Crowing Pains

Crowing Pains

atonement_coverNo, this is not the weekend, and you haven’t missed the steam locomotive to the Victorian Era — I’m here with a mid-week post!

Many of you have heard me say how difficult it is for me to cope with the indie author necessity of shameless self-promotion.  I’m going to start calling that crowing pains.

However, my excitement is making it a lot easier.  Why the giddiness? Atonement, Tennessee just received a five-stare review from (drum roll)… none other than the Story Reading Ape himself — Chris Graham!

When I wrote Atonement, Tennessee I followed some old advice that I continue to use in anything I write — let the story be whatever it needs to be.  Even so, I wondered if having mostly women as the main characters would limit the audience, but I shrugged it off, and let the story be what it was. With that in mind, I’ve been delighted to see that it is well received by men as well as women… and Apes too!

Here’s what Chris wrote. He posted it at

This story deserves a sequel

By Chris Graham on September 6, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

A great fantasy with Celtic tones, set in modern days.

I loved the characters who are well described and believable:

Ralda (full name Esmeralda) has had unfortunate personal experiences with life and love before moving into the ‘Local Haunted House’ of Atonement, Tennessee; which, incidentally, has an ancient graveyard as part of the estate…

Her nearest neighbour is the beautiful and friendly Lacey, whose husband Ralph is not the most pleasant of people.

Other characters include two handsome, but strange, young men who seem to be vying for Ralda’s attention, two other women, one of whom is a Goth, also become Ralda’s friends and a Small Town Sheriff with an unfortunate nickname locally.

Not forgetting Lilith, Ralda’s curious calico cat who sees more than her mistress and Puddles, Lacey’s mischievous dog.

I found this story easy to read, enjoyed the interaction between the characters and am left hoping that the author intends to write a sequel.

Now do you see why I’m practically dancing a jig, just like one of the Ape’s naughty chimps?

Naughty Chimps

To reward you for putting up with my crowing pains, here is the original Crowing Pains… followed by all my purchase information (wink).

Mega hugs!

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81 thoughts on “Crowing Pains

  1. Well that was nice of him to comment on the story. It helps to have other crows in the murder to get it out there. Hope you continue to write and do well my friend.


    1. Hi RC — it’s so nice to see you! Oh, I’m still tickled and crowing about this review from Chris Graham. From his “treehouse” as The Story Reading Ape, Chris gets to see the best of indie books, so I’m honored that he took time to read — and review my novel. I hope this week has been kind to you. Mega hugs dear friend.


  2. Congratulations Teagan! That was a great review and you should be proud! There’s nothing wrong with letting your friends know about the good that happens in relation to your writing––we want to know! Why am I using so many exclamations? I guess I’m excited for you. Enjoy! 😀


        1. Why thank you Debby. I know that’s a good idea. If i ever get book-2 finished, I shall try to advertise a bit. Since from the beginning (2013) I realized that with my job, the blog and a few tweets are all the self promotion i have time for, I’ve always called the novel, the blog and everything my “grand experiment in Indie.” Since that’s the way it is, I’ve also been determined to put very little money into it. Once i have a little hope of some return on my investment, then… well, then i’ll invest.
          Many thanks for taking time to comment. I appreciate the feedback. Huge hugs!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I hear you on all fronts Teag. Everyone has their own pace and goals, just thought I’d mention. If you decide down the road to do more and need some advice, feel free to ask. 🙂


  3. Congratulations, Teagan! And letting the story be whatever it needs to be is great advice! I had a similar issue with The Eye-Dancers, only in reverse, as that novel’s four main characters are all boys . . . Enjoy that jig.:)


    1. Hi Lorna! It’s so nice to see you. Yes, Chris and his chimps are wonderful.
      I appreciate the time you took to do a pre-publication read & comment of Atonement. I definitely want to get busy with book 2. Miss you bunches! Hugs. ❤ 😀


    1. Ha! Yes D, I’m excited. It’s the kid in me. I realize most writers get reviews every day, and five stars often. But I only have the single novel, and I’ve zero time to promote it… Sooo I don’t have many reviews. Five stars, leaves me grinning like a ‘possum. 😀
      Thanks very much for taking a moment to comment. Huge hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats, Teagan, although I haven’t had the pleasure of reading your book yet, your writing is amazing so I suspect the 5 star review is fully warranted. 🙂
    Is it available in Canada (not on Kindle?)?
    You should have all the crowing pains you can handle, you’re magnificent!!! 🙂
    Shared this all over the place.


    1. Hi Donna. Yikes! That is a question I really should have been prepared to answer. Indie is a constant learning experience. I sent an email to Createspace (part of Amazon, but they do the paperback, [printing on demand]) to learn how they handle taking payment from Canada. I’ll extract your email from the innards of my blog and let you know what I find out.
      Amazon has a free app to let you read Kindle on your PC (i have it on my laptop), but I’m getting that you want an actual print copy book.
      Thank you so very kindly for sharing this review. And especially for wanting to read my book!!! Mega hugs my friend! 😀 ❤


  5. Congratulations Teagan, not read the book yet but I am sure Chris has given a true and honest review so it’s on my list, enjoy your reviews and bask in the glory you deserve it 🙂


    1. Hi Lina. Thanks so much for commenting. I know you have a busy calendar. There are various snippets from the novel in my blog posts. If you’re curious you can click the category button on the right of the screen, for Atonement, Tennessee. Huge hugs. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Fantastic. Congratulations, Teagan. You don’t do much self-promotion. In this day and age, if you don’t promote yourself who will know about you, your books, and great reviews? Be proud of what you’ve done. Have a great *short* work week.


    1. Thank you Mary. You always make me feel better. I appreciate you reading and commenting.
      Yay for a short week, but I have 3 days of all day training on a “process”, with homework each night. So if short, it will be grueling.
      Mega hugs. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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