Meet Guest Author Teagan R Geneviene

What a terrific start to my Tuesday! During NaNoWriMo, Chris the Story Reading Ape interviewed me — and he has it posted on his website today!
Chris is an extraordinary promoter of writers, and I am sincerely honored by his interview request.
What many people don’t realize is that he is also a gifted artist, and creates book covers! So I hope all you writers will think about gifting yourself with one of his book covers this holiday season. There’s nothing wrong with a little “to me – from me.” (Grins)
Mega-hugs my friends!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

OrangeHi Chris. I’m Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene. Thanks so very much for having me here at your blog. I’m quite humbled. As for introducing myself to your readers… how do I begin? I guess I’m who I am because of the many changes I’ve been through. If my life were a book, there would be several volumes.

Nearly 20 years ago, a friend looked at me in amazement and said “You don’t mind shaking things up, do you?” She still lives in the same place and works at the same job. I sincerely admire her stability. But that wasn’t in the cards for me. Lots of changes were ahead.

One of my “new volumes” began when I changed careers. After a divorce I left low-paying low-level office jobs to become a technical editor. I started at the bottom, earning a Bachelor of Science degree related to information technology (IT), because I…

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19 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Teagan R Geneviene

  1. This is a GREAT interview, Teagan. I’m so glad to “get to know you better” through it. Wow, 4 novels, that’s wonderful! You know, I’m thinking of indie publishing of a “how to” book. I ran into a woman in Starbucks last week — I knew her from way back — and found out that she’s now heavily into social media. Wow, did I learn a lot just from talking to her for a few minutes! She works with some writers and a publisher, and she knows a lot about indie publishing. I’m going to meet her for coffee after the new year — I’ll let you know what I find out. 🙂


    1. Thank you so very much!
      That (about indie) sounds like it has potential, Debra. The thing with indie, is you don’t really have much to loose — not in the grand scheme of things. Well, except a huge amount of blood, sweat, & tears. 😉 Certainly no harm in you investigating, especially if you get to catch up with an old acquaintance. Hugs!


  2. Thank you Trisha — you are a treasure. You know i don’t have time to look for ways to promote my book, so i was grateful when Chris the Story Reading Ape contacted me. However, his webpage gives instructions that writers can use to contact him and ask to be featured on his blog.


  3. Teagan, Congratulations on being recognized by the Reading Ape. You deserve all the recognition you can get! I’m still looking forward to the second book of Atonement, Tennessee. Lorna


    1. Hi Lorna. I was very excited when Chris asked to interview me. I need a magic wand to make myself write super-fast and without the stress-blocks from work. LOL. Thanks for dropping in to comment. Miss you bunches! 🙂


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