Buy a Book for Christmas – Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene – Urban Fantasy

Sneaking in some shopping before black Friday? Sally G. Cronin featured my debut novel “Atonement, Tennessee” in her online Christmas Shop today. I’m absolutely tickled to be included.
I’m sincerely grateful for Sally’s unfailing support and encouragement — on multiple levels. As I write a Thanksgiving Day entry in my gratitude journal, I include all of you. Support from my “virtual” friends is a key part of every day. Sally — I am sincerely grateful. Whether it is a part of your country’s traditions or not, I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving… and mega-hugs!

Here is an additional review from the talented Christoph Fischer

13 thoughts on “Buy a Book for Christmas – Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene – Urban Fantasy

  1. Suzanne i’m blushing from that compliment. Thank you.
    I’m sorry about “ibooks” — i haven’t had time to make myself familiar with all the publishing venues. When I self-published I knew i couldn’t “do it right” [by that i mean all the different places to publish, and the marketing] not with my job. So i limited myself to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (That’s actually why i backed out of publishing two times before i finally did it — because i knew i couldn’t do everything properly.)

    However, both Kindle and Nook have free apps that can go on your computer or smart phone, if you are interested. (I use the Kindle app myself, on my laptop. I own a Nook.)

    There is a paperback available through Amazon, but it’s more expensive. However, I will say that i was very pleased with the print quality of the ones i bought. I used my own format, in order to give it more “readability” (i don’t see too well, so that was important to me).
    I’m sorry if i couldn’t give you an answer you hoped to hear. 😳 Huge Hugs. 🙂


  2. I thought it was a great interview Teagan, so interesting and gave great insight into the brilliance that is you. Also so glad Atonement Tennessee is included in the Christmas shop. I don’t have Nook or Kindle why is it not in ibooks. I have to look again.


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