Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers: Episode 21

Pride Predjudice


Thanks for waiting 
Welcome back everyone.  I’m so glad you waited for the steam locomotive to the Victorian Era.

The “three things” for this chapter are from Donna Parker at Yadadarcyyada – Vague Meanderings of the Broke and Obscure, a truly wonderful blog. In Donna’s posts she shares her thoughts on a variety of things.  In one post she’ll have me laughing so hard my stomach hurts, and with an another I’ll be climbing up onto the soapbox with her as she gives voice to her feelings.  So be sure to visit her blog and look around, read a few posts.  I think you’ll be glad you did.

The “things” Donna sent created a new twist for the story.  I really wasn’t expecting it — but you’ll have to read on to learn what that is!

Now the locomotive is back on track, so without further ado, I present Episode-21.

From last time…

“There are places that are not nearly deep enough for this submarine,” he commented and Absinthe hissed as if scolding Cornelis.  “But with a little shifting of ‘the in to the out’…  Tucking a bit from this reality into the next…  Together Absinthe and I should be able to make it work,” he said.

“I don’t like the sound of that.  You know full well how often your tricks go awry,” I warned him.

21.  Ginger Beer, Cast Iron Finial, Backgammon

Cornelis Drebbel’s submarine traveled quite smoothly, I was relieved to note.  After having been inebriated by the vapors of Absinthe the startled Green Fairy, I was feeling queasy.  So I had worried about travel on — or rather under water.

Ginger Beer 3To my astonishment, the tiny skunk-like fairy led me to a bottle of ginger beer.  With a sharp pop, Cornelis suddenly appeared at my elbow.

“Where did you run off to?” I asked, referring to the fact that a moment before the alchemist wasn’t there.

“Good idea, Absinthe,” he told the fluttering fairy, but ignored my question.  “Do try and drink it, Felicity.  It will help settle your stomach.”

Cornelis absently tossed what looked like a cast iron finial.  I raised my eyebrows, silently prompting him for an answer.

“I went to get this,” he said, giving the ornament another toss.

I tried to look at the thing, but Cornelis gave it a spin when he threw it.  Several strands of iron reached up and twisted to come together at the tip making an open teardrop shape.  Those twisted strips combined with the spin Cornelis gave his throw, made the shape seem to shift in an odd way as it went up and down with his tosses.  I thought my stomach would lose its contents.

Absinthe glided down for a closer look at the finial.  Then the Green Fairy gave a series of discontent sounding grunts at Cornelis.  Apparently he didn’t like the finial to be tossed around.

“Oh, Absinthe.  Don’t get testy,” the alchemist told the fairy with as his mouth twisted in a derisive way.  “No harm will come to it.  Besides, it helps charge it.”

Terrence Mann as Cornelis 2
Terrence Mann as Cornelis Drebbel

“Why did you need a bedpost finial?” I wanted to know, despite another nauseous lurch from my stomach.

“This is no ordinary piece of cast iron,” Cornelis explained.  “At least it is not any more.  Once it crowned one of the posts of my bed.  You see, many of my ideas come to me as I sleep.  For some reason this particular finial gradually took on unexpected properties, although the other three did not,” the Dutchman said with a shrug.  “I thought we might use it to help the submarine over the shallow places.”

The Green Fairy sniffed delicately at the finial, or whatever it was.  Then he fluttered back to the ginger beer and chirped at me.  As I took the proffered bottle, I gave the Dutchman a contemptuous look.

“Have you no shame, Cornelis?  You could at least pretend to have a hangover,” I complained.

“As I have no real stomach, I don’t tend to digestive upsets,” the alchemist explained merrily.  “But as you know, my skull does exist in this world.  So I can get miserable headaches.”

“And head colds!” Copper chimed in, and giggled over the magical results of Cornelis sneezing when he and I were afflicted with that ailment.

The little skunk-like fairy snuffled and grunted in a way that sounded a lot like chuckling.  I gathered that he had also witnessed the alchemist under the influence of a head cold.


Copper was giggling so hard it was difficult to understand her words, but the fairy seemed to know what she said.  The only words I could pick out from the jumble of chortles were frogs and pancakes.

“You don’t act as though you have any sort of headache now,” I said, unwilling to laugh at the memory that so amused Copper, as I was feeling a bit put upon.

Cornelis chuckled.  “I developed a tolerance to Absinthe’s frightened flatulence.  When he and I first met, I startled him many times.  One begins to get used to the effect,” he said.

As I sipped the ginger beer I gave Cornelis an arch look.  I wondered if he may have deliberately “startled” Absinthe on more than one occasion, to cause him to produce those potent poots.  The Green Fairy wrinkled up his pointed nose and made a grumbling sound at Cornelis that led me to believe my assumption was correct.

A pinging sound interrupted the conversation.  It came from that multi-armed machine.  Its limbs shifted.  Those capped with blue and green gems lifted and spun while the arms adorned with warm colored jewels lowered unmoving.

“We’ve come to a shallow area,” Cornelis commented moving toward the device.  “Umm…” he pondered.  “The water is deeper than I expected.  We should be able to navigate it without much assistance.  However, if anyone should look, we will be easily spotted,” he added.  “Absinthe, have we caught up with any of those three groups yet?”

The Green Fairy fluttered to one of the two perpetual motion machines.  The glass dome filled with green fog.  After a moment the haze cleared.  A blurry figure lurched and bobbed.  When it came into focus I saw that it was the hydrofoil!  I saw the big chimpanzee jumping around and the woman who commanded that small group.  I tried hard to get a look at her face, but the image was too small.  She again wore rain gear, so I couldn’t even make out her figure to help me ascertain her identity.

Forlanini hydrofoil

The Dutchman looked uncertain.  “Absinthe, perhaps we should slow down.  We don’t want to get too close to them,” Cornelis said.

Absinthe chirped then made a tut-tut sound.  That worried me.  Surely we hadn’t…

“What!  They’re right behind us?  Do you mean to say we’ve gone under the hydrofoil and gotten ahead of them without even knowing they were there?” Cornelis exclaimed and the Green Fairy gave an indignant shrill warning.

Cornelis caught himself and quickly tried to calm the skunk-like fairy before he could spray that intoxicating vapor of highly concentrated absinthe.  Fortunately Copper had a soothing effect on the creature as she gently stroked his tiny head with a finger and murmured compliments to him.  Absinthe hopped onto her shoulder and snuggled down under her ear, making an occasional snuffling sound.  I heaved a sigh of relief.

“I need to create a very good illusion to keep them from seeing us,” Cornelis began.  “I think a mirror trick will suffice.  A few illusory reflections so that it seems to them that they see the route ahead, but they do not see us.  But we’ll have to be absolutely quiet,” he said emphatically.  “This illusion will amplify any sounds we make,” he stressed.  “We’ll have to maintain silence for quite some time.  I suppose that will be easier if we occupy ourselves somehow.  Ah!  I know,” he said as he hurried to open a drawer in the submarine’s desk-like bridge.

The Backgammon Players by Jean Beraud 1849-1935
The Backgammon Players by Jean Beraud 1849-1935

He looked rather pleased with himself as he produced a backgammon set.

“Unfortunately Cornelis, I don’t know how to play,” I told him.  “And teaching me will defeat the purpose of being quiet.  Oh, but you have some books over there,” I said noticing a bookcase in the corner.  “You and Copper can play while I read,” I suggested, knowing that the girl would enjoy the act of pretending to play even though it was unlikely that she actually knew the rules of backgammon.

“Yes, I want to play,” Copper added quickly.  “Absinthe and I can play against you Cornelis,” she offered, and the Green Fairy chirped and settled on the backgammon board the Dutchman had just opened.

Absinthe seemed to guide Copper in arranging the pieces on the game board.  Meanwhile Cornelis went to the second of two perpetual motion clocks.  It was a good deal larger than the first machine.  He gave the thing that looked like a cast iron finial another toss and then twisted it onto the base of the clock.  It began to spin slowly.  It had a rather hypnotic effect.  Looking at it made me queasy again.

Jaime Murray as the woman who wears trousers
Jaime Murray as Felicity, the Woman in Trousers

A green aura surrounded Cornelis.  From out of nowhere the alchemist produced postcard sized images of the waterway, the shorelines, and the sky.  He placed one hand just above the images and rested the other on the crystal dome of the perpetual motion clock.  As the glow around him intensified, one by one the images disappeared and then reappeared inside the dome.

“Wow!” Copper sighed and the Green Fairy made a soft shushing sound.

“I’m sure it’s important that we don’t interrupt Cornelis,” I whispered to Copper.

“Oh really?” Cornelis muttered drolly.  “My skills aren’t that limited.  Do go about setting up the game.  I’ll join you shortly.  Felicity, select a book and relax.”

I glanced at the titles.  Everything on the first three shelves was dry and scientific sounding.  When I looked at the fourth shelf I couldn’t suppress a chuckle.  The Dutchman had a small collection of Jane Austen books.

“You’ve an Austen collection?” I murmured in surprise.

“Yes.  I met the lady and several other authors.  She gave me the books.  You’ll see an inscription inside each, written in her own hand,” Cornelis said in a rather smug tone.

I was impressed.  “Pride and Prejudice,” I commented.  “My favorite,” I said reading the brief note from the author to her “dear friend, Cornelis Drebbel.”

“What’s it about?” Copper asked, moving to my side, apparently already bored with waiting for Cornelis to begin the game of backgammon.

“Shall I read a bit to you while Cornelis sets up his trick?” I asked the girl and she nodded.

Green fairy skunk“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

However little known the feelings or views of such a man may be on his first entering a neighbourhood, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of the surrounding families, that he is considered the rightful property of some one or other of their daughters.”

Abruptly I paused.  The term “rightful property” was trying to work past my headache and connect itself to a half formed suspicion about Calvin Hixon.  However, Copper interrupted my thought and it was absorbed into my aching head.

“So is it about a man getting married?” Copper asked when I paused, causing me to lose that train of thought.

I gave my head half a shake to clear the jumbled notions inside it, and immediately regretted the motion.  “It’s about a young woman, and yes it’s also about a man.  Fitzwilliam Darcy,” I told her with a smile as I anticipated enjoying a favorite story.

Copper looked intrigued.  “Is he handsome?” she wanted to know.

“Oh yes,” I answered.  “Darcy is noble and handsome, and smart too.”Victorian courting

I saw Cornelis emitting a bright green aura as he worked his spell.  He paused in making some very intricate looking adjustments to the perpetual motion machine.  The alchemist looked at us and rolled his eyes heavenward.

“Oh yada Darcy yada,” he said derisively, cutting off my praise of the character.

Absinthe suddenly looked up when the alchemist made the comment.  The fairy’s emerald eyes grew large and he shrieked.

“Oh bugger,” Cornelis said in frustration as the tiny fairy flew over to him making a series of very irate noises.

“What’s wrong with our tiny friend?” I asked worriedly though my voice came out in a sardonic tone.

Yadadarcyyada is an incantation.  I can’t believe I just said it aloud.  If you hadn’t picked that blasted book it would never have happened,” Cornelis complained and the Green Fairy screamed again when Cornelis said the magic word a second time.

The submarine started to vibrate.  It shuddered every few seconds.  Everything around me looked like reflections from a funhouse mirror; stretching, expanding, contracting, becoming triplicate reflections.

Drebbel Perpetual Motion Clock
Drebbel Perpetual Motion Clock

It was more than my upset stomach could take.  Apparently the nausea was plain on my face.  Absinthe gave a sputtering grunt and a wastebasket appeared in my hands, just in time for me to retch into the container.  I had the sneaking suspicion the tiny fairy was more concerned about keeping his submarine home clean — that he wasn’t so worried about my upset stomach.

Cornelis was yelling something about shifting of “the in to the out” and tucking a bit from this reality into the next — just as he had mentioned before.

The submarine began to spin.  I lost my balance and landed on the floor.  Copper fell down next to me, and I held the child with one arm and used my other arm to deflect books that fell down from the shelves and onto us.

Absinthe seemed to realize Copper was in distress.  He fluttered down to us, and landed on Copper’s shoulder.  Then he wrapped his tail protectively around her head.  A bright green light formed around us.  When I touched the aura, I was surprised to find it felt as hard as steel.

As the world around me whirled I saw Cornelis frantically working with the perpetual motion machine and the magical finial.  The submarine whirled so fast that everything became a blur.  As the force and pressure created by the maniacally spinning vessel became too great, darkness overtook me.


What has the unintended incantation “Yadadarcyyada” done to the submarine and its passengers?  Might the magical effect extend beyond the submarine?  Will it be enough to allow our friends to get away from the villains on the hydrofoil?  Be at the train station next time!

Now here is the recipe for Episode-21.  Bon appétit!

Recipe:  Ginger Beer,

A Probiotic Summer Drink

Ginger Beer 2

Photo and recipe credit:  A Real Food


Next weekend the three things are from the wonderful R.C. in the Land of Enchantment.  See where Pickled Beets, Corded Stays, and Cold Cereal take our characters.


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86 thoughts on “Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers: Episode 21

  1. Teagan, I think the green fairy may steal the show. What an adventure this is turning out to be! Enjoyed every line and was happy to see the finials are all in place. That would really bug me to be finialless. 🙂 Oh, and I love home brewed ginger beer. The Monks in Korea make a very good one.


    1. Hi Daniel. Thanks so much for taking time out to comment. Though I’d never compare myself to the Bard, I finally understand why he killed off the Mercutio character. 😀 I know it’s not proper in literature to introduce an important character so late in a story… but this is just pantser fun, not literature. So I’m happy to know Absinthe had a friend in you. Hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am certainly glad you ease past the rules at times. The story, as a result, is wonderful. I think I’m breaking all the rules for good literature including some of my own rules but I’ve always lived past the last marker for civilization. Some call it lost, I like to call it circular circumnavigation of spherical things. It’s a bit willy-nilly, but I like it that way 🙂


        1. LOL… Douglas Adams would surely approve. So… “[We] may not have gone where [we] intended to go, but [we] think [we] have ended up where [we] intended to be…”? At least as far as writing goes anyway. Hugs

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Douglas Adams was a prophet with a sense of humor 🙂 Big hugs and hopes for a great holiday weekend for you!


  2. What a wonderful, mind blowing experience…
    Too many things to highlight here, and by that I mean that I liked here, dear Teagan
    As I sip my ginger beer, I’ll briefly enumerate them…
    The sounds and the machines… A powerful symphony… strident… worldly and bizarre sounds juxtaposed in aquatic green realms… {and here I need to ask you if there is a subtle reason to introduce the color green in different forms here}
    ” Cornelis’ mirror trick, those games of illusory reflections to become invisible somehow…
    Well That reminded me of a movie called “Das Boot”… Have you watched it? [I recommend it]
    The perpetual clock and the Backgammon Game… Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice!
    Plus the magical postcard images which disappear and then reappear inside the dome…
    A whole fantastic world deployed here!… I love the instalment.. A very captivating reading!… Thanks for sharing! … All the very best to you! Aquileana 😀


    1. Aquileana, your visits are pure delight! Thank you so very much. I accidentally saw (and replied to) your Episode 22 comment first — and I explained the “green” there. I’m glad to know you (and so I hope others too) picked up on that. :mrgreen:
      > Yes, I do remember Das Boot. I haven’t thought of that in ages.
      > Considering the name of Donna (who sent the “3 things” for the episode) blog “Yadadarcyyada” I simply had to include Jane Austen. ⭐ How could I resist? 😀
      > The post cards — Cornelis is of course the alchemist of the title. Alchemy (usually? always?) involves changing one substance to another. So now and then i try to show that at least some of his magic works that way. So while the post cards magically went from one place to another, they also were part of the alchemy that created the illusion.
      I place a lot of value on the attention you give this little story. Your time is sincerely appreciated. Thank you so very much! Have a wonderful week. Hugs. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The twists with regard to Alchemy and the post cards incident are really interesting… I would have never thought of that potential association…
        Accurate indeed!… Thanks for letting me know with such a great reply….
        Hugs to you, dear Teagan! Aquileana 😀


  3. I finally pushed everything out of the way, grabbed my favorite coffee and darned the cats to bugs me until I finished reading here.

    Love it. Love it! As I’ve probably mentioned, I’m not into fantasy, but this seems so real. I feel I’m watching a movie, the scenes are so vivid and clear. I hope the sub doesn’t break apart of get grounded. Hate to wait for the next chapter, but I have only three days to wait instead of seven. Oh happy day! I’ll be waiting at the station. 😀 ❤ ❤


    1. Tess you are so kind. You may have just given me the spirit to write the next episode ! OMG… It’s already Wednesday and I haven’t even started it. Oh oh. 🙂
      Mega hugs to you and the kitties.


  4. Oooooo, what a cliff hanger Teagan, and I’ve reached the end of the track for now.

    Ginger beer reminds me of Enid Blayton and her “Famous Five.” Lashings and lashings of it.

    I’m hoping Absinthe can save the day and recue our group from what is happening in that submarine. I’ll be at the station on time this weekend.


  5. So glad you got the track fixed and the train’s back on schedule again! It was sort of a blessing in disguise ’cause I think I would have missed it the last time anyway… I ran as fast as I could, got a stitch in my side and then when I did finally reach the station around six minutes after the scheduled departure, I saw the train master hanging up the sign… phew. At least I could relax, not knowing I hadn’t missed anything. 😀


      1. I’m always doing it. I’m usually running early, or on time. But that particular time I happened to be running late. 🙂


  6. Thanks again for taking time to continue the story. I’m intrigued by the ginger beer, I’ll have to try it soon.


    1. Thanks so very much for reading, RC. Let me know how it works out if you try to make it. I can’t imagine the huge mess I’d make if i tried! 😀 Mega hugs dear friend.
      Oh, your “things” are up next.


  7. Dear David, I’m so happy just knowing that you felt good enough to read this silly serial. I’m downright delirious that you enjoyed it. I’d like to have Cornelis zap the behinds of your doctor and her staff for not taking better care of you, and have Absinthe poot something much less pleasant than his usual spray on them. (There. I’ve given myself a moment of entertainment with that. 😈 )
    Feel fabulous fast, my friend. Mega hugs. 🙂


    1. Hahahaha! (Laughs hysterically) I wonder what it’s doing too, John. I haven’t started that episode yet… But RC always sends superb “things” so i’m sure once i open that Word file and think about the ones she sent, something will come to me. At least i hope so!
      Thanks so very much for reading and commenting. I’m very happy you enjoyed this chapter. Mega hugs! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh we will see next week… It is a very powerful incantation! I wouldn’t be surprised if it made the fairy change his appearance to something like Mr Darcy… a puffin-sized Mr Darcy perhaps…


  8. My head is spinning right along with them! You create such wonderful visuals with your words. I felt like I was right there with your cast in the submarine! I’m very looking forward to the next adventure. Hugs!


    1. Yikes! Be careful Kathryn and don’t get dizzy and fall on one of those delicious Greek kabobs you just posted! (I’m sooo starving after reading that. 😀 )
      Seriously, thank you. That kind of feedback means a lot to me. Mega hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Fantastic way of combining everything. I’m also worried about the characters spinning for so long… Oh, Pride and Prejudice. Is there a man (even a headless one) who doesn’t resent Mr Darcy? Looking forward to the next one…


    1. Hi Olga. Thanks for commenting. I guess it’s a good thing I was working on the “posting” last evening, rather than writing — because we had huge loud thunderstorms here. LOL, there’s no telling what kind of trouble I would have given the characters with that!
      > “Pride and Prejudice” was so close to this time/setting, and with the name of Donna’s blog… It made me want to show Felicity’s feminine side. I enjoyed having both her and Cornelis enjoy Jane Austen books — But it was an irresistible fit with the personality of Cornelis to have him a bit jealous of Darcy.
      Happy Midsummer to you. Hugs. 🙂


  10. Oh Teagan!!! I don’t have the words to express how touched, beaming and just over the moon I was when reading this!!! Yes, me, at a loss for words!
    Thank you ever so much for this, you made my week, month, year!!!
    I loved this installment and not just because ‘yadadarcyyada’ and my 3 things were so amazingly incorporated into the story. It was, as always, so clever, funny, intriguing – I’m ever thrilled to wait at the station for the next train to your imagination, I’m even getting hooked on the fairy flatulence! 😉
    I can’t say thank you enough for the fantastic #bloglove – I almost thought I’d passed away and this was a tribute, nope, still here. 😉
    Hope this week is better than the last, dear Teagan and I’ll wait patiently at the station, ok, patiently is an exaggeration. 😉


    1. LOL. Donna — you have kicked off my morning, far better than my cup of coffee did. I’m delighted that you enjoyed this episode.
      I’m a firm believer that praise should be given and flowers sent to the living. (And I don’t suddenly start singing someone’s praises when they die, if i didn’t while they lived. Some people act like that’s a bad trait, but i own it. But that’s fodder for a different post.)
      This week is my every-other-Friday off, so I should have more time for the serial. That always makes for a better week. Thanks for the good wish.
      I’m delighted to know you’ll be at the train station next weekend. 😀 Mega hugs!


      1. Wonderful!!! 🙂
        I think that’s the way to be, all this singing people’s praises later, I’m sure they’d like to hear it in the here and now…thank you, I sure did.
        Short week – yahoo!!! I wish you the best Teagan.
        I’ll be at the station, with bells on! 🙂
        Megahugs! 🙂


    1. Hi Sarah. I guess ginger beer just wasn’t part of life in “my neck of the woods” growing up. I had never even heard of it (except ginger ale, and i don’t think that’s quite the same thing) until a couple of years ago. Even now all I’ve ever seen is a Mexican one. I buy it once in a while. LOL, it makes me sneeze! But i like the taste. Hugs.


  11. Another great episode. I hope you aren’t leaving my new friends spinning all week. Once again, I am impressed by how you work description into conversation and the way you bring ordinary things to life. I am totally caught up in this chase/escape. See you at the station next week.


    1. Oh… I hadn’t thought of that. They are still in that whirling submarine. I guess i’d better get started on Episode-22. LOL. Thanks for your encouraging words, Dan. Wishing you a wonderful new week. Happy Father’s Day to you.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I am loving it…..and was reminded of my Mother making ginger beer from ‘ginger beer plants’ when I was a child….She would make lots for the summer and store them in a north facing pantry….every now and there would be an explosion of overactive gasses in one of the batches;) Thought you might enjoy this.
    Meanwhile, my magical friend, have a wonderful midsummers day…..Janet. xx


    1. Happy Midsummer to you too, Janet 🙂 I’m so happy that you took time to read and comment. I loved your ginger beer story!
      >Thank you for sharing your magical hummingbirds with us at your blog. They always lift my day. Mega hugs.


  13. Exciting, can’t wait to find out more about the incantation and what it’s done to the submarine. The green fairy seems to be very powerful and I am loving the relationship between copper and Absinthe, Great episode, full of excitement and mystery.


    1. Happy Summer, Suzanne! I’m glad you liked the twist inspired by the name of Donna’s blog. Yes, I think maybe Absinthe has hidden powers and talents that even Cornelis does not expect. Good things can come in small packages. 😀
      I appreciate you reading and commenting. Wishing the summer brings you wonderful wonders. Huge hugs my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

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