriving Thursday post on LinkedIn today… As you put it, too many lifey things. More hugs! 🙂


  2. Dear Teagan …. congratulations on the blog anniversary…
    As to the features from Atonement in Bloom, I much enjoyed reading about the characters and the challenges you are heading to with regard to them…
    Meadow, well i love that name… I am sure that she´ll become a very interesting character once you go over the things you feel should be improved
    As to Beira the Crone, I think a character inspired by Celtic mythology is something amazing… I am sure she will be perfectly introduced in the plot, despite her brief -but most important- appearance.
    Sending love and best wishes. Very good luck with your writing. Aquileana 💫


    1. Hi Aquileana — it’s so good to see you! Thank you so much. I really enjoy your comments and appreciate the encouragement. ❤ It would be fun to do an entire novel about Beira… Oh good heavens, what am I thinking? I have too many unfinished drafts as it is! 😀 Mega hugs!

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  3. Thanks for sharing that snippet from your upcoming novel, Teagan. So pleased it included some snow. I hope that sleigh-ride is still on the cards?

    Many congratulations on your 3rd blog anniversary. Like many, I’ve not been with you since day one but I have enjoyed the time I have had here since being a part of your blogging community.

    Have a super week.


    1. Hugh, that’s so very kind of you. Thank you for being here.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the snippet. LOL, the sleigh-ride… you know… That could make an outrageous chase scene! Food for thought. 😀 Mega hugs!


    1. Hi DG — many thanks. I had no idea three years ago how much this blog would come to mean to me. Thanks for visiting and commenting — and many thanks for sharing, especially on LinkedIn. Mega hugs my friend. 🙂 ❤

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  4. Happy Three, Teagan! Way to go! 295 quality posts is an achievement. Proud to follow!

    I am a great believer in balance 😉 Love the snippet, cannot wait to read your book.

    Didn’t like the Recipe part. Why oh why should you add to temptations!!! Copied the recipe and hid it!



    1. LOL… Sorr-ry! Since the “Three Ingredients” serials i’ve tried to find excuses to add recipes, when I can make up a way for them to relate to the posts. I slacked off on the food aspect with the Copper story — and lost a lot of viewers…
      It’s all part of my “grand experiment with Indie”, Inese. I don’t have time/energy for the marketing aspect, but I do study certain aspects. (I know you were joking, and weren’t expecting an explanation, but I’m just sharing.)
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting my friend.
      I have very much enjoyed the “road trip” through Ireland via your blog. Mega hugs! 😀

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      1. I have read about this marketing trick, but didn’t believe it makes a difference, and didn’t use it… Lost viewers… O Mensch! Well now that you say it… I lost some viewers after I quit posting photography tips…
        You say I was joking – I might, but it is not my love of a good joke that ruins my waistline 😉
        (Where did I hide that recipe…?)


    1. Teehee! Since I’ve been working on the buildings in Atonement, Tn, I guess I should make the business people too, huh? 😀 You’d miss your friends at Temptations, but Adelle’s Attic (tearoom) might be to your liking. Or L-O-L-A Lola’s diner.
      Thanks for commenting, David. Mega hugs!


    1. Hi Suzanne and thanks very much! That’s actually good feedback too, because I intentionally left out the most exciting part. 😀 (I was afraid that description would only be confusing, since I can’t share the part to which it is tied.)
      Mega hugs. 🙂


  5. Congratulations on the anniversary. 3 years, that in and of itself is quite a feat. Your blog only gets better and better with each post. I have to say I am loving Beira, I think she will be a magical and intensely interesting character, can’t wait to read more about her and her relationship to Lilith. Meadow also sounds like a fascinating character, I just can’t wait to read the book, your snippets are great and make me want more.


    1. Thank you Suzanne. I never dreamed, three years ago, how much this blog would mean to me. And that’s all because of the wonderful support and encouragement from readers like you. 🙂
      Please don’t be mislead or disappointed — Beira’s role is pivotal, but it’s also small in that her appearances are few… or at least that’s how it seems to me right now. But I have enjoyed the growth of her character (small part that it may be), so I’m appreciative of your feedback on it.

      Meadow could be a great source of comedy if I had been writing that kind of series. She’s fun to write.
      Thanks so much for taking time to read and comment. I hope you have a fun, relaxing cookie-making day! Mega hugs


  6. Teagan, congratulations on your 3 year Blogiversary! So, why Beira’s wink at Lilith? Can’t wait to see the connection. And Meadow’s hair is wonderful! Look forward to more book excerpts. The Blue Rose, a movie…there are just too many concepts taken to worry about it. You’ll have a “twist” on it. Have a great weekend! Tons of Hugs…💘 Chryssa


    1. Thank you for your kind encouragement Chryssa. A friend once spoke of “the creative one-mind” meaning that creative people often tune-in to similar concepts.
      This is one reason (of several) I haven’t released “The Dead of Winter” (aside from the fact that the title has been used many times). Throughout the book I had a creepy voice warning my little heroine “Winter is coming!” I had been working on the book for over two years when along came a promo for “Game of Thrones” with the same phrase! I was so upset… LOL. It was at the core of my epic novel so I couldn’t change it. So 700 pages and years of work still sit on my computer.

      That snippet is from a much larger scene. I should have tweaked it more to “stand alone.” Beira is giving a wink of assurance to Lilith that she won’t hurt “the trickster” — at least not too badly. 😉
      Wishing you well — and Mega hugs! ❤ ⭐ 🙂


  7. Congratulations Teagan! To all things great and small…I am sure blogging has been and continues to be quite an adventure. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to hearing more about Atonement in Bloom! Much love, and thanks for all the support!


    1. Melissa you are so kind. Your tireless encouragement of others, in comments and with writing prompts is amazing. Thank you for taking time to visit and comment my friend. Mega hugs. ❤ 🙂 ⭐


  8. Congrats on your 3 years doing this blog. I’ve only recently joined it and find it delightful.
    Thanks for your time and efforts.


  9. Congratulations! Three years! I haven’t known you all that time but it’s definitely become a part of my life. Beautiful description of characters and love the snippet… A blue rose… I remember a movie….


    1. Thank you Olga. It’s been a pleasure to have you here. Wishing you continued good luck with all your wonderful books.
      A movie, really? Groan… I’m not aware of it. But it surely seems that everything has already been done. Hugs.


  10. Happy third anniversary, Teagan! You and I started our WordPress blogs around the same time, and I am very grateful we’ve connected! It’s wonderful people like you who make blogging so rewarding and worthwhile. Now it’s on to year 4.:)


  11. Congratulations on your third anniversary…..Given the very high quality of your blogs and writing, it is a huge achievement. I loved the snippet from Atonement in Bloom and the introduction of the new characters……and oh I do love the last paragraph about Lilith sensing the vibrations in the wall…and the sprouting of the blue rose. I will dream about that tonight:)
    As for the Coconut snowballs…..bring them on, please:) Thank you, Teagan for a superb read and hope that the rest of your day is filled with magical hummingbirds. Janet. xxx


    1. Thank you Janet! ❤ And thank you for your kindness and encouragement. It means a lot to me. I'm happy you like the bit with Lilith and the sprouting blue rose — I really enjoyed writing that part. That's a small part of a much larger scene, I believe (hope) you would particularly enjoy that part. I'm imagining the hummingbirds… right outside the window; letting them inside! ⭐ 🙂 Mega hugs.


    1. I enjoy imagining how an animal (particularly a cat, I admit) perceives things, and putting myself in their head. Long ago I learned that cats have more than 20 muscles in their ears, used to direct sound-reception. So that was in my thoughts when Lilith watched the blue rose suddenly grow.

      Thank you John. November/December does seem to be eventful; 7 years at my current employer (in Nov), and 3 years here on Teagan’s Books. I really appreciate your support and encouragement. Mega hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I love the snippet and Meadow. Her name matches her character, and yes, it does show through even in a short snippet about her. IMO. Oh, my goodness–the recipe for coconut snowballs? YUMMY! I want to pluck one off the page. Happy Blog Anniversary, Teagan.


    1. Thank you my dear friend! LOL, I had the same thought about the coconut snowballs — but a dessert is about the only kind of snowball I want to see! 😀
      I value your feedback Mary and I appreciate you taking time to comment. Mega hugs! ❤ 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Happy Anniversary Teagan. I haven’t been here the whole time but I’ve totally enjoyed the time I’ve spent here. Watching your characters develop in your serials, I’d focus on “but you never know”


    1. That’s a good thought, Dan – “but you never know…” and in a way it’s similar to “What if?” The Beira character is a great one for either of those. Long after I wrote her first scene, when I realized I didn’t want her to only show up at pivotal moments, I thought “but you never know…” and then began a round of “what ifs” for Beira. Thanks for reading and commenting. It means a lot to me. Mega hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

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